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  1. No song can be complete without every note, harmony and inflection. This world being a song, everyone in it is a vital part of the song and no one's existence is pointless, because without that one person, the entire song is so much less special.


    TL;DR You are important and don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      (Next time, I'll not say anything when I'm afflicted by insomnia drain...)



      But then, some parts of the song are DTMF tones and sirens going off too...




      I just binge-watched a single YouTuber's entire upload gallery of EAS Mock up videos; some were really intense (and yep @Kayzee one of them was about the Yellowstone eruption); but any of the ones about nuclear disaster or that led up to such were in the most dramatic category.


      Of course, the most ridiculous fall on the two tsunamis, one affecting the entire East Coast, and the ones affecting LA and San Francisco; the former was over four thousand miles wide and ten thousand feet tall, the latter two waves were less ridiculous in terms of height but still higher than any tsunami ever recorded at 5,280 feet high.


      There was one involving mutated bees, one with killer clowns, one involving Snapchat, and another involving a militia invading Detroit. There was also tainted turkeys for Thanksgiving, and Krampus stealing toys, robbing banks and depositing bombs under the Christmas trees, as well as lycanthropes assaulting trick - o - treaters.


      A fire in DC involving hazardous chemicals, and an odd electronic signal that made people collapse, act violently, and then take control of missile silos that the Pentagon was in control of, to launch warheads onto various US cities.


      I'm really getting into this rhythm and prose, huh?


      Terrorists invaded and attacked the Super Bowl venue, before blowing it and the entirety of Minneapolis up with a nuclear bomb, and ISIS destroyed four iconic attractions before setting sights on One World Trade Center.


      In one of the two direct nuclear strikes, President Trump gets killed, and a total of sixty warheads strike the US between the two videos, all launched by North Korea.


      Obviously, all these videos were just mock ups of how the Emergency Alert System would interrupt with alerts; there's no action shown (but there are sirens in the background of some of the videos to give the impression that the warnings are sounding off in the affected area/s...


      38 in total, and good grief, I need sleep. lolz


      Sorry about that, @Saeryen...

    3. Saeryen


      @PhoenixSoul I don't know why you posted that on a post where I was trying to be kind to members of the community.

    4. Tarq


      Yeah, it was pretty uncool to hijack the update. That really should have been sent in a pm PS.

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