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  1. No song can be complete without every note, harmony and inflection. This world being a song, everyone in it is a vital part of the song and no one's existence is pointless, because without that one person, the entire song is so much less special.


    TL;DR You are important and don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

    1. Kayzee


      Ahh, but if every note were played at once it would just be noise wouldn't it? The moments of silence are just as important. After all, the song maybe be fast and frantic in some places and slow and somber in others. Sometimes many instruments may play at once and sometimes a single lonely one may capture the mood better. It isn't your part in the whole that makes the song beautiful, but the song it's self. Just being able to hear it is worth the trouble I say. Though honestly, I rather play my own song then just be another member of a symphony. Might not be as good, but it would be mine. :3



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