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  1. Hi all! I'm a composer who specialises in RPGs, JRPGs and visual novel games and I'm looking for new projects! Feel free to contact me at: alecshea@sonancydesigns.com Or connect with me on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slaleky Discord: Slaleky #4575 Facebook: www.facebook.com/alecsheamusic/ Skype: alec.shea.sd SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/alecshea Some of my previous/current projects include: - Kanji Combat www.youtube.com/watch?v=YclR7hZmcKM&list=PLD6JLOGN-mPN_3U9jQMxsQfzW1HU6bD-0&index=34 - Tabletopmusic.com www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlPQ6c4fekE&list=PL7vEfsIOz93jA3leMXlIPtLy73d8w9Cv7 - How To Date A Magical Girl www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3P8ywh65AI&list=PLD6JLOGN-mPPg8hLzV1o6NrVKCWjmhgYN - Primordials: Fireborn https://youtu.be/EX5m0U71iJE - Yandere Simulator https://youtu.be/1ou1OvN-PeU?list=PL8Ag5lyEH6XOZJY_QvzBiY6IMd8ZEWphf - Tokyo Re:Connect twitter.com/konekosoft (samples on request) - Hikari Clover Rescue + Hikari Love Potion (https://twitter.com/TofferTeam) (Samples on request) - Card Chronicles https://youtu.be/mgZLdnp568M My full portfolio: www.sonancydesigns.com
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Alec and I'm a freelance composer and sound designer. I've worked on a few games around the place but am always looking for more . I've had a lot of experience composing and creating sounds of all different kinds and am particularly fond of working on RPG titles. I also have a lot of voice acting contacts as well as having some experience myself and can organise all the voice acting you may need for you game if you so desire. You can find my demo reel here: in which I created all music and sound effects, and all voice acting was either performed by me or voice acting contacts of mine. You can also find various short tracks I've created here: https://soundcloud.com/alecshea all of which are non-exclusively for sale, if you so desire. My rate is $30/hr however, if you can't afford to pay an upfront deposit and completion payment, feel free to contact me and we can discuss rev share or if you're creating a freeware product then I'm sure we can work something that leaves us both happy . You can contact me here or preferably at my email: alecs971@gmail.com Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Alec
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    sfx/music Composer and Sound Designer

    Thanks! For sure, feel free to send me through an email at alecs971@gmail.com or add me on skype: alec.is.the.arsonist and if you have any examples of your voice send them, so if something comes up I'll know if you're suited
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    sfx/music Composer and Sound Designer

    Thanks! Glad you liked it! and yeah? I'll keep that in mind and work on it for future projects
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