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  1. Just had to share this with everyone - and since I consider myself the guru of anime, yes, this is my Fall 2016 pick.
  2. Yuugami

    Upcoming VNMaker

    As far as I can tell, the only thing VN Maker might have over Ren'Py would be the packaged assets. And I don't want to pay the price of VN Maker for assets like those. Ren'Py is free, Python isn't difficult to learn (there's free classes/tutorials over Google if you want to learn, although you don't need to learn too much outside of the basics), and if programming isn't your thing, the documentation on the Ren'Py site is good enough for anyone to be able to know which calls go where. The fact that it's open source is the icing on the cake. Go Ren'Py! May it live long and prosper!
  3. Yuugami

    VN Form Progression

    You forgot the OG Melty Blood, as did I until I saw your post.
  4. Yuugami

    VN Form Progression

    So I'm going to be speaking as someone whose quite familiar with VNs as a medium, having played a number of them extensively - I have also worked on some VNs of my own, as far as writing scenarios are concerned, and am familiar with the Ren'Py engine. I want to say that I was also a part of Katawa Shoujo, but the most of my involvement in that was being part of the discussion thread that eventually lead to Katawa Shoujo. Now, the thing about VNs is that even with what you mention, Tarq, I'm of the opinion that adding more elements such as voice acting and animations can only a good thing to the medium. The thing is that VNs will never resemble films unless they remove the reading portion of the genre completely - it's more or less better to see them as "motion light novels" or the bridge between anime and manga. From the very beginning, VNs were always supposed to invoke the feeling of playing a "choose your own adventure" book. As for improving VNs in general, that's tough. The genre is more or less saturated with some really trashy stuff, especially since it's one of the ways to sell an adult game. That being said, you get some pretty cool stories like Kara no Shoujo or Hanachirasu. The point is that the quality of the VN is going to be about how the narrative is handled, and the subject matter. You can have plenty of "classic" VNs, in the form of Clannad, Tsukihime, and I guess Steins;Gate will probably join their ranks soon enough. Those are the sorts of story that gets remembered, although getting an anime adaptation does seem to help quite a bit. There's also VNs with more gameplay, like Sengoku Rance or Monster Girl Quest - more strategy/RPG-based stuff is generally very doable, you could call it a more text heavy version of Fire Emblem, if you wish. As long as traveling between locations, and the journey in between isn't too important, that could work in a VN format. The fact of the matter is that the genre itself is actually very flexible - it's just a matter of application.
  5. http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/blog/465/entry-2105-a-retrospective-on-smt4-apocalypse/ Just wrote this up about what's probably my new favorite 3DS game. Anything I really had to say is all there.
  6. “No longer human. Not angel, not demon. He is my puppet.†Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse “First Impressions†Retrospective It wasn’t too much of a secret that I was really excited for this game when it was first announced. When the release date for the U.S. approached, I saved up as much as I could, and spent nearly 70 dollars for the game and one-day shipping so that I could get the game on the day of launch. Around a week later, I have clocked over sixty hours (not counting the resets), having completed every optional side quest except one, completed my demon compendium to around 92%, and am now blocked to the ending by the final boss, despite the fact that I’m already max level and have the best equipment. But getting blocked by a boss in Shin Megami Tensei is the beauty of the series for me – especially if the last boss is such a challenge as the one in this game. I’ve been playing on the hard mode from the very beginning, and have conquered pretty much every single boss in the game, except for this last one, who I talk about on discord quite a bit. Am I salty about losing so often? Honestly, no – getting my ass kicked like this shows that I can improve something in my set-up, and the reward of winning will be that much sweeter. Considering all the above, and despite the fact that I need another route to play through, I think I can give some thoughts about the game as a whole. I am giving a lot of spoilers, so you’re warned. To start off the retrospective, I checked to see what reviewers scored the game, just to show the numbers. Next, as far as gameplay is concerned, this is probably the most realized Shin Megami Tensei game. Combat has achieved a level of depth and polish that went past what I thought the Press Turn combat system could accomplish, mainly due to the changes to the smirk mechanic introduced in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Smirk was essentially a buff that could be gained for exploiting a weakness, having your defenses succeed, scoring a critical, etc. – in IV, Smirk essentially made you invincible for one turn, since enemies will always miss you if you have smirk, but you had to use the bonus damage gained from smirk on that same turn, otherwise the smirk would disappear and be wasted. In Apocalypse, smirk will stick around for 2-3 turns, and is not as strong as it was in the previous game – your evasion will not be stupidly high, but your weaknesses can no longer be exploited, and the bonus damage is still there. However, because they attached effects such as bonus healing, the ability to ignore certain defenses, and instant kill onto smirk: the infamous Hama and Mudo spells now deal normal damage, and are insanely strong as offensive spells, since having their instant kill effect from previous games being attached to smirk makes it so that the instant kill rate of success can be raised. Essentially, changes in combat make all forms of offensive damage feel reliable, and even healers getting smirk doesn’t feel wasted – even instant kill, which feels very RNG-dependent, can feel fair when it wipes you out. Because of these changes to smirk and spells, we are introduced to new abilities that remove smirk (which were sorely missing in IV), and enemy resistances