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    EpicFILE reacted to Tuomo L in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    It's way too big and empty, I think you could reduce that size a lot more to make it feel better and more natural.
    My commercial game's like 97-98% done after three years of making it. Have a Prison Guard Demon for it.

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    EpicFILE reacted to LucidK in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    @EpicFILE: I think with the right bit of shading you can make that look a lot steeper, which could turn that icy river effect into the cliff you were going for.

    This... is literally the first thing I have ever made completely from scratch. Throughout the game, the player will have images pop up in this style. It's meant to be a "This is what you see" sort of thing whenever something major happens. What do you think?

    Context: Dark-skinned Archer, one of the main character's friends and teammates, stumbles into the house you're investigating, obviously bleeding out.

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    EpicFILE reacted to xoferew in Snowfield Screenshots   
    They're both pretty.  I agree, if you kept with the parallax one it would be original as well as beautiful. 
    I made pine trees recently (people may recall me whining about it! ) and I felt something was off.  Then I realized my trees were straight on view and everything else had that partially top down RTP look.  So I redid them and liked them a lot better.  That may be part of what is bothering you about the tileset version - the cliffs are a different view than the trees.  I don't notice that at all on the parallax map where it all kind of flows together.  In the parallax map everything looks organic and natural.  In the tileset one the trees look soft and organic but the cliffs look almost artificially made in comparison. 
    Just some observations, I could be totally wrong. 
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Rikifive in Snowfield Screenshots   
    That's really good to know! =)
    I will try to apply it on my parallax map. =)
    I suppose parallax is the way to go.
    Thanks for your input Rikifive and Tsarmina! 
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    EpicFILE reacted to _____ in Ban the person above you!   
    Banned for having the best idea in the rpg maker forum group project!
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    EpicFILE reacted to lonequeso in Ban the person above you!   
    Your punishment for that pun is you're banned.
    Get it? PUNishment! (yuk yuk yuk)
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tsarmina in Snowfield Screenshots   
    I like the parallax map better too! A good solution to the blurriness is to make the edge of the snow "ragged," like the edge of a scraggly cloth, but to not actually blur the edge. You can blur the inside all you want
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Snowfield Screenshots   
    To be honest I liked the parallax map more, because it's more unique and less square-y. (=
    The cliffs on tileset-map are too dark when comparing to trees ~ The cliffs have 'powerful' outline-stuff (details), where the trees don't.
    The trees look fine to me ~ they fit the snow field ~ The cliffs are just kinda too dark/detailed.
    That's my opinion. (=
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from xoferew in My Demon Realm in progress   
    Augygyagtkjdk I can't say anything except...
    Fantastic! =O
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from lonequeso in Ban the person above you!   
    Now you're banned.
    O     O
    _____  ---[banned]
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    EpicFILE reacted to Dainiri.Art in D'Art MV Resources (Latest Upload [Feb 10,2016]: Parallax Big Trees)   
    Latest Upload
    Feb 10, 2016 - Parallax Big Trees - New!
    Static Battlers [FV]
    Static Battlers [SV]
    Generator Parts
    Tileset - New!
    Special Event Resources:
    12 Days to 2016
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    EpicFILE reacted to xoferew in My Demon Realm in progress   
    The "Demon Realm" is just going to be one map in my game, but it will be the most otherworldly so I'd like to get feedback on the graphics.  I'm trying to go for alien/creepy/beautiful.  I don't need comments on the actual mapping right now, I'm just seeing how the graphics look in various combinations.   You can't tell from these screenshots but some of the plant life (?) changes color or flickers with light.  Thanks for any input.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Cookie Ninja in Ban the person above you!   
    Nope! You should be warned though, three strikes warrants death sentence.
    Banned for Ninjaign a ninja!
    EDIT Ninjad again xD (4th time now)
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    EpicFILE reacted to lonequeso in Ban the person above you!   
    A double ninja! You should get an award for that. You'll have plenty of time to admire it while you're banned.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tsarmina in Sugar Sweet   
    I prefer to think of it having a LOOOOT of flavours. Then everyone can come and enjoy it together
    Thanksies! I feel my birthday often gets overshadowed because of Halloween XD Luckily I can celebrate both at the same time. <3 
      Yay, I'm so glad you found it ^w^ I think this game is very true to who I am, lol. c: Hope you can stick around and follow my progress \o/
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    EpicFILE reacted to ShadowfrostZen in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    you're a mind reader, because i was gonna do a garden
    Because the Master Bedroom is a small house inside of a large ass castle
    its also reserved for the imperial prince of that province, and his lady
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Tsarmina in Sugar Sweet   
    Lollipop tree!
    Somehow I can taste a sour and sweet taste in my tongue.
    It's lemon!
    Anyway, you're oficially one-year older now. Congratulations! 
    (If you know what I mean  )
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Rikifive in Ban the person above you!   
    Major plot twist!
    Lieutenant plot twist! =O
    Ban Tsarmina because the game says so.
    I don't want to ban you actually.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Zielach in Elemental warriors   
    Hey, first of all, I'll be posting here less frequently because most of the gallery critique's main page has my name on it, and that can be considered as spam, and second, I would like your opinion on these:
    Sorry for posting that much, but I really appreciate your opinion and want to get better at this, hope it doesn't annoy you. I'm not going to post anything for a few days, then post much more together.
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    EpicFILE reacted to gunsage in The Photo Booth- show your face people!   
    This is what I did for halloween this year.  I meant to do zombie lumberjack, but ended up looking like a zombie hitchhiker instead.
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    EpicFILE reacted to kaz in Ban the person above you!   
    Nah he has no powers to ban....only Admin and Management!!!!!
    Hmm I can ban you all for real...or close the thread at 28 pages long...
    Whoops I made it 29 pages.
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    EpicFILE reacted to Tsarmina in Sugar Sweet   
    I was HORRIBLY stressed this month and barely got any sleep XD But in a moment of glorifying epiphany, I realised I really wanted to work on this, so over the past couple of days I stayed up to work on more maps for Dolce XD THE MARKET IS NOW FINISHED WOOHOO buuuuuuuut I don't want to spoil too much for you guys or else if when the demo comes out all of you will know what to expect. :\ And that's no fun.
    However, landmark moment: Over HALF the maps for Dolce are DONE!
    Here's a look at my current short-term to-do list, and yep, I think 5/11 is less than 0.5

    I'm breaking out the custom-created tiles for this game, too! I don't want to spoil a lot of the sweet decor you might see, but here's a sample (noooo this ain't for your use, hands off! )

    It's a lollipop tree XD
    So yeah. Progress!
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    EpicFILE reacted to Sofiaki in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    Hi there! I started parallax mapping yesterday and I am rather satisfied by the tecnique, thanks to the fantastic tiles I've found here and there (especially Celianna's... her work is magnificent!) and the tutorials found on this forum; i would love to here what you could say about a little example, I am open to any critique! Unfortunately, I really can't make these nice ' messy and dirt' effect I've found on other parallax mappes, even with the stamp tool on photoshop, so I've convinced myself I like a more 'manga and rtp style'... how lazy I am.
    The character is base from Ace.

    It's supposed to be... night here? I am really struggling with the shadow layer, I am learning trough practice >_<
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    EpicFILE reacted to ShadowfrostZen in Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!   
    Does this map look good?
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from kaz in Amy's Artwork   
    I think these can be used for a collaborative short game... (maybe 1-2 hours game)
    Let's call it "Amy's Adventure".
    The characters are the people in this forum, who'd like to be portrayed in the game.
    A pretty random idea, but I think that's cool. xD