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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Sugar Sweet   
    uuuu fancy. =3
    Waffle Roof. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tsarmina in Sugar Sweet   
    Another week, another map! Again--keeping it secret
    Also started working on some of the instruction/tutorials--hoping to keep them pretty brief. Here's a sample (thumbnailed, of course):

    (And for the astute, you can catch a limited glimpse of my aforementioned map in the background )
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    EpicFILE reacted to HeckHound in Game Concept - Archeology   
    So, the previous game I was working on is a bust (when not only your backup drive fails but also your SSD of all things, I'm pretty sure that's a sign telling you you're doing something wrong in life).
    That said, I'm looking ahead. I bought MV and I'm toying around with a few ideas for a new game.
    The basic premise of the game is that you're an archeologist/explorer looking to open a museum.
    In order to do this, you need to find and explore ancient ruins to collect artifacts and knowledge to put on display. Displays have two components - item and history. The Item is the relic you find, while the History is the history behind the item.
    The game won't have combat in it, but it will have character progression in terms of things like trap-spotting.
    Any feedback would be much appreciated
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    EpicFILE reacted to Zielach in A song I made   
    I know I'm not very good at making songs, but I just made one for a zone on my project, and I hope you like it, by the way, you're free to use it, only let me know if you use it!
    I don't really know how to upload a song to the forums, so I'll just attach it.

    The song is supposed to be looped, so it has no end.

    By the way, I made this song using guitar pro 5.



    (i put it on soundcloud because it was so big I couldn't even put it here)

    (i put it on soundcloud because it was so big I couldn't even put it here)


                                                                   - - -       !!     !!1 NEW SONG!!      !!      - - -                                                                            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Dymdez in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    I agree with Tsarmina.
    The light symbol seems a bit too contrast compared to the rest of the map.
    But other than that, the map is great! 
    I can't say much about it, but the map seems comfortable. =3

    I make an experimental parallax. Somehow I feel the cliff is a bit blurry? :/
    What do you think?
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Nekotori in . . .PERSONA   
    I haven't played any Persona yet.
    I've watched the anime, though. (Persona 4 The Animation)
    It's mysterious yet hilarious!
    Yu Narukami is a perfect balance between cool and "hilariously eccentric".
    I also like the tough guy who love to make small teddy bears. (forgot his name xD)
    Based on the anime I can only guess Persona is a great series.
    I'd be interested if I can play the games someday. 
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    EpicFILE reacted to TheManlyFairy in So I have a story, a demo, but something is still missing...   
    A title, to be exact. After putting so many hours (I'm currently working alone) in making up a world, a story, cutscenes and finally a short working demo, I realized my game still has no title and the titlescreen still reads "Test Game" from when I first started fiddling with RPGM. Since I want to open a thread in The Gaming Lounge, I decided I would come to you guys for help.
    To understand the kind of story I'm making, the easiest way is to face one of the choices in the game:
    Imagine, a common working man, doing his best at work and earn as much money as possible. Not only is he a loving father and husband, he donates part of his salary to the poor to help them survive another day. So far seems pretty enlightened, right? What if I told you that "part of his salary" was really 80%, which results in him and his family being almost as poor as the same people the man is helping, but also the suffering of his own wife and children as he has no money for medical care and barely enough for food. How enlightened does he seem to you now?
    Would you choose to tell him to give less money and use more for his family? Their own condition will improve immensly, but he is a major benefactor of the poor and so their condition might worsen in return.
    Or would you choose encourage his behaviour, which may lead to his reassurance, but ultimately give away even more money, which puts his family in actual risk of dying from poor health or starvation.
    My game will revolve around these kind of difficult moral issues. Your choices in dealing with them will (eventually) have an impact on the people you helped or even visibly on the world itself. Light is not a definite good and darkness is not a definitive bad, and you must make the right choice between the two. There will be no middle ground and no avoiding the outcomes of your actions.
    This takes place a fantasy world, which I hope to range from rural villages to automated cities. There will be turn based combat and a 3/4 man party alongside you. Keep in mind I want to make this game somewhat a homage to the final fantasy series and its (usually) great stories and turn based combat. You, the player, will be playing as an ordinary human traveling with the reincarnations of light and darkness. Each of them will try to sway you to their own side and you must support one of them, forcing the other to compromise.
    So, what the hell do I name this game?!
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Glitched Windows   
    (What am I doing here. XD)
    The editor cannot be modified by scripts in 'Script Editor', as they are loaded upon starting a game. So the problem has to be 'outside'.
    Yes, the best thing to try first is to reinstalling the software ~ perhaps it got corrupted.
    Is there a chance of getting a screenshot of the glitch itself?
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    EpicFILE reacted to Kaliske in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    Hi guys, I've been trying to create a village home but kinda stuck for clutter ideas, any suggestions?
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    EpicFILE reacted to AskaRay in Let's ART   
    Thanks everyone
    Ohoo thanks~ I've tried doing the "sketchy drawing" style since I love it too, but I just... can't. Need to have smooth lines....
    on my tablet I have a button mapped to CTRL+Z and if I'm not happy with a line...poof. Sometimes then I draw the same line over a million times, though.
    Ahaa yeah I tend to go overboard with details.  (that was especially hard since I couldn't seem to get a good screenshot of my character and I just ended up sitting ingame drawing... it was sort of awkward. Oh well.)
    Mmmmm yeah I need to practice my shading but after I finished all the colors on that I was like "yeah naaaaaah". Glad you like it with just flat colors
    Thank you I'm sort of proud of that background too (since I never do them), so it makes me a bit angry I'll have to redraw it... ã—ょã†ãŒãªã„ (can't be helped)
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from AskaRay in Let's ART   
    I love your unusual style of drawing.
    So artistic especially the first one.
    Your "normal" drawing is not as stylistic as the others?
    It's actually my favorite one!
    At first I always thought sketchy lines + good shading is better than solid lines + no shading. 
    Your arts have changed my view.
    All styles are equally good if done well.
    Fantastic work! 
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Rikifive in Hello   
    Purely amazing.
    Apparently the post speaks more than it seems! =O
    It's definitely more than words.
    Unfortunately I can't see any detail other than hi.
    Anyway, hi!
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Tuomo L in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    I'm still kinda unsure about it, though.
    Honestly I haven't even decide if I'll use parallax or go tileset all the way. :/
    The parallax is still experimental. xD
    The new font is great.
    Although I feel the bold old font and the new one are not compatible?
    I think the font for the name needs some modification to fit with the new one.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tuomo L in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    @EpicFile:  Your parallax seems decent but it makes me think that the game is designed so that the player can walk diagonally, it has that aesthetic. Can they?
    So here's the new message background of my game as well as the new font size for the dialogue. What do you all think?

