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  1. Volton7557

    Trouble with RTP

    Tried it, still not working
  2. Volton7557

    Trouble with RTP

    Well, I need RTP to play some of the games, so I really need that.
  3. Volton7557

    Trouble with RTP

    Yeah, that one. Also there is one more thing to point out - the setup file deleted itself after I got the error pop-up. The files are as you see: https://imageshack.com/i/pbHBHSBEp
  4. Volton7557

    Trouble with RTP

    First I downloaded it from the official site, it didn't work. The other time I don't know, as my little brother was probably doing something filthy because he cleared the browser history from the last week. And, in Spring/Summer of this year, I had Ace and the RTP and there was no trouble.
  5. Volton7557

    Trouble with RTP

    Crap, forget to mention; I'm using the Lite version. Is the RTP only for the full or something?
  6. Volton7557

    Trouble with RTP

    Hello! I have a trouble with installing RTP for RPG Maker VX Ace. When I try to do it, I get a pop-up saying: 'Windows can't find the file "C:\Documents and Settings\Kuba\Pulpit\rtpvxace\Setup.exe". Make sure the entered file name is correct and try again. To find the file, click the Start button, and then click search.' Does anyone know what to do? I tried downloading the RTP from a different website, but it didn't work. I appreciate your help in advance.