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  1. RoooodWorks

    Please Help! Unwanted BG

    Can you show us the link where you got the script from, so we can take a look? the official link from the owner of the script please.
  2. RoooodWorks

    Hi there ~ ⁎˚₊*

    hi there, and welcome to the forums, hope you have a lovely stay
  3. RoooodWorks

    staff Rooooooooood | New Sectional Staff

    awww thanks Riki. I will be sure to do good work and not let you or the other mods down, I am glad to be part of the team
  4. RoooodWorks

    character art RoooodWorks Shop

    Updated prices.
  5. RoooodWorks

    character art RoooodWorks Shop

    Hello, I am chibievil I have been doing art for years, today I decided to open a shop affordable for any young game dev new or old to the Rpg maker world. Below is a picture of what I have done : If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I do not bite. I am looking forward to working with you Ingame Samples:
  6. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    What i mean by improving the ui is having small card pictures where the cards in your hand are , and the graveyard have small pictures of the cards,instead of the walking sprites. and when u pick from those instead of text show those pictures instead. All that requires is instead of showing text u show the picture in the conditional branch.
  7. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    I did a video just before u posted. Yea it will need lots of work, some skills are broken like eruption when i use the screen locks up, some cutscenes gives error messages and yea other than that, it has a nice card game feel to it. If you just fix those problems and the text when picking card from the graveyard, maybe the card in hand can be pictures, and card in graveyard u pick from pictures instead of text. It has a nice feel. Also I am not a fast reader So the auto text's is not very good you should allow the player to press enter to continue instead of auto, not all of us read a billion letters per second.
  8. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    My list isn't very full, I got a few done past week or so. I can fit you in, but it won't be for awhile I got like 10 games ahead of yours. Edit: modified the topic to add all the links and update YouTube channel and i moved all rm games to its own channel.
  9. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Played this amazing game made for the IGMC contest. also played Crimson Shift :
  10. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    I read the info I am not into a game with high difficulty sorry. If a game is too hard and frustrating i just don't play.
  11. RoooodWorks

    Non RPGMaker games

    I think it means any maker that makes games, like game maker, gg maker, ig maker, etc
  12. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Ok sure, I will do what I can EDIT: Part 2 of Eredia
  13. RoooodWorks

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Ok made a video of it.
  14. been working on a secret project for past few weeks, with custom artwork, parallax mapping and custom music. :P

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    2. lonequeso


      Ooo... mysterious... How long until you post some stuff? If you don't post it, it doesn't exist :3

    3. RoooodWorks


      quite a while I barely have a intro, and i am parallax mapping and custom artwork and possibly animation.

    4. lonequeso


      Sounds to me like it doesn't exist =p All custom stuff is going to take a looong time for sure. If you're wiling to put in the time and effort, more power to you. Happy devving! =D

  15. RoooodWorks

    commissions Amy's Pixel Place

    omg why no sprites or battle sprites, you so lame, and yer prices increased ;( so cruel for us poor people. LMAO jking love your work, if i had any money you know I would commission you in a heart beat.