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    EpicFILE reacted to Roo in Father's Trace   
    Interesting story. I can tell you put a lot of work in writing each of the brothers personality, and I can't wait to see how they'll interact within each situation. The sensing system seems like a lot of fun as well.
    Can't wait to try it out!
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Rodoren in Father's Trace   
    Story: 100%
    Music: 90%
    Graphics: 80%
    Gameplay: 20%
    Overall: 73%
    (No demo)
    RPG, Puzzler, Dungeon Crawler
    Hi! EpicFILE here! First of all, thank you for dropping by! What you see above is my "icy" game, Father's Trace.
    So what is this Father's Trace anyway? Okay, let me provide the details 





    Enterbrain _ RPG Maker VX Ace and it's resource
    M. Feraldy N (me) _ Story, Gameplay, Music, and some Graphics (windows, art, some actors,animations and tilesets)
    Yanfly _ Button Common Event Script
    And... That's it! Currently I'm still working on the gameplay balancing and adding some details to make this game
    more polished. I cannot give the specific release date, though. So be sure to follow this post and wait for the launch!
    You can leave your comments below. 
    Have a nice day! 
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    EpicFILE reacted to Roo in Hanabi Blaster   
    Hi guys!
    I had the time out of my hectic schedule to post two videos of the game so far.


    I'm hoping to have a demo posted as soon as I can fix the boss, and also a few maps that need tweaking... However as a working grad student I can't make any promises.
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Roo in Hanabi Blaster   
    That looks cute, and unique! 
    I don't even know that rpg maker is capable to make a game like that.
    Good job!
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    EpicFILE reacted to sriden in The Seventh Door   
    *click on the title to download*
    Or Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y8b1j81qgyy7rhj/the_seventh_door__pv2.2.zip

    Title: The seventh Door (La Septieme Porte)
    Software: RPG-Maker XP
    Genre: Supernatural Thriller with Varied Gameplay
    Status: Completed
    Year: 2012-2013 (English translation: 2014-2015)
    Estimated game length: 1 to 2 hours
    May not be suitable for very young audiences.
    "The Seventh Door" is a completed group project made by the Famas community.
    The goal was for each member of the team to take turns developing each sequence in the game, improvising the story and diversifying the gameplay as they pleased.
    As such, the first segment of the game was developed by one participant and then handed off to the next one who would then test it and also develop the next part. They would then also take the plot in whatever direction they wanted before handing the project off to the particpant after them. This continued until the game was finished.
    Participants were encouraged to express their own style.

    The project exclusively contains custom graphics, and most of the soundtrack was composed by me (sriden) plus one track by Roi of the Suisse.
    The RTP is only used for a couple of sound effects.
    Originally developed by members of a French RPG Maker forum, the whole game has been translated into English.

    The game tells the story of a man who wakes up on a roof after a black-out, and understands that there's been a short period during which he wasn't controlling what he was doing.
    When put in jail by the police, he discovers that he has some uncontrollable fits that give him strange abilities. He uses them to escape, but quickly realizes that some much more dangerous people are after him.
    In the meantime, Detective Zikaz investigates the murder of a young woman. A chalk drawing of a door has been left on the wall next to the victim, and the detective is starting to have headaches and memory problems while investigating the place. Little by little, he will discover the truth behind all this.


    The gameplay is varied, and contains several mini-games developed by the participants. This includes puzzle, driving, adventure, and stealth elements to name a few.
    Without spoiling too much, some segments are more open ended than others. At times there may be multiple ways of achieving your goals, whereas at other times the gameplay is more linear.
    There are multiple endings, as well as bonus features after the credits depending on your actions throughout the game.
    If you get stuck, you'll find a help file in the game's folder.

    Note that in some segments with customized dialogue boxes, it is recommended to play in full-screen mode (Alt+Enter).


    He's been purposely designed at the beginning of the game to have a sober style that fits everywhere, with hesitant personality and wearing clothes with dark colors. The idea behind this was for him to be someone who could flow easily from one segment of the game to another, as they could be quite varied.
    But he's about to progressively discover that he's part of a grim project that is beyond his understanding. Suffering from unexplained blackouts during which he has no idea what he did, he's on the run from dangerous and powerful men.