have been shifted around to accommodate this – even though Apocalypse naturally treads familiar territory that IV covered, the encounters have remained fresh. The remade partner system is also fantastic – being able to choose your partners, and each partner having a distinct use, makes for a variety of ways to deal with bosses. Sometimes the key to victory is as simple as switching your partner, and the partner AI is competent enough to make a fight-winning move during an intense battle. Demon fusion is at its best in this game – the demon search function is incredibly useful in narrowing down a possible demon to fuse for battle, and you can just fuse two demons of your choice to experiment if you don’t feel like using the search function (an option that was also sorely missed in IV). To tie in with fusion, negotiation is also easier this time around – you can communicate with every demon, instead of requiring an app or skill that would allow you to communicate with otherwise unintelligible demons. The best change is that if the demon you’re negotiating has been in your party before, they might recognize you and join your party for free, eliminating the negotiation in between, which is such a welcome change when you’re trying to fuse certain demons, and require the demons you’ve used in the past. This is compared to spending cash and purchasing the demon you saved in the compendium. As far as alignment is concerned, since Apocalypse doesn’t follow the traditional law versus neutral versus chaos of previous games, it’s more or less been re-designed to better fit the two endings Apocalypse does have. While your ending is decided by one major decision in the game, your actions and decisions leading up to that moment may result in a penalty (losing all your items or having most of your demons deleted). As of now, Apocalypse is the best Shin Megami Tensei game as far as gameplay is concerned. As far as the story and characters are concerned, I think Apocalypse’s cast of characters are more or less better than IV’s cast. The MegaTen community is pretty divided on this, especially since a lot of these characters are “anime†– they often make the comparison to the characters of the newer Persona games, and in a way, I’m inclined to agree with them: A lot of Apocalypse’s, and by extension IV’s, characters are just downgrades from the crew of soldiers trapped in a demonic world in Strange Journey. I suppose it’s worth saying that Strange Journey is probably the most well-written game in the mainline series (although Digital Devil Saga and Persona 2 have better stories overall in the larger MegaTen universe), but the shame is that Apocalypse had an opportunity to be better than Strange Journey in that department. If I had to list the best characters in Apocalypse, I think Navarre and Gaston are probably the characters with the best development – while I don’t strictly dislike any of the characters in Apocalypse, those two had character arcs that were more or less a joy to watch, especially Navarre. Navarre played a small role in IV, where he’s more or less an asshole to the protagonist, Flynn. The beauty of Navarre’s role as a main character is mainly divided in two reasons. The first is that Navarre is pretty much the target of jokes all over, and they never get old. He’s just about the funniest character in the entire game, but his development comes around when you look at the sort of person he was prior to Apocalypse. I think one of the biggest things about Navarre is that at first glance, he could never seem like a hero, and indeed, he never does anything really heroic. He’s a coward and arrogant, but the game makes a point that he carries a deep shame about his past actions, and in one of the final dungeons, he comes to terms with this. During a major decision that determines your ending, Navarre will send you a message that encourages his faith in you – the only person to do so amongst all your friends. It also helps that he’s one of the most useful partners to have. And of course, all I said about Navarre is ultimately an opinion – he has plenty of well-deserved haters. However, Apocalypse treats certain characters really poorly, as well – mainly the antagonists of IV, God’s Chariot and the Demon Lord. The personalities seemed to have been modified to better fit the narrative, but considering that Apocalypse is meant to branch out from the neutral route in IV, this seems like a very poor decision as far as writing is concerned. There are other moments in the game, mainly in the last two acts, that made me really disappointed with how bad the writing could get. The way they handled characters such as Toki – who was severely underutilized – greatly disappointed me since the “walking Reasons†of Nocturne displayed a more developed personality with their hypocritical actions, amongst many other things. But really, certain moments of Apocalypse is all that really bothered me. This game is superior to IV in almost every regard, and it’s probably what I consider to be the best RPG on the 3DS as of now. I might be heavily biased, but after having played the 3DS RPG library rather extensively (and I mean I went all over with Etrian Odyssey, Stella Glow, Bravely Default, and Fire Emblem, just to name a few) – I can’t really find anything to top this game. Atlus usually has a lot of discount sales for their games, and a Europe release is coming in winter – chances are the people who likes this series already owns the game, unless money becomes an issue (and I’m pretty much broke now, gotta save up for Persona 5 for the next five months). Nonetheless, I think that if you can grab the game for a cheaper price, you should do so – although you should also play IV, it gives a lot of context to Apocalypse and makes the latter much more enjoyable to play. You can also import your save file of IV for extra bonuses in Apocalypse. IV is also relatively cheap, and gets cheaper due to sales rather often. I’m gushing though. I’m gushing fountains because this game has been fantastic, although definitely not for everyone. I am also attaching the official trailer on the Nintendo channel, in case you want to see some footage and hear the voices: "My Godslayer will kill every last god and demon out there!"
  7. https://i.imgur.com/gEP7kml.jpg IT'S FINALLY HERE. Talk about a long wait. : ' D
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      Ah nice. The DS game AND the cassette tape.

