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  1. So I've been pretty busy lately. You busy with your game? What about getting some sprites? ;) I hope you like my latest work!
  2. Nirwanda

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    You got this kaya! It's looking terrific! :)
  3. Wow, long time no post! I have been keeping myself busy, nonetheless... I hope you all have been needing sprites
  4. Hey, I hope everyone's been alright! So, work has been somewhat slow lately but I did manage to snatch a few commissions. Anyone needing some sprites? I just noticed most recent work has been girls
  5. Nirwanda

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Congrats on the release! You worked so hard for it. I hope people appreciate it!
  6. It has been a while, hasn't it? Been pretty busy. Business has been going great Some stuff I made these days: Maybe you'll need something like this?
  7. Updated the store thread, I have a logo! How do I create a linked banner?
  8. Hey how has it been? I have been working on commissions and my own game. Anyone got some work lying around?
  9. Nirwanda

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Still alive, aye! Don't worry, mate your life went through a lot of important changes, it is understandable you would forget some stuff.
  10. Hey, I'm back, I kinda dropped my igmc project sadly, though I did make a few assets for it. Ready to take on new work.
  11. Nirwanda

    Skill that Targets Random Ally

    Hey, a comment about target manager: in my experience, it takes into account target rates. So if you have a tank with 150% target rate or a mage with 30% target rate they will be more/less likely to be targeted.
  12. Updated the thread in looks and prices.
  13. Nirwanda

    staff Rooooooooood | New Sectional Staff

    Congrats chibae!
  14. Hey people, remember me? Had had only one client lately but he has made me work quite a bit. Here are some of the better results of it: He's a great client who knows exactly what he wants and I feel like I've improved just by working for him. Anyway, I hope I can work for some of you soon!
  15. Nirwanda

    I.Am Production

    The professor looks like Master Roshi from DB XD That's a very unique look you have in your game, it'll be cool to see more of it. Also the story sounds very mysterious. Good luck with it!