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  1. RoooodWorks

    I need some input on my village layout

    sorry but this doesn't belong in games in progress, your better off using gallery, or theory and development as there is a screenshot section there. Thanks.
  2. RoooodWorks

    RPGMaker MV text box name tag?

    yanfly message core does this with a simple addon it is also one of the free plugins as well. http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Message_Core_(YEP) NameWindow: Effect: \n<x> - Creates a name box with x string. Left side. *Note \nc<x> - Creates a name box with x string. Centered. *Note \nr<x> - Creates a name box with x string. Right side. *Note *Note: Works for message window only.
  3. RoooodWorks

    Star Sphere

    nice looking game, good job getting it out there. Once I get my new hard-drive installed I will see about playing it, which will probably be like sunday. so prolly a day or 2 after I can see about playing it :)
  4. RoooodWorks

    Why So Whitewashed?

    The OP was not talking rtp more on the lines of community artists.
  5. RoooodWorks

    Why So Whitewashed?

    most the time is because some artists have a hard-time getting the skin tone right. I tend to try and draw my characters with medium skin tone, but drawing someone with an ethnic background is quite difficult to get right. You have to study faces of other backgrounds to understand their facial features and what not, its not just about their skin tones, as other races have different eyes, jawbones, cheeks, lips, noses etc. drawing a person from a white background is much easier than someone of an ethnic background.
  6. RoooodWorks

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    do you save your past broadcasts to like youtube or anything. Also would you play visual novels? Cos the game I made was made in rpg maker MV but is a visual novel game. thanks
  7. RoooodWorks

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    Amazing work as always, can't wait to play this awesome work. Good job.
  8. Tiger lilly, my cat who had lived for 14 years, had 3 kittens. Died in her sleep today. I will miss her, I love her lots.

    1. AVGB;KBGaming


      At least she had a litter before her passing.


      May Eden have received her under her kind, loving care...

    2. Kayzee


      It's always sad to lose a pet. :(

    3. RoooodWorks


      yeah it is, but at least she had a good life, and was happy

  9. Happy birthday! 😁 🎉 🎁


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    2. Kayzee


      Looks like another birthday is coming up too. <3

    3. Rikifive
    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, on the 20th. :3

  10. RoooodWorks

    PSYCHE Locke

    once u added credits I can approve of the topic
  11. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Yup, a short intro is what i added plus an option to hide/show hiding places (only works in 2 places, the rest i need to change to do that haha)
  12. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Thanks starmage haha
  13. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Thanks Riki
  14. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    May contain Scenes of explicit violence and gore. Downloads Fear Download Fear RTP Download Summary You take control of Josie and explore a scary mansion, discover bodies, lots of blood, and all you have equipped is a trusty flashlight. For the moment there is only an intro, no enemies either, but there is lots to explore and a few things to check. Setting The setting is based in a mansion which seems to be abandoned - bloody bodies everywhere, food left untouched, TV's left on with no signal. TBC: Choices when talking to the five co-workers. Battery packs to recharge flashlight Binder save points, (pages are used to record your progress) Only one is available in the game Different endings. Romance You only have equipped is a flashlight, which requires batteries, and depletes when used. Story Josie and her five co-workers enter a mansion, the doors locked behind them. What will they find, and how will they escape? Will who or what haunts this mansion capture Josie or will she succumb to whatever haunts the house before she can escape? Characters: Credits: Screenshots: Videos: