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  1. I'm trying to use enemy max hp ($data_enemies[x].mhp) in a script call: but the game crash: there is a way to use it?
  2. I already found the problem, it was a missing part of the script, thanks for the help.
  3. That does not work, i get an error about def find_first(name)
  4. Laganrok

    CSCA Dungeon Tools Help!

    The most I can say is that you can put an event on the map in automatic that is activated when you press the shot button and change the graphics.
  5. Is the limit, you can use tsukihime's large script call script, it combine all the script call boxes that you need.
  6. Laganrok

    CSCA Dungeon Tools Help!

    I cant do nothing more here im not very good in scripting.
  7. Laganrok

    Put a variable in a comment call?

    Thanks, that works , although I will have to specify te colors of all the armors one by one !
  8. Laganrok

    CSCA Dungeon Tools Help!

    With Tsukihime's Equip Events script you can use a common event to change the actor's graphic when you equip and unnequip the pistol.
  9. Laganrok

    How to get the class id?

    I'll have to be more specific the next time, the answer of Dexter was what i needed, tanks.
  10. Laganrok

    Put a variable in a comment call?

    What im tryin to do is change a part of the equipment Hue with that variable in this scene Whit this: the variable go here ! \add_a1_cc["Armor034", i0, h0, o255, z0, r0 And this only works with a comment box.
  11. Laganrok

    Put a variable in a comment call?

    Im using modern algebra's Composite Graphics/Visual Equipment and Yanfly's Equip Engine I have 3 charsets: Img12, Img13, Img14 Im using variable: 23 What i want: When an event runs chage the variable 23 to 12, 13 or 14 and use a comment with "\add_a1_cc["ImgVARIABLE23", i0, h0, o255, z0, r0]"
  12. Laganrok

    PK8's SDS

    Thanks you!
  13. Laganrok

    Gun Shooting On-Map (ABS like)

    You try with CSCA Dungeon Tools?
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