    A police detective who is investigating the death of a young woman. As he searches for answers, he'll encounter strange clues and have to navigate a treacherous path of lies and deceit.
    What truths await him at the heart of this sinister crime?
    Both will meet other characters throughout their quests, whom we will let you discover on your own.

    Participants are, in order of appearance throughout the project:
    - sriden
    - Creation
    - trotter
    - Amalrich Von Monesser
    - Roi of the Suisse
    - Criket
    - mapache
    - AlterEgo
    - Zeus81 for the title screen script and other contributions.
    - Kisth for her advice and contributions to the scenario.
    Translation into english by sriden.
    Proofreading and suggestions:
    - Jacki, who proofread the whole game until the end, and that was a huge task!
    - Creation
    - Trihan
    - Nurvuss
    - Rorschach Games
    Much thanks to them!
    The author of a segment is discreetly displayed at the beginning of each chapter, along with the author of the music when applicable. Further detail is provided during the ending credits, as well as in the 'read me file' (included in the game's folder).

    Some rules have been set out for the team at the start of the project: 
    - 2 weeks at the most (and a handful of days on average) for each participation.
    - No RTP except for sound effects.
    - No default battles or menu (except for loading/saving screen).
    - Do not (deeply) modify a segment you made before, because some people have put some efforts in subsequent segments according to it. (etc)
    Be warned that the ending contains several long cutscenes that were necessary to tie up several loose ends and bring the long-awaited answers.

    The project contains a lot of custom sprite animations and pixel-art.
    In some segments, participants were given a hand by other members to make graphics or sprites that they were unable to make themselves within the time frame, or for other reasons.
    A short teaser, made for the original French game:
    Listen to the full Original Soundtrack here:
    Don't hesitate to share your impressions here after playing!

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    EpicFILE reacted to Arrpeegeemaker in Old Rpg Music/Scrapped Project Music/   
    Well thanks, I guess a couple of them aren't so bad, but I've learned so much since then that I can't help but laugh at some of them. And the names, too. I always give such goofy names to the tracks
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from sapiboong in [IGMC] Stock Trader Hiyo   
    This is really good!
    One of my main concern when looking at a game art, is it's design.
    Sometimes there are "too crowded" designs which drops it's readability.
    You've designed so well. The color pallete is comfortable to look at. The characters are identifiable.
    Honestly, when I type this post, I haven't seen all the details you provide about the game.
    I can tell only from the pictures... This game is a good game
    Good work! You get my vote! 
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Rodoren in Father's Trace   
    Story: 100%
    Music: 90%
    Graphics: 80%
    Gameplay: 20%
    Overall: 73%
    (No demo)
    RPG, Puzzler, Dungeon Crawler
    Hi! EpicFILE here! First of all, thank you for dropping by! What you see above is my "icy" game, Father's Trace.
    So what is this Father's Trace anyway? Okay, let me provide the details 





    Enterbrain _ RPG Maker VX Ace and it's resource
    M. Feraldy N (me) _ Story, Gameplay, Music, and some Graphics (windows, art, some actors,animations and tilesets)
    Yanfly _ Button Common Event Script
    And... That's it! Currently I'm still working on the gameplay balancing and adding some details to make this game
    more polished. I cannot give the specific release date, though. So be sure to follow this post and wait for the launch!
    You can leave your comments below. 
    Have a nice day! 
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    EpicFILE reacted to sapiboong in [IGMC] Stock Trader Hiyo   
    Presents...         Economic crisis is striking the monster world due to a group of humans called heroes who like to steal loot. As a result, job opportunity is pretty limited and many monsters become unemployed. Our main character, Hiyo, is one of the victims. His professor encourages him to become a stock trader! This is his journey as he embarks to become the best stock trader in monster world!     
        VOTE US ON     GAME DOWNLOAD IS UP! Find the download link here: http://contest.gamedevfort.com/submission/130#.VcSp0_mqqko (if you enjoy this game, you can help us by voting for STOCK TRADER HIYO! after 7th August 2015. Your support is really appreciated)   Support us by adding this to your signature!        
    Are you interested to become a beta tester? Send me a PM!
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    EpicFILE reacted to xoferew in Little Common Event Completion Question   
    Yeah, I started doing that, and then I wondered if it was necessary.  If it is, I am happy to put it in.  So much of my games are based on trial and error and what seems to work rather than what is efficient and actually works every time, I tend to end up with lots of extraneous stuff "just in case." 
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from xoferew in Little Common Event Completion Question   
    If you're worried that the common event will be interrupted during the process because of teleporting (teleporting while switching between day/night like you stated above), my advice is to have a "wait" command activated to make sure it got finished first 
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Capt_Elfimis in RPG Maker games dont work!   
    Maybe your rtp is dislocated?
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    EpicFILE reacted to Roo in Hanabi Blaster   
    Hanabi Blaster is a platform shooter with custom graphics.
    Choose between two story modes!

