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  1. Guyver

    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    A lot of mini game scripts were made for vx ace, but they're all mostly private commissions for games that were never even finished.
  2. Where have you been? :O

  3. Guyver

    Too many skill choices?

    Depends how much clutter there over the course of the games progression. I like hiding some skills once upgrades are available, but leaving some like basic level spells to give the players the option to use lower cost ones when in lower level areas. The most skills I have on one of my job classes is somewhere around 60 because it's basically a blue mage. Then again, I'm one to talk because I have somewhere around 1500 skills in my game and had to break the database. :|
  4. What sort of settings are the dreams in? Sci fi worlds, primitive, etc? Just wondering before I suggest, in case you were planning on having jobs correlating to the dream world. A detective class in a 1940s-esque LA Noire type dream world for example.
  5. Guyver

    Spammers on the Prowl (PSA)

    Damn, where will I get my viagra from now without the bots? I only saw a couple on here, seems like such an odd place to target, being such a small community.
  6. I really need to stop nitpicking and put my project up on here.

    1. lonequeso


      Yes. Yes you do :)

    2. Guyver


      I just need to scub a few unwanted icons from it, since I can't credit them properly due to the original site going down.

  7. Between the stuff with photobucket, imageshack and a lot of the older sites not available anymore, finding credits for some of these resources again has proven to be such a pain. ;-;

    1. Crescent


      we've also lost much of useful resources (both graphics and scripts) due to Dropbox's issues :(

    2. Guyver


      Oh my god I forgot about dropbox too, rip.

  8. Guyver

    Catty Lands Dungeon Maps

    The RTP looks really bland with these, they just don't blend well together, especially the walls in some areas and your shift mapping is sloppy with the lava/ice unless you meant to have the pools go all the way around, rather than just meeting the wall.
  9. Guyver

    'Splain Your Username

    You're welcome.
  10. Guyver

    'Splain Your Username

    My dad used to spend his last few bucks every couple of weeks when I got to see him at the video store. We picked up the whole box set of the Guyver, there were six of them in total and I remember watching it thinking how bloody it was. I was nine years old at the time, and my preconceived notion of a hero character was them always winning and kicking the shit out of everybody. Then came episode five, where they gut the main character and kill him bloody. Now at nine years old, that was a shock to my system, even though it was a cartoon. That's one of the few memories I have of my father, and so many online alias has been Guyver or some variant of it over the years. He was super cool to expose me to violence at a young age lmao.
  11. Guyver

    Rotten script ?

    http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/14631-rgss3-spoil-and-rotten-script/ Google works wonders, there's another three scripts that do the same basic thing.
  12. Guyver

    Player Interpretation

    I like, but not as a crutch for storytelling or as a way to cheat people out of an ending. I'm not much into spoonfeeding people via exposition constantly, in games or movies, there's far too much of it in both. It's hard to find a balance though, but I can appreciate moments where you or your audience are left to interpret things.
  13. Guyver

    Ammo system for Arrows

    http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/12/yep-43-skill-cost-items/ should do the job for you.
  14. I reuse the inns, most shops and a lot of general house interiors(I have home templates). They're not super special by any means, besides changing up a painting on the wall or something here, I don't feel they need to be remapped every single time.
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