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  1. Patrick S.

    Attack Animation

    Fairly late to this party, but since I am sure others might want it, I managed to extrapolate this link out of hime's own website.
  2. Patrick S.

    HK VS Animated Title

    Alright, I've set some graphics up for use with this at last and, god damn it, this thing is beautiful. : D Excellent work, both to the original author and the porter. : D Loving it, though I still need to fix some graphics up further~ : 3
  3. Patrick S.

    HK VS Animated Title

    Hm, might be interested in trying that, though it would help to know what dimensions those files should preferably be. o.o
  4. WHAT error? Be more specific if you want people to help you; we can't just miraculously guess what exactly is happening with your particular, unique installation.
  5. This looks interesting, though I think .NET Framework 4 hates me outdated PC or something. That said, the most interesting bit to this for me personally is that side view system though a glance at the coding goes waaaaaaaay over my head. x.x
  6. Patrick S.

    WFz - Change text color

    That's a function already built in by default in every RPG Maker since at least 2000. If I'm not mistaken, it's done by putting \c[x] (x being a number from 1-32) before the part where you wish to change the color in a message.
  7. Patrick S.

    XS - Currency Limit

    The Ruby Bags of Zelda fame come to mind with this. o.o Nice one~
  8. I platonically love you for the ability to spell "touché" correctly. ♦

    1. syvkal


      Haha xD I try ^-^