    Jericho, the "Cobra"

    Jericho is a looter, who prefers the euphemism of being called a "ruin explorer" instead. He finds a mysterious tome known as the Firedrake Manual on one of his runs. Following the instructions sealed in this foregone tome, our hero crafts the lost dragonic weapon known as a "Blaster". This tool has the ability to shoot out powerful forces of an element, equivalent to a dragons breath. However, reports of inactive, mythical dragons suddenly start to appear throughout town. In the middle of the night, a serpent dragon appears and abducts his daughter, Samantha, on a floating continent. Can the uncovering of these new fire weapons have a connection to the awakening of dragons appearing in the world?
    Mint, the "Misplaced"

    The townspeople report of a mysterious golden tower appearing instantly overnight. What hides within this tower? Mint, an adolescent with bright green horns and small wings, awakens from a mist of slumber. Besides her, only a bow riddles her empty state. When leaving the abandoned tower in the middle of the night, a dragon soars above before landing on a distant, floating continent. Where did that dragon come from? And why does she have the desire to chase after it? Maybe, just maybe: following her instinct is where she will find answers.
    Pick a storymode from the beginning and play as either Jericho or Mint! Both characters have different features. For example: Mint can glide in the air for a short amount of time while Jericho has access to the variety of "Blaster" weapons, but falls faster due to being much heavier in weight.

    Learn an enemies pattern! Certain enemies fly and defy gravity. Others patrol areas and hurt you if you touch them. Eitherway, learning how each enemy functions in a map will help you to your advantage!

    The day and night system makes certain things appear and dissapear throughout the 24 hour period. A few examples already implemented in the game is a purple "night" chest, nocturnal NPCs or monters, areas accessible only at night, et cetra. Progression in the story relies on the day and night system, allowing gameplay to be more naturalistic and interactive.

    Watch out for that tree! Falling from great heights can damage you, so be careful! The higher up you are, the deadlier the impact.

    All custom graphics made by yours truly! Changing your gear will always alter your characters appearance! New weapons means new bullets, and different ways to play. Also, break ALL of the things.

    The environment is a harsh mistress. Use tools and key items to surpass things that are unfair. Like gravity. Or water buoyancy. Or simply an area that was unpassable before you obtained that required item!



