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  1. Sorry I have not been active but expect a demo very soon!

  2. Sorry I have not been active but expect a demo very soon!

  3. On to development of my game! So happy to actually sit down and work on it

  4. MadRabbitGames9

    could use a mentor to help me start

    Just watch youtube videos and search around you will get a basic foundation on the editor and so on. Regards to learning I am open 7 days a week 365 if you need help you can send me a private message on what you are struggling with and I can see if I can help. Rpg Maker is pretty simple when you get the hang of it, but when you are a newb you gonna get a challenge just start off with this. *Add events and so on and add stuff to the events and see what every button in the even can do *Study every button thoroughly then make sure you know what they do *Keep calm it takes time but it will get better *Now apart from that click on every button in the editor to see what it does As I have said I am open to questions Hope this helped
  5. Define gaming?

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    2. TheoAllen


      Or at least, I heard that from my lecturer

    3. Volke Locke

      Volke Locke

      My professor (of game theory) said, "A game is the application of interactive decision making..." or something like that.

    4. Chaosian


      Gaming is the act of participating in a game. "Game" however is another, stupidly complex and convoluted definition with no widely accepted answer.

  6. MadRabbitGames9

    Looking for Helper

    In a game you need to set milestones an goals for example! Goal 1: I will start my mapping with all my maps to be made for chapter one, then apart from that I will get my main characters and make sure they are all suited to my needs! Goal 2:I will search around for scripts to see if I can make my game better for playing experiences, then I will add them to my game to see if they are suited to my needs. Goal 3: I will out all of this together and start development. MILESTONE REACHED! It is all about setting goals for yourself and your game
  7. MadRabbitGames9

    Who needs potions when you can use an Inn?

    Potions are very needed for when you adventuring around haha
  8. MadRabbitGames9

    Looking for Helper

    If you need any help with the engine don't be afraid to send me a message or something I am always here to help!
  9. MadRabbitGames9

    i need help with monsters

    When you import you must click on the background with both your mouse buttons!
  10. And we are live hit us up with a follow #Twitter @MadRabbitGames

  11. Mad Rabbit Games twitter should be up soon!

  12. Wow my game 'Dragon Scroll Origins' is looking great!

  13. MadRabbitGames9

    In-game tutorials

    Yeah I agree with this poster right here ^
  14. MadRabbitGames9

    Large map vs small segments

    Making a big map is a lot of work and takes a lot of time to do perfectly and plus as AlliedG said they get lazy and it becomes to empty! so small segments work better in my opinion