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  1. Here is the storyline for the upcoming game I'm making. https://www.mediafire.com/download/a67s7qtxc7m27s0 Please read and enjoy! This story is horror related and might contain scenes that are intense for some readers. You've been warned!
  2. We have currently gotten a volunteer music and sound effects developer! Also I have begun working on subplots and a background story for the character Leila
  3. I'm back after a year or two and looking back reminds me of how much i've changed

    1. Dymdez


      What's new since your last departure

    2. Ailuro


      Well I have matured a bit and im ready to take on anything

  4. Warning: May contain adult content such as gore Title: Dead End Abstract: Naya Ambrosius, a normal teenage girl, gets sucked into a twisted and haunted metro station. She is met with many dangers, obstacles, and a mystery that needs to be solved. Genre: Horror and Little Romance Current Game Progression: Demo is 5-10% done Recruitment: Digital Artist Sprite and Tileset Artist Scripter Music and Sound Effects Artist- position taken Setting: The setting of the story begins in a normal metro station in the city of Taipei Taiwan. As the story progresses, Naya Ambrosius will travel through alternative universes, dimensions. Dimensions include an ominous and creepy metro stop/mall, twisted and gory slaughter house, monster filled universe, a place of shattered memories, and some other settings are still being thought up of. Story: Naya Ambrosius, a 15 year old girl, finds herself trapped within a haunted metro station. Her only hope of escape is to travel through many twisted and horrifying dimensions and universes to solve the mystery causing her to get trapped within these universes by a mad man and his sick daughter. As Naya travels throughout dimensions she meets a boy and a young girl who accompany her on her travels. Through all hardships and challenges the boy and Naya fall in love, but this love will possibly become Naya's own downfall. In the end, will Naya make it out happy or sad and tattered. It'll be up to the player's choices to decide her fate! (There is an uncanon lightnovel version of this story i've written, I'll link it below) https://www.mediafire.com/?a67s7qtxc7m27s0 Characters: Naya Ambrosius Age: 15 Bio: A strong willed and tough girl. She hates being alone. Traumatic events often render her tattered and/or insane. She lives with her mother but doesn't get much time to talk with her mother since her mother works long hours. Even though she's strong willed she is easily swayed by emotions. Depending on how players play the game, she will slowly and slowly go insane. Her favorite clothes is a white button down top with a blue mini skirt. She has brown short hair with two bows on each side of her head. Has Brown eyes. Jaiden ????? Age: 15 Bio: The worlds biggest scaredy cat. Naya's lover and significant other. Runs away from any form of danger. Even though he is a giant wimp he will still fight for his friends if needed. Very determined. Survival expert. (Personality mostly based off of Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan.) Has Brown short hair and brown eyes. Leila ?????? Age: 10 Bio: Creepy girl. There is something very suspicious about her. She is very weak and frail. Likes to play. Is very shy and reserved. Doesn't talk much. She has crystal blue eyes and long blond hair. Wears a very frilly Victorian style lolita dress. Always keeps a stuffed bear in tow. Will be a very key character in the story. Has very pale skin. sometimes shows murderous tendencies. Credits: Script Yanfly- Custom and Save Menu, Name Above Text, Slippery Tiles Lemongreen- Simple Item Menu Seiryuki- Left-side Currency Soulpour777- Choice Box Position Hime and Rycochet- Tile Switch (I made my own tilesets and sprites and used the RTP audio and artwork) Screenshots:
  5. Ailuro

    Its Been SOOOO Long! Forum Writing Tips!

