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  1. Sadirat

    Easy Respawn System

    How do you check if the death state is applied?I use a switch to act as the "call common event" function this way as long as the switch is ON the event will automatically run so you don't have to call it all the time.
  2. Sadirat

    Easy Respawn System

    The vx ace engine allows you to continue even if you lose a battle if you want.This makes no sense to me as I see it when you die, you don't continue at least not just like that. For this reason I spent some time figuring this out and created an evented re-spawn system that actually makes sense. The first thing you need is a switch I name it "Death" Now the entire system takes place in a common event,so create one and set the TRIGGER to PARALLEL PROCESS and the condition switch to the one named "Death" You should have something like this: Now Add a conditional branch to check if your main actor is dead,and add a message.(Optional) If you add a message like I do then add a choice option with yes and no.If no game over. If yes RECOVER PARTY add MusicEffect(Optional) and TELEPORT to a specific location of your choice. And turn "DEATH" switch off. (By any luck,the common event is now done) All you need now is an npc on a map that turns the switch on. I have it set like this: And that is it! You are done. If you want this to always be active then here's how to change it. Create an event with autorun that turns the switch on. (exit event processing afterwards or else your character will freeze in place.) In the common event you would not turn the switch off.(this way the switch will always be on,and the common event will always run.) How it works: If you set the common event to autorun then your character will freeze in the place it was at the time the common event runs. This is because autorun is the highest priority,making it run first and then run everything else after. With parallel process the common event runs in the background without interfering with the rest of your game. Parallel process is like autorun but allows itself to run parallel to everything else. Transferring between maps and interacting with other events should work just fine! The system will always run in the background and should never interfere with the rest of your game.
  3. Sadirat

    One universe, many timelines?

    You could make it possible to travel between time and space,example: You can teleport to a universe that resembles ancient Rome,another universe that resembles middle age Europe and have the two completely separated and unrelated to each other or make some sort of greater plan that involve the two colliding or merging in some way.(Something along those lines,be creative) I am currently making a futuristic game where your race is advanced enough to travel through time and space,I plan on making several universes that have their own timeline and story without being connected to each other. This kind of setting allows for the creation of several stories without too much conflict if you design the game right. Have Fun!
  4. Sadirat

    Most EXCELLENT Discovery!

    I actually discovered this about 4 months ago but I forgot how to do it,because I only needed to do it once. This saves me a lot of trouble figuring it out again,Thanks!
  5. Why did you have to say that?Now you got me really excited!
  6. I downloaded it on the 18th which is now 2 days ago so I think I have the patched version you speak of. I have to say it's a well made game,if you sold I'm sure I'd buy it
  7. I thought this game looked cool so I gave it a try,TBH I love it. Pro's: Con's: Final Thoughts: This is a very enjoyable game,Indeed!
  8. That is brilliant,perfect for my special cutscenes.Thanks man!
  9. Is there a way I can use a switch to turn the clock off\on like if the switch is on then the clock is too?
  10. Sadirat

    exp_for_level as value for Control Variables

    That is brilliant,works exactly the way I want it to! Thanks a lot!
  11. Sadirat

    Level Generator & Gambling System

    I Don't mind using scripts for this but tbh for a small game which I plan to make during the next month it is actually easier to do the events compared to the scripts but for larger games with 4 hours+ gameplay then the scripts are easier to use.I am absolutely thrilled that I am not the first to think of this for the rpg maker engines,but I just wanted to know if it's a good idea or not,and based on the two responses I have had this far seems to indicate that the idea is not half bad.
  12. Sadirat

    Level Generator & Gambling System

    That is kind of what I am thinking about, but as you mentioned there is a way of doing it with events.For smaller games such as the one I am making then the event way is better but of course if you're making a big game then the script version is much easier to use and not as time consuming as making every map at hand. As for the gambling of course it will be worth as long as it's not too good.
  13. I am thinking of implementing a gambling system and level generator for my game and I want your opinion.(Full details on what I mean below) Gambling System: I am thinking of having a vendor who sells gambles,in other words there will be different price classes so you don't get anything overpowered for no cost. E.G: For 500 Gold you might get a potion,battle axe etc... and have better stuff for higher price classes but also have the risk of getting nothing. Level Generator: Think Diablo 2. The areas differ with each playthrough,let's say with your first character the areas are: A,B,B,C,A (that's how one area look in terms of mathematics) Then with the second character the same area might be: C,C,A,B,B Short version: each time you create a character the area might differ. I want your opinion on this also tell me if you want to learn how to do this. I hope I expressed myself clearly,if not then please tell me what you don't understand and I'll try to phrase it differently. Kind Regards, Erik Zetrov
  14. Sadirat

    Can i get in trouble with this?

    Don't make money from it. Don't claim copyright.(on any resources that are made by others.) And you should be fine.
  15. Sadirat

    Stat & Level Limiter

    Oh yanfly,now that I look back i can remember looking it lol xD Well I thank you for showing me this,it will make my script a little easier to make now that I have a reference. I also needed to make something for my first and I thought this would be a nice challenge.