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  1. Saeryen's Art!

    Thanks for the feedback @PhoenixSoul!
  2. I put an animation on YouTube! I'm taking a course in college and did this one just for fun.


  3. Saeryen's Art!

    Helloooo? The reason I posted this was to talk about it. Please talk to me? I already feel like I'm being talked to less around here (which I'm not blaming anyone for, I just feel lonely).
  4. I LOVE Track 9 on my OST, I could listen to it all day =)

  5. Catty Lands

    I have a WIP OST playlist now! Catty Lands Original Soundtrack Please tell me what you think of it! Caution: Silent Port - Arrasiann (track 7) is louder than the others, I want to work on fixing that
  6. What Happened?

    Maybe something went wrong during regular updates. I've taken two programming classes and learned that a tiny error can cause the whole thing to have a fit.
  7. I haven't been feeling that well, so to get into the Catty Lands mood (which I haven't been in for awhile) I'm listening to my OST

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I hope you get better soon, dear...

    2. Saeryen


      Thank you. =)

    3. PhoenixSoul


      You're very welcome, dear...

  8. This has been fixed! Thanks admins!
  9. Saeryen's Art!

    Hey, could I get some feedback on this? Pretty please?
  10. I got an error with Error Code EX145 when I tried to visit my own profile. Also, I can't access the forums on my iPhone.
  11. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is the only world in which you eat fruit juice with a spoon. No, really.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      What, is it frozen or something? lolz

    2. Saeryen


      @PhoenixSoul I don't know.


      Also, cooking anything sounds like "chop, chop, chop, ding," including brewing a pot of tea.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, that screams "I'M AN ASSET FLIP!!!" in my mind...lolz

  12. Kaladoria Island is located just southwest of Europe. In the capital, Em Katre, there exists a house of dimensional portals so that my friends from other universes (i.e. my favorite characters) may come and go as they please.

    1. lonequeso


      I just let my friends live inside my head :P

    2. Saeryen


      @lonequeso Well, I do believe in the "inner world" which is like an alternate dimension that's connected to and created by every soul, so yeah, same difference.

    3. lonequeso


      I was referencing a Nirvana song =p

  13. Game Idea!

    Ooh, I like the plot! Just because that sort of government is something I would most definitely fight against!
  14. Saeryen's Art!

    So I started drawing some stuff and I thought I'd upload sketches I've made. I would love, love, LOVE feedback on anything and everything! Today I'll share the sketch of Shiroya from Destiny Ninja 2 I've uploaded to the gallery! I still can't draw people very "3D" looking, but I still think he's quite adorable. And he loves you! What do you think of him?
  15. Banner

    Ooh, I love the design!