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    Saeryen reacted to Asharonapaul in Song Skills   
    Butterbeer song  +1 Epic Wand *cursed state applied while owning wand +Skil learned Necromancy state soulless applied if ever used and target is incomplete. +Invisible state applied for as long as cloak is worn, once removed you join some which.
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    Saeryen reacted to PhoenixSoul in Make-A-"Wish" Foundation   
    Wish granted! I make it my personal mission to make the boy happy by feminizing him, erm, her. lolz (oopsie-I just revealed one of my quirks-I'm so naughty...)
    I don't have a wish. Ha ha ha.
    Oh, you thought I was serious?
    I wish that I had never been allowed to live as the incorrect gender. 
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    Saeryen reacted to lonequeso in Song Skills   
    Summon Skill. Exactly what it sounds like. Deals 999,999,999,999 damage to all enemies.
    No enemy can repel cuteness of this magnitude!  <---- Flavor text 
    An Epic of Time Wasted- Avenged Sevenfold
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    Saeryen reacted to Takeo212 in Song Skills   
    Foreign songs are harder to do which is probably why no one responded Saeryen~
    From a quick google search, Leyre seems to be related to a monastery and religion, so;
    Scope: all allies
    Effect: Shrouds the users allies in a protective veil,  reducing dark damage taken.
    "Echo" - CrusherP
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    Saeryen reacted to RagingHobo in Outage   
    Sorry for the outage. The host took the server offline to perform security patching and after everything came back up the db crashed the users table. This took some time to restore. Everything should be working normally now.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from Shibascientist in I want to make the player's actor disappear after a battle?   
    You can try Set move route: Player: Change actor graphic to "none." Don't know if that'll work, but it's all I can think of.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from EpicFILE in Warm Greetings From a Frog Dude   
    Hello! *gives you a plush kitty*
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    Saeryen got a reaction from lonequeso in Catty Lands   
    New banner and icons!



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    Saeryen reacted to ixfuru in Catty Lands   
    Love the setting...on a flat land surrounded by fog and that the stars are winged-cats.  I've always loved open-world games too.  I can code in Ruby, so if you need some type of game-specific script, I may be able to help.  Best of luck on your project Saeryen!
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    Saeryen got a reaction from ixfuru in Catty Lands   
    Aw, thank you. Yeah, there will be a few side quests and there are books on bookshelves you can read that mostly have information about the setting.
    Kataryn Forest
    The following things are dangerous: pink snake, one of the brown rocks (the other you can push around), dark patches (these are pits), poison swamp damage floor
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    Saeryen got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Saeryen's Fan Fiction   
    Thanks! I noticed that with someone else's story too. I may have to fix it.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Saeryen's Fan Fiction   
    Hi! This is a thread where I will share my fanfiction. I will be posting chapters of my stories here, as well as links to them on other sites.
    Feedback on any of this would be appreciated dearly!
    (Do note that this post may not coincide with everything I've uploaded to other sites due to the fact that I have other things in life. However, feedback on what's already posted here is still greatly appreciated!)
    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Barbie Movies

    You can also find my stories at: https://www.fanfiction.net/~saeryen and http://archiveofourown.org/users/AriaSaeryen
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    Saeryen got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Will You Press The Button?   
    Noooo way.
    If you press the button, you get to keep any animal you want as a pet (and they'll be perfectly trained!), but litterbox duty will always be your burden.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Will You Press The Button?   
    No. That's not healthy.
    If you press the button, you can fluently speak any language of your choice, but your understanding of English will vanish.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Spammers on the Prowl (PSA)   
    Thanks for the warning.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from Rikifive in Signature Errors   
    Thank you so much, Riki!
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    Saeryen reacted to Rikifive in Signature Errors   
    But without any images everything works?
    I'll check something...
    I gave it a more detailed approach and I've managed to bump into the same issue.
    - I've tried reuploading these images, but it still didn't work.
    - Since the error referred to image size, I tried removing the image size restrictions. It did work. It seems, that the forum software has troubles with getting the size of the images put in signature. I tried few things, but with no results. I'm out of ideas...
