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  1. Draw depth for battle animations - Yanfly Battle Engine

    Hmm...Nothing seems to work. It must be something inherent to the battle system script. I'll keep playing with it to see if I can fix it, but at this point I'm not too optimistic. Thanks for giving it a shot though.
  2. Draw depth for battle animations - Yanfly Battle Engine

    Thanks for giving it a shot, but curiously with this fix the enemy animations just pop up with a "failed" tag every time they attack now. Thanks for taking a crack at it though. Maybe I'll play around with it some more and see if I can get something to work.
  3. Draw depth for battle animations - Yanfly Battle Engine

    Here you go. At the bottom you can see the HUD is behind the battleback.
  4. Draw depth for battle animations - Yanfly Battle Engine

    Right. Without his edits. Any insight to how it could be fixed?
  5. Hello all, I'm having a problem with Yanfly's battle system where the enemy attack animations are displayed behind the HUD in battle so the majority of the animation is hidden (see pic). I've been searching around the internet and it seems like quite a few people have the same issue, even on Yanfly's site, but no solution has presented itself yet. In general, it seems like it's a problem with the z-coordinate of the HUD being less than the z-coordinate of the animation, forcing the animation to play from behind. Elrik13 made a thread where he tried to move the HUD further back, but then the battleback overlaps the HUD, even though the HUD is only being moved back by 1. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this either by fixing Elrik13's fix or something else all together? Thanks. Yanfly's script used: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/ Thread with Elrik13's edits: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/34712-draw-depth-of-battle-ui-yanfly-battle-engine/