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  1. JurianChibo

    Khas Light Effect - Black and white ?

    I got an answer Apparently there's instructions in the script
  2. JurianChibo

    Jurian's Vocaloid corner

    New song added! Dragon Roost Island theme from Legend of Zelda : Wind waker Only available on Soundcloud
  3. JurianChibo

    Searching for a menu script - Menu for one character

    I took this one : http://forums.rpgmak...ll-status-menu/ Works very well for what I want, and I'll be able to use a different graphic later. Thanks a lot for helping everyone, it was kinda difficult to choose ^^'' And wow...seriously, there's dozens of them, and I didn't manage to find a single one...I'm a lost cause At least, if someone else is searching for a script of that sort, this thread is perfect.
  4. This plugin seems promising, and, since I am using a special battle system (Sapphire Action Battle System IV), It would be wonderful to have the capability to have waaaay more things in maps and such. But, I was wondering if it would actually work, since this battle system does take some loading and such when on big maps (Though it doesn't lag). Could someone who have the plugin test that for me, please? I wouldn't want to waste my money (Though I doubt it'd be a waste, given the incredible use for any other sort of game that I could make). If it works, I'm 100% gonna purchase that when I buy RMVX (Just in trial now) EDIT : Also, forgot to say that, but your site does have some impressive stuff on it. Beautiful menu graphics, a smooth camera thing. Wow! I think imma use that!
  5. JurianChibo

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    WOW! A thread with music and all Time to show the stuff I like ENGLISH (All hail Momocashew!) JAPANESE (Kaoling also made music for the first Final Fantasy Tactic, if I remember correctly)
  6. Black and white...those are my favorite (not color)...why does no one like them ;w; ?

    1. Knighterius


      Black and white are shades..maybe that is why they aren't favourite colors?

  7. JurianChibo


    (Do not read if you didn't play yet, since there might be a liiiiiittle bit of spoiler or ruinage of your game experience) It's rare that I get so involved emotionally in a game in such a short notice. But this game, it's something else. The gameplay, without being revolutionary, is still well executed. You really need to manage the few items you get, since battles are limited, and the fact they are limited makes you fight them, and I think it's something that is lacking from a lot of game, where people just breeze through and end up dead, killed by the boss who's too powerful. The battle system used fits the game really well, since it's fast-paced and is hard, or at least needs some strategy. The fact that items are hidden around the world allows you to explore it. I hope I got all of them, and that I also encountered everything I needed. The music is really cool, the proof is that I (almost) didn't notice it, since it was blending so well with the story. The landscapes are gorgeous and well-designed, the mood is there, thanks to the different wildlife included, and the rain that is there for a good part of the game. I guess it was though like that, but even if it's beautiful, it's a bit easy to be a little lost, sometime, and to not remember where you went, but it adds to the mystery, which is nice. The dialogues are nice, too. Well-written, and really transcribe the characters' personnalities. Last but not least, the choices. I only completed the game once, and I do not think I will play it again, but I would love to see what the other choices do. What if I did kill these bandits? Could I actually refuse that guy's company? But, I saw both endings (Or maybe there's more), so I'm happy. It adds a certain replay value, and it's interesting to see so much effort put into a short game, and an exercice, that is! So, my final note for this game? Heart pounding, smile and almost tears for Amelia / 10 (Sorry for my horrible grammar, french is my native language)
  8. JurianChibo

    Youtaite in the plaaaaaaaace *HORN HORN HORN*

    *Kisses your shoes* Thanks for your forgiveness Time to work on gaaaames~
  9. JurianChibo

    Khas Light Effect - Black and white ?

    I sent a message on twitter (That thing I never use...) and I hope I'll get an answer soon. I will post the solution here when I get it (if I get it)
  10. JurianChibo

    Khas Light Effect - Black and white ?

    I didn't see that, my bad, but it still isn't helping my problem, or maybe I just read it wrong, with all these things that are being talked about... Me is confused, for short.
  11. JurianChibo

    Sapphire Action System IV - HUD problem

    I did enter both command (Separately and both at the same time), and it still isn't working, infortunately. I also tried making my own HUD thing and saved it a different name, then went in the script and changed it so this one would show. What should I change in the configs so that it shows? EDIT : OOOH! I DID IT! For some reason, the HUD was locked and hidden, so by entering the other thing, it worked. Sorry for wasting your time.
  12. JurianChibo

    Sapphire Action System IV - HUD problem

    Yes, I followed the instructions and, with an automatic event, activated the script. The proof it worked is the activation of the battle system, which is off by default.
  13. JurianChibo

    Jurian's Vocaloid corner

    Thanks a lot. Just an advice about Avanna : If you really want her to sound good (during normal covers, that is), you really need to work on both dynamics and pitches. My next acapella is going to include an actual singing voice with lyrics, so I need to put more effort into this one track ^^''' OH! And also; Buy her in download. Because if you don't live in Europe (or in the UK, I don't remember), she's not available.
  14. JurianChibo

    Youtaite in the plaaaaaaaace *HORN HORN HORN*

    Yes, I was navigating all up in the bay for pirates But then I decided to repent ^w^ And now I downloaded the trial, and I'll wait Steam to put a huge sale on it to buy it..which I heard happens quite often
  15. JurianChibo

    Youtaite in the plaaaaaaaace *HORN HORN HORN*

    Oh, actually I...uuuh...didn't use the lite version at first, but now I am, since I actually plan on making something. I'll have to try using the trial, I think But I don't think it'll work, I'll have to contact the scriptmaker for that