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  1. i am going to ban from here

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    2. Rikifive


      Oh you want to fund me a RM? =] Okay!

      In all seriousness, I think it's not that easy to do and it would be problematic. Even if - You could always add spaces OR make a picture with that word and upload&paste that on forums. There'd no problem with this for trolls. People need to abide the Rules, not moderators/admins. Their solution is to warn/ban those people. =]

    3. Seriel


      Okay, but at the very least, if certain words are posted, an automatic report would be sent and the mods can have a look at whats going on.

    4. Rikifive


      Yup, that would be better... But anyone can report posts, so there's no point on modifying system to make a thing, that already exists. Mods/Admins aren't online 24h/day so it still would take some time to react sometimes and people would find these posts anyway. So... you can simply report stuff like this and it'll be the same thing.

  2. bang bang all night!

  3. Girl Lover

    sex in a game

    Sorry Sorry Sorry I don't meant it to you Anyways I am not spamming as this is 18 post so I think that word are allow but I am understand know so sorry As for the topic I just want to say you can make a animated charsets for making sex scene as rikifive says and yeah sex is not neccesory in games like RPG because of some reason 1 - your game is not simulation game 2 - there is no mission like sex in your game like god of war and gta
  4. Girl Lover

    sex in a game

    WTF are you talking about if you want to have sex in a game then its your mind you can do it with adding pics a black screen a movive with some sex sound like Aahh Ahh Yeah Fuck Yeah.... SO I THINK THIS POST IS NOT NECESSORY SO Anyways Fuck her
  5. Girl Lover

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted now you are a pony but you are the most ugliest pony and go to the jail due to ugliness! I wish you all like this..... Wish granted now you are a pony but you are the most ugliest pony and go to the jail due to ugliness! I wish you all like this post!!
  6. Girl Lover


    reported you
  7. Making A tutorial on sex!

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    2. Rikifive


      TIL YAY!

      @Mak-Star I'm wondering about the same thing. xD

    3. kaz


      one that gets him banned eventually when you add the above profile abuse as well

    4. Rikifive


      So the sex tutorial turned into 'how to get banned' tutorial... So... It's a really good tutorial I must admit! It works! Good job!

  8. Girl Lover

    Oi :)

    hey bro welcome to the forums and start **king I mean making games...
  9. Girl Lover

    forum games Lick or Don't Lick?

    My rare earth element is don't know so no striped polecat a**s? Can you lick it?
  10. Girl Lover


    http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/34205-ice-cream-help/#entry233044 so that's why
  11. Girl Lover


    hey I just got a warning from kaz verbal moderating something like backseat moderati ng so what is it?
  12. Girl Lover

    Guess My Words

    I think this game is too easy,but who knows. Oyu anc od gthnynai utb ont revynginet Solve this haha...
  13. Girl Lover

    Guess My Words

    Guess My Words How to Play: Make A Sentence Like : Mgnao in my pkoect..................Mango in my Pocket As you see Mgnao in my pkoect is the Sentence and other player has to guess what you write... Rules : No Abusing Word YoU cAn WrItE WoRdS LiKe ThIs... So Here's one! PsOtNiG a NeW TpIoC iN RlOe PyAnIlG aNd FrUoM GeAmS!
  14. Born To Die!

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    2. xoferew


      You can make and play a lot of cool games before you die.

    3. Novem


      Lana Del Rey.

    4. Girl Lover

      Girl Lover

      I dont want to waste my time in playing games because i want to so something special!