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  1. Terilliana

    Overdrive / EXE Drive System

    They both look promising but i have some problems XD The first one would be difficult to use due to me not understanding it's language at all. Second utulizes TP Bar which i found to be a non-relieable ressource as it always seems to be a different number upon Battle Initializing (or it resets) which means one of my Required things isn't fulfilled xD, i want the Value to transcend to the next battle to possibly allow players to build it up prior to a Strong enemy. Oh XD now i feel dumb for not checking about it sooner, didn't know there was a trait i can add to actors to preserve TP. Thanks to the two of you, i'm probably going to roll with the FF7 System ^^
  2. Interesting Script sadly i can't seem to get it working XD everytime i solve one issue another surfaces so going back to good old Manual making ><
  3. Terilliana

    [VXAce]Script upgrade equipments

    i had no problem locating the Selchar's Weapon Leveling script at all. following the Link you posted it's the 2nd Link below "Add-Ons" in the post Oo "Selchar's Equipment Level Base + Leveling by Exp" o.o
  4. Terilliana

    Delete Save When Gameover

    By player playing multiple saved files, you mean? Yeah, exactly. There's a sort of meta to the saving beyond continuing the main story. When I'm playing a game, especially a long WRPG or something, I'll make a bunch of characters and files after I complete the game with my main, so I can role play or explore the rest of the game. Alternatively, sometimes, I like to make save files right before my favorite parts of a game, if I know they're coming up. The ending, a really tough boss, the final boss, I'll keep saves just so I always have access to these awesome memories. This script, though cool and beautifully punishing, means I can't do any of that. Well, there's still a way to keep them, but since it would go against the point of this thread i'll not mention it further. #OnTopic Nice Script, saving it in my Faves for a possible HardCore Game
  5. Terilliana

    Terilliana is here!

    Hey everyone~ I'm Terilliana but you can call me Tetosan, Teto or Tyka. I'm 23 Years old and love to pass time by making my own games with RPG Maker programs. The last Projects tho were lost when my HDD died so i've recently decided to restart a new one. I'm quite clueless about scripts which is why i take many security measurements when trying to fix them myself and often just end up trying to contact the Creator. My Favourite Console Games are Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia 2 and the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. I watch some Animes with the last ones being Choujigen Game Neptune the Animation and Noragami. On my Computer i often play Online Games like Ragnarok Online, Mabinogi, Final Fantasy 14 and Guild Wars i also enjoy reading Mangas with the most recent being xxMe. I'm from Switzerland and my main Language is German but by playing Mabinogi for nearly 6 Years now i have gained enough Skills in English to understand most of it. I hope we'll all get along with each other and i maybe can get my current RPGmaker Project done xD