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  1. I got another error when I edited my previous status update, and when I tried to edit my post, which was unsuccessful.

    1. Rikifive


      Seems like something has glitched- I also have problems all over the place...

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah. I replied to a status update and something goofed; it somehow thought I had tried to reply two (or more) consecutive times, and it kept my reply in record as well. It did send the one reply I had made, yes but this is concerning...


      Are we being hacked here? I WON'T HAVE IT! I've already dealt with bad actors on so many different platforms; I don't need this nonsense now, nor ever. Must I terminate ALL my relationships with online platforms, like I've already done with the likes of Twitch!?


      (Edit: It pulled that same BS here with FALSE MULTIPOSTING WITH ONE CLICK).

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