    I suspect it's simply bugged, though I'm wondering when the issue started to exist. It's been a while since the last update and nobody reported that problem before. Either it broke recently by itself for some strange reason, or nobody was editing signatures for months apparently.
    There are some updates awaiting and we plan to get the forum software up-to-date soon. I hope that will fix the issue.
    For now however, I've removed the image size restriction, so you should be able to configure your signature properly.
    Notify me if you'll still have troubles. We'll get this to work, even if I'd have to edit it for you by myself.  
    Also a quick reminder to everybody - Please use common sense when designing your signatures. Even though there currently aren't any written limits regarding signatures, putting huge images or walls of text may be harmful. Thank you.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from Rikifive in Images as Links   
    Thanks so much, Riki!
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    Saeryen reacted to Rikifive in Images as Links   
    You can also click the image with the right mouse button while holding control button on your keyboard. This will bring options for the image, where you'll be able to select "Edit Image". In the window that will pop-out you'll see the first field titled "Link URL". Paste the link you want to lead members to after clicking the image there. Leave the rest and click "Update". This will embed the link to your image without having to put bb-code, but of course both ways are okay.
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    Saeryen reacted to Lord Vectra in Question about exporting music   
    As a 17yr old who don't have $$$ flowing like that (but wishes to), assume every program I recommend is free unless I say otherwise.
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    Saeryen got a reaction from Darkanine in Net Neutrality Doomsday-the end of RMCentral?   
    You do realize that this could be very bad for my and many others' creative careers, right?
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    Saeryen reacted to PhoenixSoul in Let's Get To Know Each Other~   
    @Saeryen Which leaves us to wonder who you'd bring.
    I can't really think of one specific animal that makes go all kawaii over, but there are a few I do find adorable.
    But, of those, parakeets with their screechy chirps seem to get the best of me, as well as very chatty parrots (lol remember the 'Jetta Parrot'?)
    What is your favorite type of candy/confection?
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    Saeryen got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Let's Get To Know Each Other~   
    Choir and art were my favorites. I also liked recess because who doesn't? Currently (in college) my favorites are game design related.
    EDIT: I'd take the restaurant food and the spa. I'd love to have a spa with a waterfall and spray fountains.
    Which animal do you think is the cutest?
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    Saeryen reacted to Takeo212 in Catty Lands Dungeon Maps   
    Despite the weird color combinations, I think they look good. 
    You've used a variety of tiles to break up textures, added shape to the rooms and didnt make them square and kept everything consistent.
    Only problems I see that arent shift mapping are;
     - Add more decor. Maybe some clutter or treasure? The rooms are nicely spacious but kinda empty. Maybe some purple crystals to help the floor blend better?
     - some walls arent sized correctly. A couple areas has the wall 1 tile big imstead of 2. Im on phone so cant point them out right now.
    Add some decor to help everything blend better
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    Saeryen got a reaction from lonequeso in Catty Lands Dungeon Maps   
    I've got some mapshots of Catty Lands dungeons (made with Tsukihime's mapshot script). This first one I want to show you is the Catwalk of Aeons, floors 1-7:
    The idea with this dungeon is that, while the first two floors are pretty standard, the player then must overcome "four elements" based challenges. There are obstacles that you can only get past by using magic spell items that you would previously buy.
    The dangers include dangerous objects, damage floors, hidden pits and one pond in the water level that you will slide into on the ice tiles unless you use magic to freeze it.
    The first level contains a pit that you must use a certain kind of spell to cross, and there's a clue as to which you should use.
    The air level contains a puzzle in which you have to step on the hexagrams in the correct order to proceed.
    The cats on the second level pose riddles which are questions about previous in-game events.
    The last floor is simply one where a cutscene happens.
    The giant hexagrams are healing spots.
    With each floor, the idea was to keep the general style throughout while putting in some of each element.
    Finally, I know the doors look like they don't align correctly, but in the actual game they do.
    I will post other dungeon maps later.
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