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  1. Learning how to pixel is hard. >.< I always end up wanting to put too much detail into things and then they look muddy or just not right. I'll get it eventually...!!

    1. Knighterius


      I have hope in you. ^~^

    2. SpookyMothman


      If you need advice and feedback, this is a good place for it. Posting in the Resource Feedback thread has helped me improve a whole lot. Just don't be nervous about share your stuff.

  2. Hi there! You can call me Jack. It's not my 'real name' but I'm not keen on putting my personal info out there on the interwebs. I'm pretty new to RPGMaker and way new to this community, but I hope we all can get along! I have a fair amount of experience in graphics creations (though less so in the pixel side of things, but I'm practicing!) and I'm a decent writer, but, well... Let's say the extent of my coding knowledge stems from a high school computer science class. I did pretty well in that class, though, so I'm hoping I'll learn quickly here. My primary interest rests in RPG horror games, and that's what my first project is for sure going to be. Good luck to me, I guess! It's a pleasure to meet you all.