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  1. CVincent

    New Member

    Welcome to the community, Sean! This is a great place to socialize and improve your skills, it's good that you've had some experience with the program already. There are a lot of people willing to lend a hand so be sure to ask if you need help with something and share your ideas too to give some of your own perspective as well. See you around.
  2. It's good to be back.

  3. CVincent

    How to make interesting credits?

    I've tried sitting through a sequence of credits with my friends after a movie had ended, only after they realized there was no teaser at the end they had decided to leave. I would have liked to have stayed to chat about the movie and to appreciate those who invested their efforts because to me the recognition was well deserved, though not everyone would agree. So it may be potentially beneficial to have a cinematic sequence after the credits as well if you want to hook in the extra few who would only be interested for that reason specifically.
  4. CVincent

    How often do you do the "RIGHT THING"?

    When morality is in question I try to take as much information into consideration as possible before making my approach. I'm always out for myself but I see no harm in helping one another, even if gain or goal isn't mutual. I live to experience things, this differs from person to person. When something needs or looks like it ought to be done then it's likely I'll just start doing it without much question unless that particular situation requires more knowledge. I try to make actions without ignorance but by doing so I create my own. There are a number of ways to approach a situation and sometimes the things you want aren't always the same of which someone else would want, this is something I would also consider. There is always a chance that, perhaps, an old lady crossing the street does not care for your help and would not want it. If a person is struggling with an issue then two bodies are capable of breaking down a task more efficiently than one. At times I act in my own ignorance, I get lost in thoughts and consider the worst of things to be true because in some cases they are. I apologize when I feel I have done wrong to someone in a situation where I would feel wronged myself. People make their own enemies, if a person is out to make more then they will find them easily. I'm an agile bodied person, something I've grown accustomed to is taking fast action when necessary. If something is dropped and it is closer to me than it is for someone else then I may pick it up for them unless asked not to or if less than two things had been dropped. It's not necessarily that I would like to help a person in all situations, rather that I might if I'm not pre-occupied by other business. While I'm fortunate enough not to have been directly confronted by many crimes, if a thief had stolen something that might be of value to someone then I might confront them but not so if they were not armed or if I would be clearly putting myself in harms way. Not everything has to be so clearly good or bad, the devil is always in the details. If I were to act strictly from a good moral standing point then there are odds I would not survive, the same standing if I acted in ignorance. In the case that people are fighting then I might report it to someone who is better capable of dealing with the situation than myself. Everyone has their own business and way of dealing with it I tend to act on my own accord, regardless if it's what someone wants or not. By stepping into a situation where people are fighting makes me involved, I'm not looking to anyone to decide what I do. If things I have done are considered the right thing then surely things I've done must be wrong. All actions have a reaction, many of which are consequences. Sometimes it's just better to stay in my own corner and sit quiet, but I'd be damned if I didn't think my opinion made a difference. Many people can be disconnected with reality, perhaps feeling what they think is right is truly what is best. Anything can be taken to an extreme, such is life. In the case that someone might be re-distributing resources without permission I might tell the original creator if I had known it to be an issue. As someone who creates content, intellectual property is important to me because I have realized that not everything is meant to be shared. Over-stepping one's bounds is a sure-fire way to have the same thing repeated back, like karma. Be sure to cool your beans before you eat them, you might burn your tongue.
  5. CVincent

    How to make interesting credits?

    A few games I've played on the Gamecube like Super Smash Bros would have some gameplay with the credits where you would aim at the names of the people during the credits, along with an animated sequence in the back. The goal was to hit as many of the names and you'd get a bonus score at the end of the credits. To be honest it was the most memorable credits sequence I've endured compared to many other games I've played. It's something to consider, however you need to decide how much work you'd want to put into it. So long as credit is given where it's due you aren't required much else. Most resources you'd find publicly available for video games come with the terms required. I'd suggest using some kind of sequence that compliments the style of the game you're creating, whether it's combat or exploration oriented. Keeping the player fully engaged in the entirety of the game is just as important as it is in the ending scenes as it is in the beginning, much like a movie.
  6. CVincent

    Brick Wall Texture

    A very simple brick wall texture using two-tone dithering patterns. Free to use, just credit me.
  7. CVincent

