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  1. FlipelyFlip

    Extended Shop Prices v1.2

    I added version 1.2 to the Links above. This is the version, where the shop prices are saved with each savefiles. thanks again to LoganF ~Flipy
  2. FlipelyFlip

    Extended Shop Prices v1.2

    I don't know, tell me what are you thingking about (: If it's something else from my thoughts I maybe could add it (:
  3. FlipelyFlip

    Extended Shop Prices v1.2

    no, because the prices are not changed by selling, but you gave me a good idea for the next version (: thanks (:
  4. FlipelyFlip

    Extended Shop Prices v1.2

    thanks (: I got the idea while working on my project and thought, maybe someone else could use it^^
  5. FlipelyFlip

    Basic Side View Battle System

    you have not to write anything into the script. Only put it into the folder Grapics/Battler, then it will work (:
  6. FlipelyFlip

    Basic Side View Battle System

    heyey, @Cecilia: You can edit the placing from your characters in the line where it says: return 120 + self.index * 40 Change the 120 to any number but keep in mind that the higher the number the lower they will be placed. Also you have to adjust the spacing between the other battlers by changing the 40 to a smaller number. Just play a bit with this line and maybe the x-coordinates, which are find at def screen_x @SeraphStray: You missunderstood it a little. You have to create a .png file which contains only the one Sprite of the Actor. Name it as example: Ralph_battler and put it into the Graphics/Battler folder. ~Flipy (:
  7. FlipelyFlip

    Flips Actor Equip Restriction v1.1

    Heyey, little update I made with this script. I fixed a huge bug, which would cause an error if the actor has some equipments. Should work now perfectly. ~Flipy (:
  8. FlipelyFlip

    FBU's Tilesets (Pack 1 & 2) + new stuff (30/06/16)

    heyey, I love your tiles. They're very usefull and fits perfect for my game and my use I got nearly everything I need. Maybe you will do someday some inner tiles (: ~ flip
  9. FlipelyFlip

    Mon's Guide to Better & Badder Bosses

    good tutorial, very usefull. I read it and thought, there are some good ideas for my boss battles in. Maybe I can use them later in my game. What I like to add: I remember the Final Story Boss of FFX. I think he was one of this joke bosses ._. I fought a hard way to him, have to beat many different enemies and monsters and then after killing my own bestias, the final enemy was a one-hit-kill wonder ._. I was so anoyed and stoped playing ffx xD But yeah it's true, there are some good bosses in FF. I love Kefka. I think he was the strangest boss ever. I loved his crazy character and the last battle against him, was a wonderfull ending for the whole game, because he had so many different surprises for me left, that I needed nearly 5 hours to defeat him and minimum 10 retries ._. And yeah, what happend to Section D? D:
  10. FlipelyFlip

    Khas Pixel Movement

    tried this one and I have to say it's cool. Easy to use and gives a lot of power (: Only thing I found is a little "bug". When you leave a vehicle and start to move, your second follower will move a bit aside of you. It's not bad, I was just wondering why is this so, until I find out it only apears when the vehicle is not in the middle of the 32*32 tilegrid (: Maybe I'll use it some day for a project but what I have to say to you is: you sir are a god *_*
  11. FlipelyFlip

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    this script is awesome, fantastic, all I ever wanted in one little script put together D: I LOVE the script! It's so fantastic, that I'm gonna use it D: thx for doing this. *__*
  12. FlipelyFlip

    better late than never^^

    @fomar: I hope too, but I don't believe that it would be a bad time oO @knightmare: yeah I'm not good at introducing myself /: I hope it's okay that I posted this as introducing to myself cause there is still a lot of information in (: *pulling your finger* ._.
  13. Hey guys, I'm FlipelyFlip, I'm 21 years old. I'm from Austria (not the country with kangaroos ._. it's next to switzerland). I'm working by a car rental and I like to create RPGs, working with the maker, do some stuff with friends, kick some asses by playing metal gear solid or bayonetta ò_ó Nah, my life isn't only gaming and that stuff. I love to play E-Bass (that's the easiest to learn, only 4 strings, no fingerbreaking chords and no need of reading notes). I have a band and we're at beginning but I think we sound good xD And I also started a solo project, including me and myself (: I'm still playing football (for the americans: soccer), basketball and handball. I started with sport when I was 4 years old. I never liked to play football (soccer ._.) for a club. After 10 years I stopped playing football (soccer ò_ó) and started to play basketball. I was so bad at beginning, I tried to make points from the middleline .____. Guess, I only missed 3 from 5 throws .__. but my coatch still told me to not try it ): After 3 years of basketball and some bad injuries I changed to handball. I was so bad, I couldn't catch the tiny ball so every time my comrades throw the ball out of the field. I got dismissed of the team and stopped playing for clubs. Don't be mad, because I tell you nearly everything of my life. You wanted to read it. xD Like you see, I'm trying to be funny, but often I couldn't be, because I can't manage some jokes at right time /: If there are any further questions, just ask, I won't bite ~flip PS: My primary language is not english, it's german, 'cause in austria we speak also german q:
  14. FlipelyFlip

    Playtime Window

    @Tobyej so I got it I have the script done (: It's easy working (: Instructions how it works is in the script. It's just plug and play and don't need the PlayTime Window Script above (: @regendo: thx für die Vertretung. Hab deins zwar nich getestet, dürfte aber wsl auch funken, wenn ich mich jetz nich irre^^ (for all non-german speakers: thx for the representation. I haven't tested your script-edit yet, but I think it should work either^^ ~Flip
  15. FlipelyFlip

    Playtime Window

    I'm trying my best (: (challenge accepted)