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  1. Thinking about good childhood memories just now. My old church had an awesome playground and the prettiest pine trees, and a hall I named "Kitten Thirteen," where I liked to play songs on the organ. When Mom had choir practice I would come along and search the church for Barbie Explorer, and also play songs.


    Thinking about this now because it's Easter and I remember all those fun egg hunts and lady who dressed up as the Easter Bunny and she became one of my favorite people, I loved seeing her every year.

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    2. Kayzee


      Can't say I have particularly good memories of any churches. They always made me feel kind of uncomfortable and out of place. But I am a heathen after all, so that's probobly to be expected. Even so, I have to admit they are pretty buildings most of the time, if a bit creepy.

    3. Saeryen


      @Kayzee My church was Unitarian Universalist so it was more about caring for each other than one particular religion. We learned about different religions too which was cool.

    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, that does sound pretty neato type of place to go, though really it's as much about the public/organized/formalized nature of it then the religion involved. Unitarian Universalist sounds pretty open and relaxed, but I kinda think of religion to be more private and intimate then that. It's a bit like how some people might see a bunch of people going to a nudist club every sunday maybe? I donno. I obviously don't have a problem talking about religion and being public about what I believe. I just feel kind of uncomfortable with the idea of going to a special building for it and having people preach at me. But I guess not all churches are like that anyway. Honestly I would probobly feel the same kind of discomfort at an anime convention or something. Not that there is that much difference. :P

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