    V.M of D.T
    Bird Eater
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in About Image Extension   
    Yes, it's the best way.
    Using attachments can be sometimes problematic. Using image hosting sites such as Imgur lets you easily post images here with the full resolution. (unless its gigantic)
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    EpicFILE reacted to Wren in About Image Extension   
    It's better to upload your image to a image site such as imgur or something and then use the button or tags to just display it in your post.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Takeo212 in About Image Extension   
    out of curiousity, did you rename the file extension, or was it saved as a PNG originally?
    Sometimes if you rename the file itself, it doesn't format correctly.
    I suggest opening the file in a program (either Paint or GIMP - if you want transparency) and resave the file as a PNG again.
    If that doesnt work, then the only thing I can think of is using an outside source and just use the img tags to show the image
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Culai in My first tile   
    That's good. Keep up the good work!
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from MissingNo. in State Dependent States?   
    Well, if you open up database, in troops section, you'll find a battle event window (a large white box in the bottom).
    There, you can set up events inside the battle. Conditional branch is one of the available options (by clicking on the box).
    You'll find out how it works once you experimenting with it 
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    EpicFILE reacted to Culai in My first tile   
    Thanks! And I actually wasn't gonna use RTP at all in the end, I was just using that for now.
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from MissingNo. in State Dependent States?   
    You can do that through battle event conditional branch.
    My idea is to add something like "Surprise Wake Up" state.
    Whenever the surprise wake up is applied, both sleep and nightmare state will gone.
    This can be an interesting mechanism as well.
    Usually, people who just wake up from their sleep is still regaining their concsciousness.
    With that in mind, you can make surprise wake up something like a temporary debuff (defense down, attack down, evasion down, etc)
    Hope that helps!
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Seriel in Word to Express "Crying" Through Text   
    That's it. Sob!
    Now I remember. Thank you! 
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    EpicFILE reacted to Chickan 117 in Getting Started with Parallax Mapping   
    I was interested in parallax mapping but found there was a distinct lack of comprehensive tutorials regarding the core process... so I decided to write one. Don't get me wrong; there are plenty of tutorials out there but they seem to lack detailed instruction when it comes to actually making your maps work.   I'll attach the files I used to create this tute at the end so, if you want, you can just try out the exact map used here for yourself.   Note : This isn't a tutorial on how to use graphic editing programs like Photoshop or Gimp.  Note 2 : This tutorial will cover 2 level mapping. Stuff that goes under the player and stuff that goes over the player. Note 3 : This is tested in VX Ace.    Contents   PART 1 - Creating the Parallax Map   Create the Base Map Image Import the Base Map Image into RPG Maker Load a Parallax Lock Script Create a Parallax Tileset Create the map Making the map work     PART 2 - Adding the overlay   Create the overlay image Import the overlay image Add the script Create an event   PART 1   1. Create the Base Map Image   The first thing you'll want to do is create the base map image. This image will have everything that goes underneath the character (e.g. floors, carpet, chair bases) and everything the player is unable to pass through (e.g. walls, trees, etc.). RPG Maker works with a 32x32 grid so ensure your image size had a width and height divisible by 32. For example a 10 square wide by 5 square high map would need a 320 by 160 pixel image.   When creating this file it's important to remember, as RPG Maker works in "squares", your "under player" and "same height as player" areas should adhere, roughly, to that grid.   Save this as a png file preferably with transparency for the background if you're able).   For this demo I wanted a 33x21 map so I created my image with resolution 1056x672 pixels.  
      2. Import the Base Map Image into RPG Maker   Now open RPG Maker VX Ace. Press F10 to enter the Resource Manager, select Graphics/Parallaxes on the left and then click the Import button.   When prompted for a file choose the one you created in Step 1.  
      3. Load a Parallax Lock Script]   Parallax backgrounds, by default, scroll at a different rate to the foreground. In order to prevent this you should add a parallax locking script. There are a number available but, personally, I prefer the Yanfly one which you can get here.   To import the script just press F11 to open the script editor, scroll down the left hand list until you see "Materials" (near the bottom)select the row beneath that and press Insert. Now past the following code into the right side window (this code is the Yanfly version I was using at the time this tute was created)    
