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  1. Almost ready to fly to Great Britain for a real-life job related thing...but still working on my new game idea :)


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    2. Macbeth


      Thanks :D warm welcome indeed! Can't wait to eat some sausages & mash :D


    3. Takeo212


      I welcome ya if your ever in Scotland :P

      Word of advice: GB never has nice weather. If we do have it - it's an omen that the world will end XD

    4. Macbeth


      Oh i would love to visit Scotland :D and don't worry about weather: i LOVE rainy and cold places :D

  2. Greetings everyone, i'm looking for someone who can transform some 16x16 generic tiles (not made for RPG Maker MV) into 48x48 RPG Maker MV tiles usable into the tool. Of course auto-tiles (like water, water borders and similar stuff) must work into the tool. If interested, PM me and we can discuss the job
  3. Why it's ALWAYS so damn hard to find uncommon tilesets? Like old Game Boy style, good NES style and similar things? All tilesets looks like modding of default ones :/


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    2. Macbeth


      Hahahaha! Well what i think, as parallax mapper, is: most times a different tileset (like those of Time Fantasy set) can change A LOT the feeling about a RPG Maker game. Easier to get rid of that "default things mixed up" sensation

    3. lonequeso


      For sure. The more unique your graphics are, the less the stigma of "Oh look. Another crappy RM game." will be.


    4. Macbeth


      I've learned Photoshop and everything needed to be a parallax mapper because of that "oh look, another crappy RM game" thing :D 

  4. Why uncommon/particular games made with RPG Maker don't get attention? It's quite strange to me :huh:

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    2. Kayzee


      Honestly I think RPG Maker is best used by amateurs and hobbyists looking to experiment with game design and not as a professional development platform. I think the advertised ability to make and sell RPG Maker games sort of implies a false promise of success or at least wishful thinking that many people get caught up in. But RPG Maker has always been more of a toy then a tool despite how it's capabilities have grown. One need only look at the lineage of RPG Maker games to see proof of that, the series didn't even start on the PC but on the SNES with no where near the customization options and no scripting whatsoever.


      That dosn't mean RPG Maker can't make some amazing games. Heck you don't even really need scripting or fancy stuff for that. Look at Yume Nikki for example, fantastically designed game that really pushed RPG Maker games into a new direction and it didn't use any scripting at all. But then again, look how many amazing mods have grown into amazing games too. You could say making a game in RPG Maker often has more in common with modding then 'real' game development. Honestly it dosn't matter too much, but it contributes to RPG Maker's spotty reputation.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee RM started on 8-bit computers.

    4. Kayzee


      Huh... I guess it did! I didn't know that!

  5. Finally back after a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, and with my first game completed and published! 

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    2. Macbeth


      hahaha totally understood :D thanks a lot for your interest in my game Phoenix, it's really appreciated


    3. PhoenixSoul


      Anytime, dear.


      I tend to like games that aren't always RPG/RNG focused, but most of the horror games I've seen and/or played have too many jumpscares, and for me, that breaks the immersion.


      Yours looks to be more story-driven, that's great; it is a better platform than just trying to see how many times you can surprise the player.

    4. Macbeth


      As a videogames journalist too, i've put attention to critical points :) i HATE jumpscares as i think they are just a dumb way to scare out people. Better play with anxiety and feelings

  6. Macbeth

    The Last Summer

    A psychological horror game about life, childhood memories and fear of growing up -- Genre: Psychological horror adventure Game Progression: 100% completed Year 199X: Timothy is a young 10-years old boy very passionate about videogames and living his last days of childhood. The last two days of summer holidays between the ending of the elementary school and the starting of the middle school will teach him something both important and terrible. Behind the mask of a normal family, lies a secret that is slowly consuming Timothy's mind. Who is Mr. Knight? Who is the mysterious girl appeared all of a sudden? Who is the real Timothy? Explore Timothy's house, discover his family and prepare for a weird journey: a lonely child, a videogames lover with a very special friend. But friendship can end if something new comes to break the spell, and as your best friend becomes your foe, will you be able to live on? The Last Summer is a top-down adventure game that will let you follow Timothy's life during a very special period of his life. TRAILER: KIBOU ENTERTAINMENT TEAM: Simone "Lord Macbeth" - Storywriting, mapping, eventing Dave "Mishima" - Additional pixel art, character designer, artwork designer SCREENSHOTS: Features: - Two different endings - A deep story full of childhood emotions and fears - Old school videogames references - Very detailed mapping to improve visual feelings Download the full game http://kibou-entertainment.itch.io/the-last-summer Known Issues: Nothing known at the moment, but if something is found please feel free to contact me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/KibouEntertainm
  7. thank you Whiona, in fact my project is about to create a new "untold" story behind the original one, that's why i'm writing a nice plot with a secondary character: i will tell his story and things happened when he wasn't into the original series, his separate way of thinking and so on the battle system will do the rest to create an exciting experience with a dynamic approach
  8. By the way, let me add that i'm looking for a good script maker: it's not a "homework-style" job but a very interesting challenge into creating a dynamic/entertaining combat system and a lot of events with multiple decisions. Thank you all again for your attention
  9. Hello there people! I'm making up my mind and starting to make a game about a famous old school anime: Tiger Mask (タイガー・マスク) The game is obviously a non-commercial project as it will features original videos, artworks and stuff from the original series. The story will focus on Daimon Daigo, Naoto Date's best friend and his adventures will tell to the player all the back-story about what happened behind the most famous scenes in the original anime cartoon: the game will use parallax mapping for a better graphical feeling and a nice action-turn based combat with quick time events during the fight to keep the player focused on the action. You will find attached the main logo written in japanese, as the game is planned to be released in english, italian and japanese when it's completed. Now let's hear your opinions about it!
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