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    Music (if you make music, please send me links, I love hearing new stuff!)
  1. Hi! My name is Tirian Massot, and I've been writing music for about 5 years now. I recently started creating orchestral music and have just released an album with 16 orchestral songs that I have been writing since September, which you can find at the following link and download for free. https://tirianmassot.bandcamp.com/album/journey I am on holiday right now and will be able to find some free time pretty soon, so if you need music for your projects you can leave a mail or add me on Skype. (If you do be sure to tell me it's for music when you send me an invite so I don't dismiss it as spam...) I don't have a fixed rate but it'll most likely be about 10usd/minute. We can discuss this based on your budget though. music.cloudstylec3v3@gmail.com (email) prototypey3v2 (skype) If you want to have a listen to my other stuff (mostly electronic music), you can check my Soundcloud page. https://soundcloud.com/tirianmassot Thanks for reading! Tirian Massot
  2. Tirian

    CloudStyle VGM Pack n°1

    Hi! This is my first (and hopefully not last) music post. I just released a free pack on Soundcloud that you can download there for free to use in your projects. It contains 5 tracks + 2 jingles, all made of strings, nothing else. I hope someone finds it usefull, or at least just enjoys it Enough talking, here it is! --- [Link to the whole playlist with download link] --- Here are the best ones in my opinion: https://soundcloud.com/cloudstyle/2-plains https://soundcloud.com/cloudstyle/3-forest
  3. Tirian

    Transparent Objective HUD

    That last one looks a lot like what I want except it would be just text and not items. Just a more "futur-ey" look to it and it would be perfect
  4. Tirian

    Transparent Objective HUD

    If it's easier, but I don't want something that displays all the text at once, the text appears and stacks under the rest as the player progresses. Everywhere, I guess. There won't be any combats in the game if that's what you meant by "everywhere". Not scrolling, think of it as a command screen. What do you mean by "empty spaces"? Also, they're not just objectives, they tell the player what to do, but really it's just text for immersion.
  5. Tirian

    Transparent Objective HUD

    Not urgent, but bumping anyways
  6. I don't know if that would work, but I don't want the objectives displayed in the default RM window and font, something transparent and with a custom font (I think there was a way to change fonts in RM)
  7. Haha, right. Thanks a lot! I'll have a look
  8. Hi! I'm CloudStyle. I'm making this post to introduce myself (as the purpose of this forum is) and also to get a hang of the posting tools like colors and stuff. Who am I? I'm a french musician from around Paris and am curently in what would be 11th grade in America. (Première S for Scientific) I make music as a hobby, though I would like to make it my "job", or at least something like that. (audio engineer, etc...) Problem is: I suck at Physics & Chemistry (which is the main subject I need to learn if I want to study audio engineering or music...) BUT, this has nothing to do with RPG maker Why am I here? I got RPG Maker a few days ago on the bundlestar website, and am thoroughly enjoying it so far! I wasn't planning on buying it but when I saw the cost of 8 euros, I couldn't resist. Haven't made much though, just a quick game intro (that I won't finish) to get a hang of the software. I have a really precise idea of what my first project will be, although it might be a bit too ambitious for a first: A story-oriented Sci-fi game about mercenaries and new worlds to explore... It shouldn't be too difficult, with time and patience, it should be doable. I can't draw, so obviously I'm going to be stealing a lot of tiles and arts. Thankfully, I shouldn't have much trouble with music! There isn't much more to say about me, so that should be it. I am really looking forward to making games and seeing what the RPG maker community has to offer! ~ Cloud ~
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