    #============================================================================== #  # â–¼ Yanfly Engine Ace - Parallax Lock v1.00 # -- Last Updated: 2012.02.19 # -- Level: Normal # -- Requires: n/a #  #============================================================================== $imported = {} if $imported.nil? $imported["YEA-ParallaxLock"] = true #============================================================================== # â–¼ Updates # =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= # 2012.02.19 - Started Script and Finished. #  #============================================================================== # â–¼ Introduction # =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= # This script gives developers the ability to lock a map's parallax and cause # it to not scroll by either vertically, horizontally, or both. Furthermore, # this script also enables tile locking the map parallax, allowing the parallax # to only move in conjunction with the player. #  #============================================================================== # â–¼ Instructions # =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= # To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script # to an open slot below â–¼ Materials/ç´ æ but above â–¼ Main. Remember to save. #  # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Map Notetags - These notetags go in the map notebox in a map's properties. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # <lock parallax x> # This prevents the map's parallax from scrolling horizontally. #  # <lock parallax y> # This prevents the map's parallax from scrolling vertically. #  # <full lock parallax> # This prevents the map's parallax from scrolling at all. #  # <tile lock parallax> # This causes the map's parallax to be locked to tiles and scrolls with them. #  #============================================================================== # â–¼ Compatibility # =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= # This script is made strictly for RPG Maker VX Ace. It is highly unlikely that # it will run with RPG Maker VX without adjusting. #  #============================================================================== # â–¼ Editting anything past this point may potentially result in causing # computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user's head, coma, death, and/or # halitosis so edit at your own risk. #============================================================================== module YEA   module REGEXP   module MAP          LOCK_PARALLAX_X = /<(?:LOCK_PARALLAX_X|lock parallax x)>/i     LOCK_PARALLAX_Y = /<(?:LOCK_PARALLAX_Y|lock parallax y)>/i     FULL_LOCK_PARALLAX = /<(?:FULL_LOCK_PARALLAX|full lock parallax)>/i     TILE_LOCK_PARALLAX = /<(?:TILE_LOCK_PARALLAX|tile lock parallax)>/i        end # MAP   end # REGEXP end # YEA #============================================================================== # â–  RPG::Map #============================================================================== class RPG::Map      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # public instance variables   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   attr_accessor :parallax_lock_x   attr_accessor :parallax_lock_y   attr_accessor :parallax_tile_lock      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # common cache: load_notetags_paralock   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   def load_notetags_paralock     @parallax_lock_x = false     @parallax_lock_y = false     @parallax_tile_lock = false     #---     self.note.split(/[\r\n]+/).each { |line|       case line       #---       when YEA::REGEXP::MAP::LOCK_PARALLAX_X         @parallax_lock_x = true         @parallax_tile_lock = false       when YEA::REGEXP::MAP::LOCK_PARALLAX_Y         @parallax_lock_y = true         @parallax_tile_lock = false       when YEA::REGEXP::MAP::FULL_LOCK_PARALLAX         @parallax_lock_x = true         @parallax_lock_y = true         @parallax_tile_lock = false       when YEA::REGEXP::MAP::TILE_LOCK_PARALLAX         @parallax_lock_x = false         @parallax_lock_y = false         @parallax_tile_lock = true       #---       end     } # self.note.split     #---   end    end # RPG::Map #============================================================================== # â–  Game_Map #============================================================================== class Game_Map      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # alias method: setup   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   alias game_map_setup_parallax_paralock setup_parallax   def setup_parallax     @map.load_notetags_paralock     game_map_setup_parallax_paralock   end      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # new method: parallax_lock_x?   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   def parallax_lock_x?     return @map.parallax_lock_x   end      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # new method: parallax_lock_y?   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   def parallax_lock_y?     return @map.parallax_lock_y   end      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # new method: parallax_tile_lock?   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   def parallax_tile_lock?     return @map.parallax_tile_lock   end      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # alias method: parallax_ox   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   alias game_map_parallax_ox_paralock parallax_ox   def parallax_ox(bitmap)     return 0 if parallax_lock_x?     return @display_x * 32 if parallax_tile_lock?     return game_map_parallax_ox_paralock(bitmap)   end      #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   # alias method: parallax_oy   #--------------------------------------------------------------------------   alias game_map_parallax_oy_paralock parallax_oy   def parallax_oy(bitmap)     return 0 if parallax_lock_y?     return @display_y * 32 if parallax_tile_lock?     return game_map_parallax_oy_paralock(bitmap)   end    end # Game_Map #============================================================================== #  # â–¼ End of File #  #============================================================================== 4. Create a Parallax Tileset
      You now have a map that looks great however, as RPG Maker doesn't recognise any movable squares, you won't be able to do anything on it yet.  My advice here is to create a new tileset specifically for Parallax Maps. You don't have to do this of course, you only need a transparent tile with passage enabled to fool RPG Maker into thinking there's something there and giving the illusion of interacting with your map image. But I digress. Pretend you're gonna use my method for the moment and create a custom tileset. First of all download this image as it will make your life easier   http://www.c117.net/Chickan/RPGVXA/Tutorials/Parallax_A2.png   Now import it by Press F10 Select Graphics/Tilesets Click Import Select the Parallax_A2.png file you downloaded above   Now create a new tileset Press F9 to bring up the database Select the Tilesets tab If required click the "Change Maximum" button in the bottom left to create some more blank tilesets Select a blank tileset on the left Name it something distinctive like "Parallax" Click the selector box under A2 (Ground) and choose the Parallax_A2 file    
