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    Vote for Isabella on Square Enix Collective!

    Isabella is a Western steampunk JRPG. At Hall of Nerd, we've endeavored to create a cast of memorable characters, a rich and deep world, and as many awesome features as we could shake a stick at. We've got crafting, fully animated combat, piles of awesome items, fully voiced cutscenes, tons of original music and sounds, heaps of side quests, an optional mini-game that persists throughout the game, a meticulously-planned world where your decisions really do have impact, not to mention the grand adventure at the center of it all. And that's just the beginning … in fact, I think we're gonna need a bigger stick.

    In the year 1837, the world of Terrae is being subjected to a perpetual battle between two warring nations: Insavance and Dryadalis. Dryadalis, the island of the Dryads, has technology that is far more advanced than that of Insavance. This leaves Insavance, the home of the common human, with little to no protection against its rival nation. To make matters worse, Skypirates have been causing political unrest in Insavance, and some believe they intend to start a Civil War. This sets the backdrop for our story, which begins in a small village in southern Insavance...   Hal Kirkland is a 43-year-old retired mercenary who spends his days drinking and gambling in the cozy town of Salvum near Insavance's southern border. One day, while Hal is drinking at his favorite haunt, he is approached by one of his old mercenary partners, Walter Conroy, who offers Hal a high-paying contract. Hal hastily explains his retirement. However, Walter insists that Hal will want to take the job. "Hal, a girl's life's in danger," says Walter as Hal is preparing to leave to smoke a cigar. "It's President Vitam's daughter."   Hal returns to Walter and sighs. "Tell me about the girl."  


    Combat Demonstration Video:

    Isabella HD Wallpaper:
    Additional Information
    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or follow our Dev Blog!
    'Isabella' is a story-driven RPG that is set for a commercial release in 2016.
    Isabella has an array of completely unique, visually stunning characters, courtesy of Hollow's initial vision and skills.
    Other credits go to:

    Want to support this project? Throw this banner in your signature:

    Thank you for taking the time to read about this project. More information will be provided as the project progresses through the various stages of development. Did this project pique your interest? By all means, give us your feedback, and stay tuned!

    -all characters, story elements, names, and artwork are intellectual property of Hall of Nerd.

    Hall of Nerd Team
    Macatlas - Chieftain of Things and Stuff
    Dirge - Grand Overlord of the Pixel Realm
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    Banned for making grandma even more confused and making Mr.Impossibru says impossibru.
    \   /
    O O
      o   ---[banned]
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    EpicFILE reacted to Cadh20000 in Aquatic and non-aquatic team-up mechanic   
    No idea why but while I was laying ½ awake tossing and turning last night and this morning this was going through my head…

    I’m thinking about a game mechanic where humans and mer-people team up, but the mers can only survive for a short while on dry land and the humans can only survive for a short while under water. Outside of battle if party members from the other environment are present a countdown for how long the air/water will last continues outside of battle and every action in battle costs air/water, if the air/water runs out the party members who need it will faint until you can get them back to their own environment.

    When in battle the amount of air/water consumed by an action would vary according to the power/strength of that action so going all-out right from the start may take fewer moves but will cost more air/water per move and the player would have to balance that with how long they think it will take them to reach the other environment.
    I imagine it would work best with a game world that is mostly islands or full of lakes and waterways so a person is never too far from land or water, but it could be tweaked.
    What do you all think? Would it add to the challenge in a fun way or just frustrate?
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    I see. I think any explorer gamer will find this interesting.
    Good luck on the project!
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    It supposed to be a short game, maybe 1-2 hours.
    But it can be more than that, because we might explore what's hidden in the maps with the sensing system. 
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    Happy flow is my Original Character so... I'd have to draw her by myself and with all  that detailed shading it would take ages + I'd have to create a human version... So that's why. =3
    Perhaps I'll make a shiny wallpaper with her someday. =3
    ... And it's a 101th post by the way.   =3
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    First I'll record your achievement for making a glorious 100th post. 
    That's a shiny desktop! =O
    Where's Happy Flow by the way?
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    EpicFILE reacted to Balter in Father's Trace   
    you got some original ideas here. everybody is curious with the sensing system, including me.
    how much is the time to beat the game?
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    Story: 100%
    Music: 90%
    Graphics: 80%
    Gameplay: 20%
    Overall: 73%
    (No demo)
    RPG, Puzzler, Dungeon Crawler
    Hi! EpicFILE here! First of all, thank you for dropping by! What you see above is my "icy" game, Father's Trace.
    So what is this Father's Trace anyway? Okay, let me provide the details 





