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  1. Chareu

    Map Transitions - thoughts?

    Personally, I use a mix in the few maps I have. In most is just a part, but in a couple of places I allow touching anywhere on edge as a transfer; I just make one single event for the transfer, too, for the sake of convenience.
  2. Hello everyone. I was taking a moment of free time tonight to work on a map that I'm really enjoying, but I was starting to wonder, how big is too big when it comes to maps? I have a multi-map dungeon with the main room itself at about 140x60, not including two separate rooms leading into it. I want it to seem big, but I also don't want it so big that it will wear on the players, even with putting in a healing point. I know it's one of those things that is hard to quantify specifics without being told details, so rather I'm just curious about what would be an ideal maximum? Thank you. =)
  3. All right. I had something typed out, but then accidentally closed the page. I'll just make a quicker explanation. Also, since I had to look at it again, I realized I made a mistake and it would only heal based on his original max hp. I changed it so it should always heal based on his current max hp. The first thing we need to do is to create a loop and then add what we want to constantly occur within it. The first line you add is a new variable and name it something you can recognize (mine is Eric's HP Regen). Then we choose game data. Then we set that variable to reflect his max hp (mhp= max hp). Then in line 2, we change that value to 1% of his max hp by dividing the original variable by 100. The wait 120 frames makes it so that it takes 2 seconds for the actions to repeat. 1 second equals 60 frames. Then we add the change HP function to the event and choose to the change it based on a variable. By using our variable we added in the beginning of the loop, it is now telling the event to increase Eric's HP every 2 seconds based on his max hp. By placing the two parts that change the variable into the loop, it will constantly update the variable to reflect his current max hp. If there is anything I didn't explain enough, feel free to let me know. Also as I said before, I haven't tested it.
  4. Will need testing, but I think this *should* do something close to it. Just have the switch for the common event turn on at the start of the game. Edited to fix my error in the event.
  5. I have an idea. How many characters will be in your games' party?
  6. Yeah, I use Google Drive for my story notes so I can look it up no matter what computer I am on.
  7. Well, I don't know what's up with me, but I had an issue where I pressed alt+enter to change the screen size while scavenging a plant, and suddenly my character was always trying to walk upwards, and I could not get him to move downwards. While this was going on, in the menu screen I could push down, but not up. Edit: Also I retried to recreate the error in the cave, but it hasn't done it again. Edit again: Can't recreate getting my character stuck going up when I changed to full screen mode. I think the two problems are connected on my end and I was getting stuck going upwards for both errors.
  8. Found an error where I went to the dark cave after talking with Bill and getting the three quests from him, and the other two townsfolk. Eren is stuck in a continuous loop where he will say it's too dark, but then he'll walk forward into the event and again say it's too dark. (I even managed to enter the party menu during it, but afterwards he continued going forward and I can't control him)
  9. @Nicke: I really like the look and feel of your fire dungeon. Personally, it looks like there are too many boulders clumped to the side. ----- Could anyone share any hints on how to make cliffs look more like actual cliffs, and not just disjointed land masses that should be connected to the ground?
  10. Finally took the time to make a simple avatar using the RM generator. I am no longer faceless. =)

  11. Chareu

    eventing Ordered switches

    Hello everyone! Today I will attempt to explain how to get an event to work using multiple switches that must be activated in order, or else all of the switches reset. This is my set up: Nice and color coded, right? Here is the goal for our switches, to turn this: Into this: We want our little graphic to light up, but it will only light up after our variable reaches a count of 8. Lets take a look at our first switch on the left: As you can see, when the player activates this switch, it automatically adds a value of 1 to our variable, then it checks to make sure that the variable is the correct number, and if the number is correct, it turns on the self switch, which will change the graphic and set up a new conditional branch, should the variable ever be reset back to 0. Here is the second switch's event page: As you can see, all we did was change the conditional branch variable on the first page from 1 to 2. Now, say you want to have ten (or in my case, eight) switches: All you need to do is copy/paste and then update the conditional on each separate switch event to the next number you want in the order. By placing into every conditional branch the condition of changing the variable to 0 if the switch is chosen in the wrong order, now every switch will reset all of them at once should the wrong one be flipped, all without adding any additional events, switches, or variables to the map. I hope that this post was both easy to understand and helpful. Have a great day everyone!
  12. I told Philteredkhaos that I would, so now I'm working on my first tutorial. Hooray. =P

    1. philteredkhaos


      You are awesome! I couldn't get that link to work (I thought I did) but it kept telling my connection was unsecure, and wouldn't let me in...Thank you!

  13. Chareu

    difficult request...

    Do you mean, something like this: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/slippery-tiles/
  14. Chareu

    Building Better Puzzles?

    I'm in agreement that having ones that are too tough as a part of the main story would really be a detriment. To me the purpose of the project that I'm working on is for both me and the players to have fun and enjoy the best story I could make. I'm not far enough into my project to make puzzles or even good ones at that, but I agree with you that it would be nice to have some really good thinkers as side quests.