      5. Create the Map Create a new map using the Height and Width appropriate for the file you created in step 1 (33 x 21 in my example).  Select the Tileset created in step 4 In the bottom left section of the windows use the selector box to choose the file from step 1 as your Parallax Background Graphic.  Tick the "Show in Editor" box at the bottom of the screen  If you're using Yanfly's Parallax Lock script then enter <tile lock parallax> in the notes section. This prevents the base image from moving at a different speed to your character. 
      5. Making the Map work   You've done the hard work now. Now just press F5 to enter "map mode" and use the pink tile to color in all the areas you want your character to be able to walk.   In this example I wanted a secret area like the have in the Final Fantasy Legends games so I extended a path out the right side "off the map so to speak"  
      Once you're happy with your selection change to one of the clear times and then trace over all the pink squares.    Hint : If you have a nunch joined together use the paint bucket tool to easily fill them in.   What we're doing here is creating invisible ground pieces that RPG Maker will think are usable tiles. That way your character will be able to walk around the level as you desire. Any tile you don't touch will, by default, be unpassable which is how you prevent players from walking thru walls or tiles you want impassable. You could also use an invisible tile with passage set to X (viewed on the right side of step X) if you wanted to manually add them.   That's it for the base level. Press F12 and test it out.   PART 2   1. Create the overlay image   Now that the stuff "under the player" is taken care of it's time to add stuff above. This can also be done with events if you prefer.   The first step is to create the overlay image. This is an image with a transparent base that will sit "above the level" giving the apprearance that we're walking underneath items.    There are two ways of doing this. The first is to create a separate image file for each item you want above the player. The second is to create one big image the same size as the map and just position your bits accordingly. The second option is easier but uses more memory when the game is being played.   Either way create your image/s and then save them as png files with transparency.    It's important that, when you save the file, you prefix the file name with [FIXED]. So, if you wanted to call your file TestMap23Overlay.png you'd need to save it as [FIXED]TestMap23Overlay.png   In my example I wanted a giant plane thing to be above the player. As I wanted to have secret passages I also wanted the tops of the walls to be above the player too.  
      2. Import the overlay image   Press F10 to open the Resources Manager Select Graphics/Pictures on the left Click Import and select the file you saved in the previous step   3. Add the script   If we put the imageon top of our map now it would move with the player as the map scrolls. To get around that we need to add another script. This time it's the Fixed Pictures script by Seer UK and OriginalWij which ensures any picture with the prefix [FIXED] will not scroll.   You can grab a copy here    
    #============================================================================== # Fixed Pictures #============================================================================== # Author : Seer UK & OriginalWij # Version : 1.2 # # Credit: Seer UK # OriginalWij (Original RGSS2 Script) #============================================================================== #============================================================================== # To use: #   put the tag [FIXED] in the affected picture's filename #============================================================================== #============================================================================== # What this does: #   fixes tagged pictures to the map (scrolls with the map) #============================================================================== #============================================================================== # Sprite_Picture #============================================================================== class Sprite_Picture < Sprite   #----------------------------------------------------------------------------   # Update  [ MOD ]   #----------------------------------------------------------------------------   def update update_bitmap update_origin if @picture.name.include?("[FIXED]")  self.x = 0 - $game_map.display_x * 32  self.y = 0 - $game_map.display_y * 32 else  update_position end update_zoom update_other   end end  
    4. Create an event   Now we need to create an event to display the overlay image. There are a few places you can put this; in the event that transfers you to the map, in a common event you call for each map, or as a a standalone event that runs on the map as an example.   No matter which option you choose you'll want it to simply "Show Picture" with the following settings:     Just don't forget to add something to turn it off when you leave the map or it'll be there all the time :S   Here's the map in action for those interested.  

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    EpicFILE got a reaction from When Bugs Roam Ur House in Character Color Theme?   
    I'll try that one. Thanks!
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    EpicFILE reacted to When Bugs Roam Ur House in Character Color Theme?   
    How about yellow and green! I like yellow because it's a bright, happy colour. While green usually reminds people of nature, but can also be representative of being formal and reserved.