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  1. Seems like the universe plots against me. My father suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, in top of that i lost my job which was very hard to get in the first place. No mind for projects right now. I'm sorry for another endless delay.

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    2. Chaosian


      Damn man, I really hope things turn out well for you. Don't worry about your promises and goals for the game, you've got other things you need to address.

    3. Meep007


      I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope he's alright. This year has been pretty bad for me too. Two of my aunts passed away, and my uncle suffered a stoke and lost his memory.

      Just know that there's lots of nice people here if you need anything. Don't worry about projects, take the time to heal.

    4. Nestat


      Thank you so much everybody. I... this really helps. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


  2. My current project is about @30%. Now i'm re-designing the damn thing from scratch to MV (:

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    2. Nestat


      Kansha! SÅ shimasu (:

    3. _____


      I got about 70% done with my one project, but then decided to restart it, going more professional this time.

    4. Nestat


      Ow... restarting @70% is a pain! But, all good things for those who wait, right? ;)

  3. I've decided to stop working my project on Ace and "transfer" it to MV. Do i need to take it down from the showroom or can i make updates here (VXAce community) too?

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    2. Nestat


      ...my gosh and i was about to leave! o.O Had packed my bags and stuff... and prepared a bye-bye party. And stuff.

      Well now i'm going nowhere! I will stay at least for the next couple decades but then i have to move on :P

      Heyyy i'll never leave my cyber-friends (ahmm that doesn't sound right, does it?) :)))

      Thank you Rikifive, you rock! ;)

    3. Rikifive


      Good choice. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)


      Why, thank you! See you around then! ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

    4. Rikifive


      ... And next time I'll boulder! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. I just bought VM. Should i transfer my project to VM?

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    2. Crescent
    3. Seriel


      Assuming you mean MV...

      If you have a lot of scripts I wouldn't. But if your game is all default scripts, then sure go ahead.

      And if you mean some other thing called VM then i have no idea.

    4. Nestat


      Yeah, sorry my bad, i meant MV of course..

  5. @KilloZappit Hehe.. I read this line and Ellen Ripley came to my mind ("Get away from her, you bitch!)"... A nice quote, but it's like a quote from a conversation and not a game title. I like it when someone is speaking up his mind and doesn't just tell you what you wanna hear, just to be polite. You may be right actually, i'm sure to some people Parallel Breach must sound like a "low budget sci-fi Slider ripoff", while to others it sounds like something else. Keeping in mind that i want the title to suggest a parallel world, parallel travel and things like that, i cannot use Parallelaceutical as a title, cause someone wouldn't know what to expect from that; It's not even a word Thus, for the time being i think i'll stick with the "low budget sci-fi Slider ripoff" title, Parallel Breach Now that's a good idea. Too bad that's not the case in this project... and i'm too far progressed with the game to make those kind of changes. I would need to change too much, it ain't worth it. But it's still a good idea though! Maybe for some other project out there Oh and thanks for the Trillby's Notes link! I found it very interesting
  6. Thank you for your reply on this Rezanta! If i understood this correctly, you agree either with Adventurer_inc.'s suggestion about the word reversal "Parallel Breach: Emphasis" or as you said that would be then just "Parallel Breach". I think we're on the right track. I'm not quite sure yet; it will be either this or that. I really dislike those small decisions that have to be made occasionally which can slow the project down, but i guess there is no way around it.
  7. Thank you for replying Adventurer! There you go. We understand each other. You are completely right about that. I think so too. Hmmm. Yes and no. When you put it like that, i have to agree and disagree with your statement. Yes, the company plays a MAJOR role in the game but the game itself is more about the young boy and his friends. Think of Hero & Antihero, both playing equally major roles in the game. What's really interesting though, is your next comment. I think i like that idea a lot. It has logic behind it. You see, this way, i could use the title for future projects. I mean if there would ever be a sequel sometime, i could use the same title and would need to change only the "subtitle" (Parallel Breach: 'Something else') given that the antihero would not be the Emphasis company again. Plus, the title would focus on the real game aspect, the parallel universe. Ooh, i'm so glad you said that Adventurer. I think you made my day! (my night actually, it's 00:15 here)
  8. Thank you Shiggy! I appreciate it!
  9. Hello everyone! Long story short, i began working on a project on April 2015. The game was simply titled 'Emphasis'. Shortly after that, i changed the title to 'Emphasis: Parallel Breach' due to the game's story. Now, some months under development, 'Emphasis' is a major "player" in the game BUT the game is not really all about this company. I was thinking that the current title focuses too much on the company; So instead of 'Emphasis: Parallel Breach', i'm considering to change the title to just 'Parallel Breach'. Can you help me by sharing your thoughts about this? EDIT: i also have this small text which probably needs corrections, so if anyone feels like it... Emphasis: Parallel Breach recounts*(1) the story of Jiro, a young boy on the run from the multi-billionaire pharmaceutical company Emphasis. While Jiro disappeared one day and his friends are looking for him, they are also trying*(2) to get behind the reason Emphasis is chasing him. A few days later, the only thing they did found out for certain, is that their lives will never be the same again. *(1) Recounts ---> Can i say that? I mean instead of "Emphasis... tells the story of Jiro...."; *(2) they are also trying to get behind the reason... ---> this, or is it "they also try to get behind the reason...." or any other correction i cannot see... Thank you!
  10. Haha! Yes, indeed Takeo! I'm working on updating the main thread the following days. Many thanks for your interest in the project!
  11. Nestat

    general Copyright Law and You

    A very much needed tutorial Chaosian! You've covered simply everything by that. It helps a lot, thank you! P.S. (It must have been a b**ch to search for all the information and write this whole thing down, didn't it?)
  12. I'm back again! :) After several months of... of.. well, i'm back again!

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    2. Yuugami


      Oh, yes, I remember you.


      Welcome back!

    3. Nestat


      @Crescent: Hey Mak-Star! Of course i remember you ;) How are you? Oh tell me! What happened with your game???


      @Jackus: Hi there Jackus! Yes, i was away for the last 7-8 months or so. I had so many things to attend to :/ But now i have enough time! I'm really happy to be back. I love this community! :)


      @Yuugami: :) And i remember you Yuugami! The boy with the 'golden pen' ;) Our writer! :D I still love your style... How are you?...

    4. Crescent


      Will PM you the story of what happened. :D

  13. Wow, this looks just fantastic Galv! Doesn't seem that you're lazy... The graphics of the game are clear, colorful and cute. The battle screenshots look very, very interesting, i wished we could see a battle in motion! There is not much to say... The game looks pretty unique to me! All we have to do is to wait for it's release.. which will be...?
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