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  1. Hiya everyone! I'm on the search for a composer for my game! What is the game like? It's a strange game. It will be an RPG, so there's that. I'd rather not reveal much through here, I'd give you more information in an email or otherwise. What style of music? Ideally, strange music to match the strange game. The songs would be around 1-2 minutes in length. The following are encompassed in the mesh of genres that would be used for the songs: Ambient Horror Light electronica Jumbled nonsense Some orchestral elements I don't trust you, are there any other games you've made? I made a decently popular game Party 2. Well then, what's your budget? My budget is flexible, given the flexible nature of the amount of songs/shortness of the songs. I think I'd like to pay by the minute. $8 USD is reasonable I think. But again, I'm flexible. If you don't have a paypal I will rip my eyes out with two rusty sewing needles. Relax. I have a paypal, and that is what I intend to pay with. Well I'm sold. How should I contact you? Hit me up with a PM, we'll further discuss things there. Don't bring any sewing needles. I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. benja

    Looking for an artist.

    Hi everyone! So recently I released a game called Party 2! (Here and here) that got surprisingly popular, and people started asking for a sequel. I accepted, as the story needed a sequel to fully told. So needless to say, I'm developing Party 3! and I need an artist mostly for promotional material, but also for some game assets as well. Only digital art, not pixel art.I hope to hear from some people soon!
  3. The demo/playable teaser thingy is out now! Note that none of the maps in the demo/teaser/thing are in the main game, the teaser just drops a bit of story and gives you the general flavor of the game!
  4. benja

    Would You Rather?

    Werewolf, I'd only have to worry about urges once a month! I could just chain myself up when it's a full moon. Would you rather be able to lift 100 pounds telekinetically, or 1000 pounds physically?
  5. benja

    game Name Chain!

    Gale Weathers
  6. benja

    rikifive Unabbreviate

    Candles Have Embroidered Everything That Ate Hats How about, Balloons!
  7. benja

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! You can now have grounded up italian people whenever you want. I wish I had an infinite supply of gum.
  8. UPDATE: I intended to release the game a lot sooner, but that didn't work out, but expect the game soon!
  9. Yep! You read that correctly, all that's left is for the game to remove small bugs and add finishing touches. ALMOST
  10. I've collected some bugs in the demo, after I list the bugs I'll make a review! Low priority The fireplace in the church has no pause when it hurts you, I went up to examine it and I lost a majority of my health in 2 seconds Mathew's battler is naked except for a cloak Cassie's (The little girl in the house on the top right of the town) mom's sprite has a small clipping issue when she turns left. Also in the top right area, above the bar, there is to trees placed on the same tile that looks odd. When first exiting the church, when Ketal asks how to join the corps, and he storms off, he goes right through you You can walk over scarecrows Medium priority The mood bubbles are always unaligned, never actually on the person. in one case, it was actually on the far right of the screen with the person on the left. You can save whenever you want in the menu even though you're supposed to use save points Can walk through benches, flowers, and the statue in the church High priority During battle, the small blessing healed me, not my MP The on map enemies that are supposed to start battles are on player touch, not event touch, meaning if you stood still, they wouldn't do anything. Review This game has major potential to be something great. I love the battle system, though I would make finding a way to remove the voices top priority The spritework is good to, and the face sprites range from great to bad. For example, I love Mathew's face sprite, but Alec's is subpar. This is killing me, IS THE CAT DEAD?! At some points in the game, the constant cutscenes become a bit tiresome. Try to add more of an exploration aspect, it's all a bit too linear. I know you probably tried doing that with the forest, but it didn't really work out. You did a good job of explaining the world subtly without going straight to exposition. You created a lively environment with many interactions in the town, helped take away from the linearness. Most characters are well developed, but some conversations feel a bit forced Ketal is not a good character in most respects. It seemed like you were supposed to feel sorry for him, but he just seems annoying. The mapping is good. The eventing is spot on, I love the cutscenes, even with how many there are. Overall, a good demo for what I hope is an excellent game. Story: ★★★★☆ Eventing: ★★★★☆ Combat: ★★★★★ Writing: ★★★☆☆ Characters: ★★★☆☆ Overall: ★★★★☆ I look forward to the full game!
  11. benja

    Party Pals!

    Hey party people! This blog is for progress made on my super duper awesome party simulation game Party 2! Please find the first game The plot can be found here if you would be so kind as to check it out. We have a poll going on there too if you'd like to vote! I recommend reading the synopsis before making any judgements. Currently, the game is going well, the game is creating itself very slowly, but we're near the end, so soon I'll be able to leave this game and pass the burden onto whoever downloads it. Toodles~
  12. I added a poll for my release plan. I've been tossing around both options, so I decided I'd leave it up to all of you.
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