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  1. Kesita

    Low Status Game Concept

    Yeah, i guess I will have to do just do a lot of testing with it because i don't know how i am feeling about the low setting i have, maybe a bit higher too. I was wondering if someone has done something like that and has a good curve that gives the stats a "low" feeling.
  2. Kesita

    Unique skills...

    You should make the theme a little demonic, it will give the group of characters you have a bit of variety. As for basic skill based stuff: Viking Style Dwarf - may put fear on the monsters because of the fearlessness he has in the face of battle (he is a viking) Samurai - Maybe he has traits to subdue enemies into 1-on-1 combat. Mage - Maybe the mage can have traits to take over enemies minds if their magic defense isn't high. Demigod - you can do a lot with this, maybe a jack of trades where they have traits from all the other classes but not as strong. Hunter / Archer - This one is a bit difficult because the role of an archer is with their bow/gun -- i like your suppression idea. I couldn't think of a general skill for you for this one, sorry. Basic melee - because this is like a "basic" guy and doesn't know "much" about fighting, could be the unorthodox tactics the class does could lower the enemies awareness / armor.
  3. Hello all, this is probably the first topic i am starting on here, so if I am posting something that has been posted, please point me in the right direction and i will gladly go there. I have looked around a lot and haven't been able to find anything. I have been working on my game and i am getting the core fundamentals of it down such as; How many actors? Story behind the actors, why are they in this story, etc. The Plot. The Villain(s). However, what is stopping my progress is the development of the traits for the characters / stats for each character. I want a "low numbered" game, where you start out with maybe 30 HP and the first monsters hit for 3-5 damage. In the beginning, there won't be a healer but later on, one will be apart of the party. So for the beginning they will be using items to heal. The settings for RPG Maker VX Ace give the characters like 500 HP which I want it lower, i read somewhere to divide by 10; make it 50 and that should drop it a bit. What numbers would need to be divided by 10, everything? I was wondering if there is something out there that can explain formulas well and maybe provide samples of what it should look like. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. After stating you have only been working in RPG Maker for 3 weeks, these are awesome maps! I have no other tips other than if you keep going like that, i am sure you will be quite the map maker! Good job!
  5. Kesita

    Free to Use Music

    M4uesviecr..... just....awesome! You have some major talent and i love listening to all your music. I haven't gone through everything yet but what I have gone through, it's awesome! While listening to the music I can imagine "where" to put it within a game, or maybe a section where it could work. Amazing! Keep up the good work! To add to IrateResearcher --- The Isle is definitely good! I can envision it somewhere like a sacred place, a ruined temple that has a rich history of some sort. The build up just gets you more excited like there is something that happened in that place that was very important at one point in time. I liked your page, sadly i couldn't love it because there is no button for that.
  6. Hello there everyone!!! I am quite new to this community (i just signed up). However, i am looking to get into designing games and enabling myself to tell my story via game design! Have to get myself situated; getting myself a signature, an avatar, get myself used to the community, etc. I am hoping to learn a lot and get my designing off the ground (finally, because i have had visions since i was a young kid). Are there any hints / tips, where to begin? I have been looking up tutorials for beginners and just getting my hands dirty. However, I am still wondering WHERE to begin with game developing. I have an idea but the whole story isn't developed yet but i believe just chipping away at it will get easier and easier. Does anyone have any organization skills so i can keep everything in order?