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    Rpg Maker,Rpgs,Super Smash Brothers,Rock Music, Most Final Fantasys, Most Legend oF Zeldas(I Don`t Count the Cdi ones or as I like to call them the Unholy Triforce),Mario, Sonic, Metriod,Kingdom Hearts Series,Anime,Horror Stories,Random Rpgs,Pokemon,Video Games and Doing Stuff Outside with my brothers and friends.
  1. Arshes

    Hi There.

    Yeah,It does look like it will be better then VX.I Already like Ace a whole lot more then VX.
  2. Arshes

    Hi There.

    Hi,I'm Arshes22/William. I've been in making games since vx....Well trying to make a game.I Always lose my progress with the games I try to make like for example with my 3rd VX game Dragon Story: Sacred Sword. I lost my progress about half way through.Anyway I Like Pretty Much any type of Rpg and I may make any type of rpg.It's Nice to meet the people I don't know and Hello to Anyone I do know.Some of My Favorite Rpg Series are the Tales of Series(Symphonia,Abyss,Vesperia,Etc),Final Fantasy(IV,VI,VII,IX),Kingdom Hearts(1,2,358/2 days) and Pokemon.I also Like Anime(Code Geass,Death Note,Fairy Tail,Full Metal Alchemist,Etc),TV shows(Big Bang Theory,Star Trek,Etc)Music(Rock,Anime,Game)Movies(Star Wars,Star Trek,Lord of the Ring,Etc).I'm Also Some what good at making maps and writing.Well That's Pretty Much All I have to Say other then I hope to make some awesome games together.