    Enterbrain _ RPG Maker VX Ace and it's resource
    M. Feraldy N (me) _ Story, Gameplay, Music, and some Graphics (windows, art, some actors,animations and tilesets)
    Yanfly _ Button Common Event Script
    And... That's it! Currently I'm still working on the gameplay balancing and adding some details to make this game
    more polished. I cannot give the specific release date, though. So be sure to follow this post and wait for the launch!
    You can leave your comments below. 
    Have a nice day! 
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Show your Desktop!   
    Wanna die?
    I changed my desktop to make it shine like .. I'll better not finish that sentence, many of you perhaps knows what I'd say there. xD
    I'm ready for hate comments! =3
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    EpicFILE reacted to Balter in EpicFILE Hall of Rhythm   
    lol. actually I was kidding.
    it's FL 10.
    thanks man, I'll pm you when I got something to ask.
    btw, I'm seriously waiting for your new tracks
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    wow, it's jazz. 
    and seriously, I like the songs.
    too bad the sounds seems not really clear,
    as if you listen to it indoor
    anyway, how you made those?
    but the other two are perfect. clear sound, nice compossing.
    I think I'm a fan now
    both songs are terrifict!!!!!!! 
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Balter in EpicFILE Hall of Rhythm   
    These are actually my older songs (last year's songs to be specific xD)
    Here they are!

    In this song I'm trying to capture the spirit of a mountain climber. (yeah!)

    This one is a rearranged version of a traditional Indonesian song which originated from Java.
    FYI, Gethuk is actually a traditional Indonesian snack made of cassava.
    I think this song was inspired by that snack   xD
    Well, I'll share a picture of Gethuk...

    It's sweet and tasty! =3
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Balter in EpicFILE Hall of Rhythm   
    Hi! EpicFILE here! Considering I am a musician, but I haven't posted any music yet...
    This time I will post my music!
    Here it is...
    Light of Dawn!

    This is one of my older song which was made through recording (Most of my songs are purely digital, this one is an exception. There are some hissing noise, though. xD )
    Well, enjoy the music, and leave a comment if you like to.
    Thank you for dropping by! 
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    Thankfully whenever we're banned here, we'll respawn in community index. 
    Banned because you're actually not banning anyone.
    \   /
    O O
      o   ---[banned]
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    EpicFILE reacted to Cookie Ninja in Potatoes are Awesome!   
    Welcome to the forum
    I ate 25 potatos last week...... you dont supose..... nah.... couldnt be
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    EpicFILE reacted to Rikifive in Ban the person above you!   
    So... You're banned already...
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    Yow! Potato Version 26 here, for some reason i forgot the v in my user name and i cant change it. Im the current version of the potato squad which is composed of 26 badasses. Too bad Im the only one left.
    Okay, I just got Ace and preordered MV. I hope I can grab a lot of friends in here. See ya all
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    EpicFILE got a reaction from Balter in EpicFILE Drawing Stuff   
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Btw, I'm looking forward for your project.
    Good luck! 
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    EpicFILE reacted to Balter in EpicFILE Drawing Stuff   
    the characters have styles, which is something I lack of
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    EpicFILE reacted to Balter in Character Portrait on fangame   
    so you mean, everytime the dialogue appears, I darken the background a little so the players can be more focus on the dialogue?
    that would be interesting. let me see how it turns out
    Yoshida FTW!
    his scetches, his coloring.
    I think it's only watercolor, but looks classic and nice.
    I think his best design is in Bravery Default and Tactics Ogre.
    (BD's artwork 70$ in my nearest bookstore, sadly, it's too much for me to afford)
    agree. those sprites needs a lot of reparations. let's see what can I do about it.