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  1. neilH1978

    Reward System

    Like in (Destiny of an Empire) How can I add a Rations System, where it goes down after each step per parties amount of Hp's? Is there any way you can make the boat, ship, or air ship faster? (sprinting)?? I want to make some quest in the game that you collect things and give them to the person and get a reward. First I am making a Rewards board with tons of quests on it. Then I would like to know how to select one and play it. Get the things then hand them in, collect the reward. Also make them repeatable. Ex: get 2 copper bars and 5 steel bars, hand in and they give you a choice to pick what you want. A Sword, 700 gold, or 350 Experience. How can I make a World of Warcraft type skills in the game. Herbal-ism and make potions?
  2. I got some battlers off the web and they have a white background. I am trying to make it transparent. It appears in the battle screen with the white area.
  3. neilH1978


    sorry I did just think of to do it right after I posted. I stop posting till I have a real big problem. thank for the links.
  4. neilH1978


    anyone know where I can can tank spites for my game? I could use the horse but tanks are better.
  5. neilH1978

    Character Generator

    OK I'll look at that more.
  6. neilH1978

    Character Generator

    I am do not understand the short words. RTP?
  7. neilH1978

    Character Generator

    ok then you know the 12 icons for the person. Could I use paint or paint shop pro to make 12 new icons?
  8. How can I make animals npc's or by using the Character Generator thing? I like to be able to make a bird, dog, robot, and a wolf?
  9. neilH1978

    More then 4 characters

    Thank I will try this one out. I will be changing the names of the character, their name with their profession. Ex:Jake the Lumberjack. Also can you have more then 9999 hp/map? If you played shining force then you know the boss at the end had more then 9999 life. His bar was 4 different colors or some kind of thing you can use hit points like that. Like for 9998 it would show green and 9999+ would be blue then turn green after it goes below 9999? I haven't play the game in a long time. I wonder if it was 4,000? with each bar at 1k. Zeon 1 ?? ?? HP and MP is ?? http://sf2.shiningforcecentral.com/pages/mainguide_walkthrough_part5.html I just looked under battle monsters Zeon 0 ?? (500) ?? ?? 50 72 0 None Demon Breath
  10. Here's the question. I am the one trying to make a shining force type game. Where you control up to 16 characters. My game has 45 characters in it and I want to be able to use more then the 4 characters. Is there a way I can use a special or some kind of magic to cast *swap unit* and pick a different character? Is it tricky?
  11. neilH1978

    Monsters call for reinforcements

    I will try them all, I like your thing about combining troops. So in the monsters page I can put. %30 that they call for reinforcements, I have to make a new skill for this and then put what monster they can call. After I pick the picture and create the monster I give it this ability of 30% chance they will call for help and join the battle. Will I also need to put in the monster that has been called in some kind of text. Now in the magic or skills you have or the monster has, I do not understand how you can make them only attack, only use magic, or only the special attack. I would l like some guidance on this part. I give the monster 2 abilities. A normal attack with a chance of critical hit, and call for reinforcements. But all they do is attack. It's called attack pattern. :wacko:
  12. neilH1978

    Building new buildings

    ok i give it a try thank you.
  13. neilH1978

    Make it permanently

    I want the name of a building on the playing map.
  14. neilH1978

    Custom Item Icons?

    Tons on the web what you looking for?
  15. neilH1978


    I don't know this ones works but I did if the item exist on the left tab is hides the chest till you have the item.