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  1. Well, I guess I'm one of the only ones who plays the forum games for fun and not the post count since no one else seems to be regularly posting.

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    2. Saeryen


      @lonequeso Whoa, I hope you don't mean anyone here. I only posted this because I miss having fun with you guys, not because it's my whole life. And it's also hard for some people to talk person to person. I am introverted and I have a really hard time meeting new people because I don't know if we have anything in common. I find it a bit easier to talk online because I know the people on these forums have similar interests to mine.

    3. lonequeso


      I meant anyone whose life revolves around social media. If that's not you, then I'm not talking about you. 

    4. Tarq


      @lonequesoI think it was a bigger thing in the past but even now there's a remnant of the idea that someone with a higher post count is more credible/knowledgeable or whathaveyou. I wouldn't disagree with you that that side of social media isn't interesting to us grandpa's (It is a useful tool for staff to gauge activity across the forums though) but its also not particularly beneficial to be so negative. After all, its not so long ago that people gave the same 'advice' about anyone who played videogames.

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