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  1. I find it hilarious that Christmas is a celebration to witness the birth of a kid whose mother most likely cheated on her husband and to follow the tradition of a turkish catholic bishop who was rich and gave gold to poor people in secret.


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    2. Kayzee


      Gilgamesh was Sumerian though wasn't he? Anyway, only thing I remember the bible ripped off from that was the whole great flood thing, and that was in the Jewish half. But still, they did steal ideas form lots of other places for sure! Just look at Zoroastrianism sometimes. And of course the fact half the bible is Jewish in the first place isn't a good sign I guess.

    3. Makara


      I can't ever remember how to spell Gilgamesh, Galgamesh, somehow that name always misses my head, and yeah I think he was Sumerian, I can't remember much about what I read about him, sorry about the misinformation, but yeah, some of the christian stories are rip offs from the children's book Epics of Gilgamesh (not adventures, again, my bad), like the Noah one I believe with the flood and all that.


      Resumingly, Christianism and it's Bible are faker than any breast/buttock implants.

    4. Kayzee


      And even if you want to strictly stick with only the words and teachings of Jesus, there is still the whole thing when a roman emperor who wanted a new state religion to assert control over his empire ultimately was the one who called the meetings and dictated which of many many alternative writings about Jesus would be accepted as canon. (Fun fact: No really, this is actually where the word 'canon' comes from.)

  2. " Have you seen Prophet Velen's new dance? He calls it the Mac'Areena."



  3. Makara

    Character wont move...

    Do you have any scripts that might affect movement in any way? Not using terrain tags?
  4. Sometimes I wonder what's the full length of human stupidity then I realize it's infinite, seriously, if you had to pick between a shady forum user and a legit company offering X product cheaper than the shady forum user, from whom would you purchase from? (the shady forum user is from a completely different forum, not nearly related to RPG Maker or any of its communities)

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    2. lonequeso


      The fact alone that it is cheaper elsewhere makes that choice easy. Unless that shady guy was Slim Shady and sending an autograph with it :D

    3. Makara


      You read my mind there. My last sentence on the guy's topic was literally " Shader than Slim Shady." 😂


      But yeah, the choice is pretty easy, though for them (guy got plenty of vouches) it seems that doing shady business on a forum where only thieves and scammers lurk (an emulation forum for a MMO) is the best choice over an actual company legal and cheaper company!

    4. TobiObito4ever


      There's a quote by Albert Einstein that perfectly sums it up: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the former."

  5. People from America: If you don't want to pay extra to use to rpgmakercentral, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IhYNF6_m0Q&t=52s

    Check links in descriptions



    1. PhoenixSoul



    2. kaz


      English please

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Makara Thanks for the song lyrics.

      Rhythm and Prose breaking when translated.

      I guess we can't even sing without a false language barrier being put up, huh?

  7. Makara

    Advice on how to fix a community?

    I will try. One person at a time! And I'll spread my characters across current RP guilds in order to get a bit extra trust perhaps. Thank you for your help !
  8. Quatrocentos e quarenta e dois. Four hundred and fourty two.
  9. Makara

    Advice on how to fix a community?

    I did have something running, I was in such a hurry I didn't write my post properly. The forum was at what - 80% done, 90%? There was very little left to do. I had sent screenshots and videos of the systems to the admin and the moderator that put me in contact with her, they did praised it and all before blocking me a few days later. The roleplay community of Defias is so scarce that there isn't one single player that can be considered big to attract followers. I did have contacts with a fair share of people, on one hand a guy named Maelmoor for example. He was in the realm for a long time but he currently doesn't play/barely plays, not to mention he completely stopped using the forum. On the other, a guy whom sadly was victim of drama (long story. but here's a spoiler if you're curious: ), but had some charisma skills, but long moved into another realm. I lead a guild for a good while, even though not many people joined, everyone recognized it. The reason why no one joined is simply because no one felt like being a normal person - my guild was for civilians only... and in World of Warcraft, well, I guess people just wanna make warcraft, get it? Anyway. Well, I might try that. I still have some Namecheap's Black Friday coupons, and registered a defias.online domain just in case someone would get my hopes up and you're doing it so I got to thank you. I've managed a forum before, truly is no easy task, but then again it all does come down to it's population indeed, I can't just put it all ready and pretty to use and leave it hanging, and indeed would need to put a lot of work into finding... moderators. I know a good handful of people on the server who have a semi-big name so if they're up to it then maybe something could work. Though if I do it just like that people could think I'm being rude and selfish about it. Should I be incognito while telling people of the existence of the forum? And thank you for your advice
  10. https:// or https://www. ? Help me decide!

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    2. Makara


      There is no cost difference! It's just about which one looks nicer!

    3. Rikifive


      lack of www is more common nowadays I think- I guess you could go without that.

    4. Makara


      I ended up going with HTTPS://WWW.


      Thank you for the opinions!

  11. I need advice, long advice from a charismatic, preferably skilled at HR maybe? Thank you for reading.
  12. Makara

    Spammers on the Prowl (PSA)

    Psssst bruh, you wanna buy some viagra? I got the best, Viagra 2000, Viagra XP, Viagra VX Ace, Viagra MV... Anyway, like I said, it's not targeted - it all comes down to more botting for mass searching for websites using said script: in this case, IPB, and without much work "tell a bot" to use this list of websites and go spread chaos for whatever scammy reason. Even a fresh website out of the website oven, days old can have this issue (experience speaking here).

  14. Makara

    The game of "If...then"

    If we can all make our games without microtransactions, then the game market will decline and we'll be back in the 90s.
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