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  1. Ersatzteil

    Begging System?

    Something like this would work however instead of the Sound Effect you would want your items or gold.
  2. Ersatzteil

    In game character design/descript RPG VX Ace

    This is pretty close http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/11796-character-creation-script/ What I am looking for is for those choices to not only to make the character but to also read out in a description window preferably built into the script. The traits you pick at the beginning would then be changeable through out the game to a limited degree. Which would update the description box as well. With that being said I suppose I would probably also need pieces to a custom windows script as well so that way I could have a few custom windows.
  3. Ersatzteil

    "Palette Swap" script

    It sounds like you should use some "on player touch" event walls anywhere that a map "border"is located Using that you can then have it change the tileset based off of which direction your character is facing.
  4. As for Cloud it's actually important to remember Cloud was a wimp and just took over Zak's life... they were buddies and Cloud looked up to him. Hence the noobness
  5. Well... what about starting at a "stronger" level one. Make the character their own class that stats stronger? Keep the level 1 but at a higher point on the curve. Then start them out with stronger skills. Might be a better way to go about it rather than to cut out half of the leveling like Enneagon said.
  6. Ersatzteil

    Card Battle Mini Game

    1. Attacking Card I figured "adjusting" the dice to fit the game when it comes to 1 card. For example say you DO have only 1 card then that card is auto selected. Or say evens would be selected on an even roll and odds on an odd roll. 2. Attack Move 6 May be a little excessive... Perhaps making it 3 skills? 1 and 4 would be skill 1? 2 and 5 would be skill 2 and 3 and 6 would be skill 3? Something of that nature might cut out the unnecessary over skilling. 3. Card to attack Maybe as with 1 have an auto select? Or you have to roll an Odd/Even roll depending on the card with the wrong roll being a miss? I kind of like the luck based idea of a card game over strategy however if you know anything I could change to give a little strategy I'd be willing to listen.
  7. Ersatzteil

    Venka Crafting Script not working, but with no error

    Well it may be too simple of a fix but... are the items that you're using and the item your making from the script correctly lined up in your database?
  8. Ersatzteil

    theory crafting Character traits ideas

    This is a very interesting system that I see has a lot of potential. I was actually working on something mildly similar but not in traits before with a pair of twins. They both had their own skill sets one was a healer the other was the fighter. When they were within a certain number of levels of each other the stats they had would be balanced out. Nothing special just basic heal and fight. However, if you leveled one higher than the other certain stats would be raised and others would be lower. For example you leveled the fighter more and the twins took on more of an attack set of stats. The healer would use poisons and the attacker would have specials at the cost of healing spells and a cut on potions effect. If you leveled the healer they went more to a defensive state. The healer could revive his twin and the fighter used more counter attacks at the cost of damage dealt directly. There were benefits in leveling the twins together at times and benefits of leveling them individually at times. Maybe you could throw something like that into your traits system as well.
  9. Ersatzteil

    Card Battle Mini Game

    So I'm working on a min game for a little side action from the main story. Basically you meet a fellow who tells you about a card game that many of the people around the continent play and then gives you a starter deck. From there you now can ask certain people about playing a round of cards. You would get more by winning against them or randomly in battle. Maybe make a card store that opens up after certain variables have been met. Anyways.... To start the game first you put your deck together... select your cards then you put 6 of those cards into play. I'm thinking of a rather simple board layout. You Enemy [1 2] [1 2] [3 4] [3 4] [5 6] [5 6] Graveyard's You would then roll a die to see who goes first. Then the Attacking player would roll 3 dice which would go 1. Attacking card 2. Attack move 3. Card to attack The defender would roll a single die then to decide what defensive or counter move would be applied during the attack. That's about as far as I've gotten. I'm not exactly a scripter so I have no idea how difficult this would be as of now. Any ideas and or suggestions would be great. Maybe even a little pointer as to where I could find a script of this sort would be helpful too. Mainly just trying to gather information for a quick fun little side card game so let me know what you think.
  10. Ersatzteil

    My First Sprite Attempt

    From what I see you have two different sunspots hitting the Turret. You'll probably want to start off with meshing those together. After that I'd do a little blurring like Necromedes said above. Maybe add in a drop shadow on the ground. Otherwise it really is looking good.
  11. Ersatzteil

    Some Tileset tweaks

    Simple color overlays or adjusting brightness and contrast can be great in moderation. Another way to make tiles *POP* is to go through with some black or gray and do hard outlines if you like that style of work (more comic book or hard drawn). Then there's even spot adjustment. Instead of brightening the whole picture just pick certain spots that "need" attention. Make brights brighter and shadows darker. Make sense?
  12. Ersatzteil

    Item critique

    I love them. They're all really good! As an idea for improvement maybe you could darken a few pixels at the top of the crate to better show the symbol. It's not wrong or anything but I can already see a hint of it in your crate and just a little darker would really do it in my opinion. Great job any way you go! Oh and maybe a little shading at the bottom of the bed too so it's not so flat.
  13. Ersatzteil

    Sprite Designs QB

    So I'm new to this forum however, I decided to start off with a little "How am I doing?". As a side note I prefer to use the XP size sprites and then modify them into Ace as I like the height change. Anyways, I'll admit to absolutely loving the Queen's Blade so I've been slowly making these sprites. First up.... Cattleya: As she's my favorite we'll start off with her. Right now I'm missing a LOT of the finer details... the bow for example is a place holder until I'm happy with the Cattleya Orchid for her hair Her outfit is currently a solid purple as well as missing the neck piece and skirt ends... I've thought about possibly even adding Rana into this for a alternate sprite set Next is Aldra: I started this one on a 48 hour binge so it's the product of lack of sleep and it shows... The eye patch is a place holder as well as being on the wrong side. It's there right now so I could get the general idea of the number of pixes I had and so I could upload it for review. The shirt still needs some modifications and I need to remove a lot of the belt. The "horns" also need to be switched to be fiddled with. Anyways let me know what all of you think. Of course be honest.