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  1. @gcook725: I really like it! I could see myself living there, heh. I think you should change your water tile, though, since it's use is for the edge of the water/land rather than the ENTIRE river. It's kinda hard to explain, but I'd personally use the solid water. That's just me, though. Other than that and the previous plantlife suggestion, it looks great. Got a few gifs for you guys. The weather effects and slightly redesigned HUD in Skyline Highway. Testing out a mini hookshot puzzle. (hookshot graphics are WIP) How on-map battles are activated, as well as the new boss HUD. I'm aware of the number graphic error.
  2. @Gorlami: I'm really diggin' that look, it reminds me of Limbo. Like the others have said, I would brighten up the background so it's a little easier to see. Other than that, it's perfect. Can't wait to see how this is gonna turn out!
  3. user975483

    The Logomancer

    Really interesting concept! I'll definitely be giving this a try once I've got the time. For now, you've got my vote on Greenlight!
  4. user975483

    Simplified MOG Quick Tool Select Edit

    Another bump!
  5. @P3RR1N: That looks awesome! Everything is really detailed and has a balanced amount of clutter. I almost kinda wish I could live there. Don't mind the map, I'm just testing out some of Sasha's poses. And a house within the main hub area.
  6. user975483

    Simplified MOG Quick Tool Select Edit

  7. @ZombieBear: That looks goregous~ I agree with HumanNinja, the cliff corners really stick out and clash ever so slightly with the rest of the map. Otherwise, I love it. The aesthetics are wonderful. Just a few screens for you guys today. Lucas scolds Andrea after trying to jump off the floating island. (looking back on it, I should probably decorate the map a bit more...) The entrance of a peaceful beach resort. Yes, yes it is.
  8. user975483

    Simplified MOG Quick Tool Select Edit

    Just gonna give this a little bump.
  9. user975483

    rmvx-ace Cecillia: Cruel Miracle - Review

    That was actually a (failed) joke. Instead of playing the game and fleshing out the review, I'm watching random YouTube videos. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I want to play it again to create a more in-depth review and constructive review (and for memory's sake). But I can see where you're coming from. I really need to go to bed...
  10. user975483

    rmvx-ace Cecillia: Cruel Miracle - Review

    I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying. So just because it's designed for females, that means it's supposed to be emotional? :/ It's fine that Cecillia is, I'm just wondering that's what you mean. Also, I totally could be playing the game now...but screw it, I wanna enjoy the rest of my summer vacation.
  11. user975483

    rmvx-ace Cecillia: Cruel Miracle - Review

    Also, if I may recommend another VN, I'd HIGHLY suggest playing To the Moon. It's a VN/adventure game made in RPG Maker that's been praised by professional critics, and is one of the best (and saddest) VN I've played. I'd think it'd be worth a look.
  12. user975483

    Ciruscat's Logos

    Just wanted to pop in here and say that if there was anyone I would recommend for a logo, it'd be Ciruscat! She's really quick to respond, does fantastic work, and gets the job done in a heartbeat!
  13. user975483

    rmvx-ace Cecillia: Cruel Miracle - Review

    Hey guys. First of all, thanks for all the feedback. I'm kind of tired at the moment, but I plan on replaying the game and fleshing out the review once I get the chance. But first, I wanted to respond to some stuff. I didn't mention gameplay because there really wasn't any gameplay, just story. For a VN, that's totally fine with me. I wasn't expecting battles or loads of puzzles or anything like that. The only that could be considered 'gameplay' is the ten-second section where you control Cecillia to walk to a door and open it. However, that's not gameplay. That's just walking. The 'random anime' thing, I can understand. However, a copyright symbol really isn't gonna stop thieves. They can just disregard it or crop it out of the picture. Of course, you can report them, but again, it's just a personal nitpick and nothing against the game. Looking back on it, I agree. I thought that just the actual contents of the review would suffice my reasoning, but I should've probably added some more to it, as well as fleshing out the actual review. I'm not sure if this was referring to the writing of the review or my writing (as far as my games) in general. Either way, you don't need to be a chef to know when something tastes bad, nor do you need to be a writer to understand boring writing. That feeling is actually justified. It doesn't have to be a 'bang' per se with lots of explosions and action, but it should be interesting and hook the player in. I honestly don't think the game did that. (Cecillia, I highly recommend watching Extra Credits' video on intros. It's definitely a good watch ) There are a good deal of really great games out there, both commercial and indie, that lose players because the intro was crap or dragged on too much. This. I actually LOVE story-based games. Story is actually the second reason I'll play a game (first being gameplay), but it differs from genre to genre, which is why story comes first for VN's for me. Anyway, like I said, I'll play the game once more when I have the time (most likely tomorrow night), and revise the review a bit. I already DO have some constructive ideas that could improve the game, but I'll save them for later.
  14. Cecillia: Cruel Miracle ~Demo Review~ TL; DR - Melodramatic story, nice artwork and atmosphere, but very, VERY boring. Before playing the game: Actually playing the game: I gotta say, the atmosphere is set up very nicely. The artwork is amazingly well done, and the music is just top notch. Seriously, I could listen to the title screen's music for hours on end. However, the font was a little annoying to read. I'd much rather read something a bit more cleaner, especially since it is a visual novel. Again, the artwork is amazing. The backgrounds are nice and detailed, but I noticed that there was some slight pixellation when zooming out on the first CG. I honestly hate to bring this up, but I actually laughed out loud when I first saw Cecillia's full body pic. Why is her chest comically bigger than her head? It made me take the story a bit less seriously, but it's not a total issue seeing as I wasn't looking at the actual character busts all that much. And this might be just me, but I thought all of Speaking of the story...ugh. A lot of the opening dialogue (ESPECIALLY before the title pops up) is annoyingly melodramatic to the point where I almost couldn't take it seriously anymore. Really, it was nearing Twilight levels of melodrama. Thankfully, it let up as the demo went on. I noticed that there were a lot of names and terms being thrown around with little to no explanation. Add to that, the story jumps around randomly. Right before you actually had the chance to start wanting to care about these characters or what's going on, you get flung into a different situation. I also didn't get what was with all the random TV dead air sequences. Eventually, I just stopped caring a little before the demo ended. I just flat out didn't care what happened to any of these characters. It didn't help that the dialogue itself felt really uninspired and just plain boring. I know it was just supposed to be an intro demo, but I have no care or interest to play whatever comes next. Not even the best artwork or aesthetics and can save what ultimately comes down to a very boring visual novel with virtually no redeeming qualities other than the aesthetics. Should you play it for yourself? Eh, if you have the time, I suppose. Other than that, I can't recommend it. I hope that the next episode ends being a lot more interesting than this, but you'd have to do some serious convincing to make me play it. Cecillia, if you're reading this, know that I'm not trying to be harsh or anything like that. This is nothing personal against you. I just hope you can take what I've said, and just keep it in mind, even if you don't agree with me. Later.
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys! Maybe once my main project is finished, I might just update the game and add extra content. I also should've mentioned that the jam theme was "The Butterfly Effect" - a small change can make a large impact. This is where the rope mechanic came into play. He resists KO? Lemme check that real quick... EDIT: Yup, I don't know what's going on. He also evades all my attacks in the battle tests. I'll have to upload a new version when I get the chance.
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