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  1. Happy birthday! 😁 🎉 🎁


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    2. Kayzee


      Looks like another birthday is coming up too. <3

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      Hehe, on the 20th. :3

  2. RoooodWorks

    PSYCHE Locke

    once u added credits I can approve of the topic
  3. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Yup, a short intro is what i added plus an option to hide/show hiding places (only works in 2 places, the rest i need to change to do that haha)
  4. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Thanks starmage haha
  5. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Thanks Riki
  6. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    May contain Scenes of explicit violence and gore. Downloads Fear Download Fear RTP Download Summary You take control of Josie and explore a scary mansion, discover bodies, lots of blood, and all you have equipped is a trusty flashlight. For the moment there is only an intro, no enemies either, but there is lots to explore and a few things to check. Setting The setting is based in a mansion which seems to be abandoned - bloody bodies everywhere, food left untouched, TV's left on with no signal. TBC: Choices when talking to the five co-workers. Battery packs to recharge flashlight Binder save points, (pages are used to record your progress) Only one is available in the game Different endings. Romance You only have equipped is a flashlight, which requires batteries, and depletes when used. Story Josie and her five co-workers enter a mansion, the doors locked behind them. What will they find, and how will they escape? Will who or what haunts this mansion capture Josie or will she succumb to whatever haunts the house before she can escape? Characters: Credits: Screenshots: Videos:
  7. RoooodWorks

    Tall Tales of Fall

    Very nice looks really good.
  8. RoooodWorks

    Lucerna Tenebris - A Fantasy RPG

    Add some credits please then I can approve it, thanks
  9. RoooodWorks

    Script error 1411 NoMethodError

    Have u tried putting it in a fresh new project and if they have one using their demo.
  10. RoooodWorks

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    It's cool I really like the look of this game, will be watching it for awhile.
  11. RoooodWorks

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Add credits then it can be approved.
  12. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    hehe thanks.
  13. RoooodWorks

    Rave Heart

    Love this game, I cannot wait until it's complete.
  14. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Added 2 new videos of IGMC Entries games.