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      Although I didn't fail to see the joke, they're actually pins with a peace sign, an anarchy sign, and the daguza insignia.

  8. Yuugami

    Indie in a Week 5!

    My intro is going swimmingly. And because I hate it when I see people who are wrong, when you say 6:00 PM in military, it is 1800. They don't do AM or PM, for that matter. If you wanted to say 6:00 AM, it's 0600. source: nursing student, we do a similar thing.
  9. Yuugami

    Indie in a Week 5!

    It's18:00 hours , not 1800 hours Either one is true, dude. It depends on what sort of clock you're looking at (military or not).
  10. Yuugami

    Indie in a Week 5!

    I'll make it official. Put me in boys, we're doing it live.
  11. Yuugami

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    I appreciate that, Nyuu! I mainly need the cash for commissions and stuff, but prize donations are a huge welcome.
  12. Yuugami

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    It's been over since the end of July, dude. Please wait for the possible second iteration, which will only really happen once I get more money.
  13. Yuugami

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    You'll be dead soon enough. If you need it to happen sooner, hmu, I'll send you my routing number so that the payment can be made, and it will be done. Also, nice glasses, and more importantly, nice watch.
  14. Yuugami

    Show your Desktop!

    I'll give this thread some love.
  15. Yuugami

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    So I here we are, incredibly late because of circumstances (like having to skip town due to a situation involving the other side of the country I live in). Nonetheless, the entries are in, the judging has been finished, and many people have dropped out of this contest! It was a brutal battle, a war to be remembered, material that would make Mel Gibson squeal as he attempts to buy the rights to this movie, for this was indeed, the most epic contest on the internet! …Or how I wished it to be. Anyways, without further ado, we’re going to list the results! RANKINGS First Place – 76/100 Team Never Second Again – Missing Pendant Most definitely the best all-around entry here, this game is so incredibly well-rounded, and considering how much time you guy spent making this, it shows that you guys are capable of making realistic goals and meeting them. Considering you two were considering dropping out, we are glad that you two decided to finish the contest instead. Congratulations, you are not second! Second Place – 65/100 Team Procrastination – Eric in the Sea 2 The great sequel to the game filled to the brim with memes, this entry was hilarious. However, considering the purpose of this contest and all, amongst many other things we found wrong about this game, it was difficult to give this game the first place medal. Nonetheless, this entry shows that when in doubt, Eric is indeed the hero every game development contest needs, even if he is not the hero we deserve. Third Place – 54/100 Team Kloe and Zelock – Jackus Heart Zelly A game that has a lot going for it – the gameplay is definitely the most fleshed out, but it’s marred with balance issues. Nonetheless, the best way to describe this game is “heartwarmingâ€. It has a lot of personality that’s very visible to the hosts here. It is also the biggest project here, and Host One is reminded of a certain entry in a contest a few months ago – this is the new kingdom in the mountain, in so many ways that Host One is uncomfortable about it. Fourth Place – 53/100 Team Evil Alliance – The Evil Ones The sad thing about this entry is that while the above three entries can be considered “complete†games, for all intents and purposes, this one could not. The shame is that this game was easily the prettiest of the entries, and definitely earned the highest art score given throughout this contest. Fifth Place – N/A Team Cookie Conductor Confluence Team Saltwater Poutine Team DinoMitches Team Tarqeo For those who have fallen in battle, I give you this song: Duo Dev to Fallen Teams~ Duo Dev to Fallen Teams~ Take your plans and thoughts and put your think caps on~ Duo Dev to Fallen Teams (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)~ Commencing countdown, devving on (five, four, three)~ Check your dev plans and may your dreams be with you (two, one, liftoff)~ This is Duo Dev to Fallen Teams~ You’ve really made the grade~ And the papers wants to know what stopped you there~ Now it’s time to leave the coffins, if you’re there~ This is Fallen Teams to Duo Dev~ I’m stepping through the door~ And I’m devving in the a most peculiar way~ And the sprites look very different today~ For here, am I sitting in a bedroom~ An office or den~ Game devving is hard~ And there’s not much else to do~ Though I’m past one hundred thousand events~ I’m feeling very still~ And I think my game dev’s coming to an end~ Tell my team that they know what to do, they know~ Duo Dev to Fallen Teams~ Your game dev’s dead, there’s something wrong~ Can you hear me, Fallen Teams? Can you hear me, Fallen Teams? Can you hear me, Fallen Teams? Can you~ Here am I sleeping in a bedroom~ Dreaming of success~ Game devving is fun~ But there’s not much else to do~ … /sniffs And that’s all folks! Thanks for coming out this way! First place winners, be sure to PM me your choice of prizes, and then I’ll reach out to the second and third places for their picks! Thank you all again! Good night! /applause sounds can be heard
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