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    EpicFILE reacted to SomaelCK in Wanda - Simply an adventure released NOW! (9.99$ on Steam)   
    Please support us on Kickstater when our project is live. We have very interesting rewards ready
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from SomaelCK in Wanda - Simply an adventure released NOW! (9.99$ on Steam)   
    Hope your kickstarter campaign will be successful. 
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    EpicFILE reacted to AskaRay in Let's ART   
    Hello hello. Figure'd I'd post my drawings here Why not, I mean?
    Anyway let's cut to the chase....
    Currently I'm working on a particular style. the rules:
    1. three colors ONLY (no blending)
    2. two "colors" must be black and white. last color can be whatever (I prefer red)
    3. black is the outline
    etc... those are the basics. There are a few other stylistic choices as well but I'm not good at explaining and this is a drawn art thread, so it's better to just look.
    We'll start with a background I'll have to redraw (/die) since I drew it a couple years ago, and it no longer works for me
    I am not good at backgrounds so it's good practice...I guess.............

    Now we'll move onto some characters. Whoo-
    This is Kiyo (キヨ). She is a youkai; which is um.. sort of hard to explain in English. They can be thought of as ghosts/spirits/monsters...etc. Here's the wiki since I'm unoriginal. What kind of youkai is she? ....that's a secret
    The rest of these characters are just regular humans. Well.. they aren't youkai. No descriptions right now maybe later when I'm less tired.
    Name: Raizou (full name: 神æ¥é›·é€ )
    Name: Chihaya (full name: å¶å¾´åœ°éš¼)
    Name: Kintarou (full name: 照勤金太朗)
    Name: Ezra (full name: 装煙炎喇)
    Name: Mihoko (full name: 志民水帆å­)
    I also have my uh.. "normal" style of drawing, which isn't so stylistic. Here's a picture I drew of my character in Final Fantasy XIV recently. (bard > all jobs)
    LOL @ me and being brief
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tsarmina in Hello   
    Hi Vilious :c Wow! That's some amazing brevity you have there c: Clean and concise. Welcome!~
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Hello   
    That's a very detailed description!
    I'm also using RPG Maker! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Welcome to the herd! (=
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    EpicFILE reacted to Sofiaki in Show your Desktop!   
    Mee too, meeeeee tooo! I try to stay as clean and tidy as possible, as you can see... too classic and boring -.-
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Snowfield Screenshots   
    Still liked the parallax map more. =P
    It's better, but I think it's still too sharp when comparing to surroundings, though not sure.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Takeo212 in Snowfield Screenshots   
    Your parallaxing goes alot better with your trees simply because there the same style.
    They blend nicer~
    I think the reason the custom trees and Ace Cliffs didnt blend was the saturation/contrast in colour.
    The trees and lighter and havea brush stroke style of leaves. The cliifs are dark and have a higher contrast so they look to dark and bold against your trees.
    If you can soften them or maybe redraw them your own way, the trees will be great
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    EpicFILE reacted to xoferew in Snowfield Screenshots   
    The cliffs have that really nice lumpy texture but then when we see a side of the cliff against the snow the edge is smoothly vertical.  Is it possible to make those edge lines bumpy?  My easily confused xoferew brain is like, "It's bumpy!  No, it's smooth!  No, bumpy!"
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    EpicFILE reacted to HaruAkira in Wanda - Simply an adventure released NOW! (9.99$ on Steam)   
    It's been a while since our last update. We've been very busy with planning a kickstarter campaign for Wanda which is due to start in a few weeks! It's our first time so we're very excited! We'll let you all know when we are ready Please support us!
    For now, we have a new polished version of the title screen. We hope you like it (^__^)
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tuomo L in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    I realized I totally forgot to add, you could add a carpet and such to help spruce up the house if nothing else.

    This is Glamour. She helps you a lot by giving you comfort, information and much, much more during your journey.