    Fighting Styles Changed by Weapon

    This is an interesting concept because of how many dynamics it introduces the player (and the developer) to the game. Balancing such a system would be a challenge, especially if you want to encourage this type of gameplay consistently throughout the game. Depending on how many weapons you intend on creating, you could balance this in a variety of ways. Equipment that scales in power with the player would encourage them to switch gear based on circumstance and strategy. Questions the player might ask and answer may be which weapon is most effective at slaying what target, what defensive strategies would need to be made in order to counteract against an opponent who may have the upper-hand. The important thing, I would imagine, is giving the player enough freedom to choose how they want to approach an event before they come to these decisions. A player needs enough feedback to understand the importance of item 'a' versus item 'b'. With that said, story and general game progression plays an important role. Consider how the player would upgrade their gear to give them these modifiers, what resources it would require. Weapons could grant the player a set of skills based on that particular style of combat, essentially creating a sub-class. For sake of example, if an archer had equipped a short sword they might find they are much more likely to be mortally wounded in combat if they aren't capable of preparing ahead of time against an enemy who might be more proficient with such weaponry. Giving the player the freedom to choose any type of gear between any of the characters in the party creates a diversity that doesn't exist in many games because many classes have restrictions. I'm experimenting with a similar idea myself, however I'm approaching this using switches and common events to modify the way a piece of equipment can be modified to create skills. I would recommend focusing on progression above functionality while you experiment with the idea.
  8. CVincent

    Writing in 'Anglish'?

    It'd definitely be hard to follow, I think I'd lose interest quickly. A big part of the experience in a game is having good communication between the developer and the player, ensuring the story is clearly portrayed. The idea could be expanded upon, perhaps having certain characters speak in that dialogue. Consider how writing in 'Anglish' would fit into the game you're creating. There's not a lot of detail to work with here so I think it's safe to jump to extremes. On one hand you could have a unique game that might perhaps even demonstrate the use of Anglish in a way that teaches the player so they are more easily capable of following things, however for the opposite it may appear more as a gimmick. How would this be used as a hook to keep the player interested? Ultimately though, I wouldn't know for certain until I've experienced a game that was written like that.
  9. CVincent

    Discord Community Group

    The issue has been dealt with, Chibae. An admin communications channel was created so we can discuss problems when they occur. If you'd care to see what was mentioned then you are welcome to read on: What can be done is to make people aware of what happened and how to prevent it from occurring again. Not all people have experienced the same issues before and aren't aware of what they should do when problems happen. The dust has mostly been left to settle, I'd appreciate it if everyone could get past this and continue enjoying what we have but I'm also aware that not everyone will be able to.
  10. CVincent

    Discord Community Group

    I was going to respond to the most recently situation on the RM Central forums but our topic has been locked.. The Discord channel is intended to be used to bring people together socially, the result is a community of people who each have their own opinions, values and experiences. We expect arguments to break out at any time, the server administration team is aware of the problems occurring and will respond appropriately after consulting each other as a group. As a community we do not tolerate targeted discrimination or defamation. The most effective way to avoid having situations escalate is to remove yourself from it and to personally notify administration or moderation about what is happening. Issues do take time to resolve because they need to be handled properly, our immediate reaction is to find what instigated the issue and to take countermeasures from having it re-occur again after moderation has stepped in. I value having an inclusive community available where we are free to discuss our ideas and opinions -- this is a creative outlet for many people and it's important for it to remain that way for everyone and including those who may be interested in being a part of the community. The group is still open, these hiccups happen and anyone who left is welcome to rejoin while things get resolved if they'd like.
  11. CVincent

    Apothecary Fireplace

    Here's where I'm at so far, it's not complete but I am working on it. Edit: I messed up the grid when I made this, I'll update a fixed version. How wide and tall do you want this made?
  12. CVincent

    Town sizes

    The map sizes look fine to me. A town would serve a lot like a checkpoint and only really needs to give the player basic maintenance resources (saving, restoring health, reviving team members, etc). Your Elven town is a great example, there's enough room for all of those things and maybe a quest if you really wanted. I'd suggest working with what you know is important to the player and what they will interact with frequently. Keeping your maps simple makes it quicker complete your project.
  13. CVincent

    New Community Chat

    They were actually meant to merge into one super-rule but you found out about our experiment and now we have to get rid of it. Fixed the list, thanks for catching that!
  14. CVincent

    New Community Chat

    Hey folks, there's a new chat up and running (and isn't using Skype!) so we're inviting the RPG Maker communities to join us in Discord. Chat Rules: Click the link below to join: https://discord.gg/0cNjdbPWUkIiXjQU Big thanks to everyone who set it up and to those who moderate it.
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