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  1. I changed a few keys for my game from game properties and I want them to be like this after I export the game. I was wondering if the settings (from F1 key) will save after I export the game.
  2. HisaoShou

    Event Streamlining

    If you use a good anti-lag script and you know how to do proper eventing , there will be no problems. GPU based games aren't always better, because it may not run smooth on lower spec PCs . I think that the whole engine (VX Ace) was made to run on CPU based. (And MV was made GPU based. I know this for sure) I think MV is better fitting for your request , it already works mostly with GPU , and even if you don't like JS , the core scripts are similar to VX Ace, only with a some modifications..
  3. HisaoShou

    Stepmania in RPG Maker

    Hi, I am an osu!mania (similar to stepmania) player (4k) and I want to make a game based on this system, I already have the ideea but: - I need to change the arrow keys with other keys (D F / J K ). - i need upside down arrows but i think there are a few bugs with long press keys (they appear pretty late for me) - when player press arrow keys there to be an animation on button press - when a song is finished play window will close automaticaly - some scores to be stored in certain variables - background based on song / or a way to change it via script call or song id It would be awesome if you could do these, but... I don't think you have enough time for these features (seems to be a lot of work anyway)
  4. HisaoShou

    Text Sound Effect [UPDATED]

    Yes, because sound effect is already on, that switch is to turn OFF the sound effect. Switch #6 = off (sound effect is ON) Switch #6 = on (sound effect is OFF)
  5. I need a ring menu for NPCs or objects. Something like this: (I have a feeling that this can be done with variables but I am not sure how to put images around certain npc's location)