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  1. Alufey


    Thank you muchly Spectre. I would think GIMP has more photo editing capabilities? I don't think I was quite aware that someone would do photo editing on SAI. That broadens my horizon some. I might try that. o.o Gonna abuse the selfie machine aka my phone. I have a new sort of like for this program Sketchbook. I think since Autodesk makes it, that it has a great flow to it.. My tablet came with the express version. Its not wholly free, there's a free trial though, it feels nice for sketching. Its also kinda like Artrage. And I do believe I bought the version for the Ipad, but I have a ungodly amount of drawing apps. Link in case anyone is interested > https://www.sketchbook.com/desktop I was thinking about buying a Huion tablet at first and saw this program called Mischief on a Youtuber's review. I might try it. > https://www.madewithmischief.com/mischief
  2. Alufey


    Do not worry Eien! I'll still join you on the mouse crusades from time to time. You will get your tablet eventually. And it will be heaven. I'm also with you on the procrastination boat. Whose paddling? And nah the quoting thing is cool. The only program I'd like to have again is Photoshop. I don't quite like the idea of having to subscribe. With so many other programs these days it doesn't feel like I miss out on too much anyway.
  3. Study C# one must. Play Ragnorak 2 will do!

  4. Alufey


    That's awesome. I have SAI too. ^______^ I recently bought a wacom tablet. Once I got threw the learning curve the tablet is really amazing. I can certainly understand how it'd make you upset, having a broken one. Drawing is not like riding a bike. >.< Always feels awful once you get back into it, the good thing is that it should come back faster. I ditto what Tsarmina said, I look forward to seeing your next piece. And the one after that. If you REALLY wanna see horrible look on my gallery thing, and you'll see that stuff can be both bad and horrible in taste. I have a bad sense of humor.
  5. Alufey

    Zdrastvuyte! o7

    Sky is hella funny. The only time I browsed Reddit was when the whole scandal with the hacking of celebrities phones happened. It was one of the oddest days of my life. At first I thought you meant Morgana styled like Darksiders then I was like ahhhhh Dragon Age. I still have to complete that game, and Inquisition. They are great so far though. I really enjoy Bioware's RPGs. In League, Morgana is super fun. I want the skin that makes fun of Illidan. Do you play D&D? o.o I saw tabletop.
  6. Alufey


    Oh that's really neat! It looks like a 3D model.My advice is super simple, keep practicing. Doodle away. Your stuff looks like its coming out great so far. What program are you using?
  7. Alufey

    Zdrastvuyte! o7

    Welcome and that pic looks like Morgana! Speaking of League.
  8. Alufey

    BluMiu Art

    I live in an apartment so the penis drawings are safe. The little brother however comes over, he sees them and texts the pics to his friends. Creeper child he is. To get the greatest revenge I just put I <3 MLP on my brother's car, and point an arrow to the driver's seat. My parents would probably be more disturbed by MLP than penises anyway. They grew up in the 60s. There was a lot of nudity, and a lot of drugs, which meant more nudity. Now my sister on the other hand, would probably be upset, and I might get slapped. I'm not drawing penises on her car ever. Or I will die. Now for the real convo!!! I'm ecstatic about the new hologram tech 'cause I want gaming to become much more of a reality. I also like the thought of being able to see Mars, and not have to be the guinea pig/ pilgrim and go there. What we can see and do will be so much more than ever before. That's a whole lot of amazing. Now the question is what will happen to the imagination of mankind? I do think that Einstein was wrong on that. All generations are bountiful with idiocy. There are problems that come from a heavy reliance on technology. It will surpass us, for the fact that we generally do have a hard time compromising. Not that idiots aren't scary. But computers will be better than us. The technology will surpass our intelligence even a genius'. The only thing at that point that gives us an advantage is creativity and imagination. These days I'd argue that the world is much more open in a social way. People bleed all over the internet to one another, from feelings, to topics like this. All people from around the globe are interacting. So ignorance and stupidity are much more a choice. The threat however, is that technology such as the internet can be disabled, and it can be censored. Greed is a big threat, along with hostile feelings. Will we die because our feelings will get in the way? Everyone has a finger etching toward the trigger. I'd say Kurt Vonnegut had good instinct when it came to the whole issue of media. Its power is great, and greatly misused. The ability to pacify so many is ponderous. And that has only gotten worse with advanced tech. The liberty is the ability to do research. Labels make things tedious. I'd agree that a lot of things are way more abstract than a single word can justify. And PFFT robots be sexy. Astromechs all day. If it was possible I'd want Mana to do my hair. Its been a beeoch and a half tryin' to survive without hair dye. Being a brunette 24/7 isn't fun. And I realized that Mana not only has fantabulous makeup on, but his hair is CRAZY beautiful too.
  9. Alufey

    Art poo

    Overall engineering sounds really cool, either way. You could make parts to Aston Martins! Or McClarens. Amazing. Have you worked on any cool projects while going threw your program? And that new background is really great. Are them some Birch trees? I like the purpley-ness to it too. And what you said above there I wanna give you a pat on the back, or a handshake 'cause that was beautiful. The sky is the limit.
  10. Alufey

    Art poo

    The closest I got to anything sounding remotely like that is just plain old chemistry. The funniest thing I got to do in college, was human bio. Dissection is pretty interesting. Except the smell, that's horrid. Whats more interesting about the material version of engineering? Like blow anything up ever? And got any plans to do it more? Haha But that's pretty good all in all. I have an older sibling who got the math gene, and I could shake a finger her. Its like alien algorithms to me for the most part. Being able to do calculations can probably take you anywhere/everywhere. Math is universal.
  11. The Walking Dead is on Netflix. I start having dreams about zombie children at the super market. Hmmm. Thats almost a good idea for a game. >.< It'd be like a weirdo version of pac man?

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    2. Atleast6char


      I wouldn't quite call them "zombie" children, but I get the reference :D

    3. Nyapurgisnacht
    4. Alufey


      All I got from that was add jump scares. I can try.

  12. Alufey

    Art poo

    / cheesy and gluten free. ooo what kind of engineering work do you do? Anything blow up? o.o
  13. I talk like Pam from True Blood to my computer and go "What the f-k Eric" ... Damn I'm having withdrawls.

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    2. Alufey


      Yeah that's especially weird cause I taste too human-y in comparison. I can only change my voice, not my flavor.

    3. RavenBlueIndigo


      I taste like human, I'd imagine.

    4. Alufey


      I wish I tasted like sea salt ice cream

  14. Merry Friday the 13th folks.

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