    Thanks! I guess I should leave out QTE from my game cuz they are pretty annoying!
  6. Hi guys! Ailuro here! I have been so busy lately that I hadn't been able to blog!! Today I am going to write tips on writing forums and using proper details(funny because I don't use details in my forums! ). I hope this helps anyone who is trying to request a script or asking help because I've seen many forums where people don't often include details. I try answering some forums but they need DETAILS! 1. Know what you want. If you need something you need to know what you want. This means...know what the title of whatever you want so others know what it is. Ex. I've been asking in so many forums on how to do quick time events a.k.a button mashers. You also want to avoid these words in a forum "I don't know" "I'm not sure" and "I don't really know what I need". 2. Include details and information that is complete. In order for the person trying to help you, you need to provide details. Details help someone understand your situation and allows them to provide accurate information. I often see forums where people misunderstand what a person wants and give the wrong help info. This results in the person asking for help saying "that is not what I'm looking for" "that is not quite right" or "I'm looking for something else". 3. Add the words "If you have any questions please private message or post in comments". This lets the person know your welcome to questions asking for more details to what you need. 4. Wait. It often takes a while for someone to reply to your forum. Example of a good Forum: Hi I'm Ailuro! I need some help. Does anyone know how to do a quick time event (a.k.a button masher) with only eventing? What I want is for my main protagonist to get touched by a monster and enter quick time event mode. For the quick time event, I don't want a sequence of buttons to be hit but one certain button on the keyboard. If this can be done by scripting it is gladly accepted too. Thanks for your help and if you have any questions about my request, you can private message me or post the question in the comments. See? A well formatted forum question. BTW this is an actual question I need help on!!!!! So you can help me with this topic too if you want.(I decided to kill two birds with one stone! ) That is it for now! Thanks for reading and sorry for my long break! If you want to add on to my tips you are welcome in the comments! Meow!
  7. Ailuro

    Death When Seen Script

    It works very well! Thanks whitewatt for the script!
  8. I am so busy, I only have time to do a status update!!!

  9. Ailuro

    What I Find Annoying About RPGMakerVXAce

    Hehe ya I wonder why they didn't add that in?! A redo button would be great!
  10. Ailuro

    What I Find Annoying About RPGMakerVXAce

    Ya RPGMakerVxAce is a really good rpg making engine(I got to say so myself). It was only those two things that could be added on. Other than that IT IS THE BEST RPG PROGRAM EVER!!! I agree with Volke Locke, the scripting is hard. Right now i'm still learning(my progress speed 5 mph). Meh it is so hard. RPGMakerVxAce should make a scripting guide book.
  11. Ailuro

    What I Find Annoying About RPGMakerVXAce

    Thanks Marsigne for the book link! I might actually get the book! I guess it's pretty logical that vx ace is cheap because it is not as powerful. If it where as powerful as Adobe it would be non affordable for me!
  12. Hi guys! Ailuro here! I finally found time to blog! Sometimes I wonder why rpgmakervxace lacks some functions that allow users to customize their games more. I know that the Luna Engine is out so you can make a custom menu but I don't want to pay money for something that should have came with the vxace. AHHHHHH.....the scripting part!!!! They should make a guide book or something called"scripting for rpgmakervxace" I can't find any books on rgss3 or object oriented ruby scripting(i like books a lot). I aslo wish they have a custom entry menu function where you can customize the entry menu. AHHHHH the functions that might make rpgmakervxace better. Oh well life is life. If you guys know any books on rgss3 or object oriented ruby scripting please comment and tell me!! Also if you have a function that you think might make rpgmakervxace better go ehead and comment that too! That's it for today!!! Meow!
  13. Haha I should have added more detail in my blog entry! It was rushed. I like the add ons to my tips! Thanks Chaosian!
  14. Hi guys! Ailuro here! Sorry that I took the weekend off blogging. I've been so busy last week I decided to take a break. I might take this week off of blogging too. I have a lot of school stuff to do and I just can't find time. I am going to do a tips thing right now though. Horror stories can be pretty hard to write sometimes I guess. You have to write the right mood into the story to make your story creepy or have some type of scary feeling. 1. Get in the mood. I find writing horror stories easier when I am scared myself. If you don't like getting scared then its OK to skip this step. I like to watch a creepy TV show before I write a scary story. For those who speak and can listen to Chinese/mandarin I recommend a Taiwanese TV show called Things About Stars(link if you want to watch! http://2015.vslovetv.com/2014/12/things-about-stars-list.html) I watch at least one episode, then start writing. 2. Details!!!!!!!! Include very descriptive details. On scary parts, add details about sounds, mood, environment, and scenery. Kinda like concrete scenery I guess...look it up. If you include this in your story, it will paint a picture in the readers minds(if you are applying this to a rpg game then right scene notes). Scene notes are notes on what tints you are going to use and the music that will be playing in your game. 3. First person view. I recommend writing the story in a first person view. This means the main character is the narrator. This will make it easier to apply step 2 to your writing. This was a fairly short tips because I am busy. I might do more tips on this subject but you can go ahead and add on. Meow!
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