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  1. TheConfusedB

    Could someone explain this zoom script?

    Hey, I was just wondering if you might of figured out what the problem might be. It's just that I would like to have scenes In my game where there is a zoom in on certain chracters and it's really annoying that this script is messing up my game quite a lot .
  2. TheConfusedB

    Could someone explain this zoom script?

    Alright, thats fine. Just get back to me when you can!
  3. TheConfusedB

    Could someone explain this zoom script?

    Tried to run the game without the tilemap script just now, I got an error message before the title screen even appread. I'm sure there must be some way arround this problem?
  4. TheConfusedB

    Could someone explain this zoom script?

    Thank you for explaining, I installed the scripts and I think I've figured how the zooming in and out works. But, like you, I have know idea how the MGC tilemap script works but it seems like its messing up some of my maps but some are unaffected, I know thats not a good description but it's really hard to explain what happens, I've got an example here: This is a map that is unaffected by the script, everything looks the way it should, the characters walk through the gate and... This is what happens to the next map, there are certain elements that are sill there like the rats and the matresses at the top right but it seems to have combined with the last map. When I remove the script this is what the map looks like, and what it SHOULD look like. Does anyone have any clue how I can fix this, I don't know what other maps are affected because they look normal in the editor. Any advice?
  5. TheConfusedB

    Ideas for how much weapons should add to parameters?

    Thanks for the advice guys, I've been trying out different things with weapons and my characters don't seem too overpowerd but not too weak either, thanks.
  6. Does anyone have a good idea for how much weapons should add to certain parameters? I've been using this one method but I feel like it gives my characters too much attack and nothing else to other stats, so I had my characters with really powerful regular attacks and physical skills but any magical skills did very little damage. Anyone have a good way I could make weapons not add to much to a characters attack and how I can buff the magic attack a little bit aswell.
  7. TheConfusedB

    How much exp should enemies give?

    I like this idea a lot, I'll let you know how it worked in my game but it seems like a really useful method.
  8. I've been struggling trying to determine how much exp enemies and Bosses should be giving the player; using the default exp curve as a reference, does anyone have a good method on figuring out how much exp the player should get from enemies?
  9. Thanks, but is there a way to disable encounters with only specific enemies? As there are enemies that I still want to show up after the boss fight.
  10. Hello, I've created a boss fight for my game, and I want to stop encountering certain enemies after this boss has been defeated. I've created a switch that activates after the boss and was wondering if this can be used to stop encountering these enemies.
  11. TheConfusedB

    Battle end when boss dies

    Oh, I knew it must of been really simple. Thanks!
  12. I've made a Boss fight that is pretty simple and I've made it so the Boss calls in a reinforcement when it HP is low. I want to have the battle end when the Boss dies even if the other enemy is still alive, I've tried aborting the fight when its HP is at 0% but this means that the player gets no XP and even if the reinforcement was killed the battle would still end with no XP if the player wins. Is there an easier way to do this?
  13. TheConfusedB

    Autorun event not working?

    Ok, I think I've fixed it. I just created a self switch that would go onto a new page and that would allow me to move. I don't know what the problem is but atleast I might have a soloution if this happens again. I'll update again if something comes up.
  14. TheConfusedB

    Autorun event not working?

    Update: I deleted the map, and I've made a new one, and I've created an event that just changes the BGM no player movement, switches or anything like that. And it still just prevents me from moving? The Background music does change, but my character is just stuck there and the only thing I can do is just close the game. I also started a new game to check if anyother autorun events are working, and I had no problems with them. I'm really confused, what is going on?
  15. TheConfusedB

    Autorun event not working?

    Hey, I'm back. I deleted the other events on the map, and that fixed the problem. I have no idea what was causing the game to stop but I'm going to try and make the events again and if something goes wrong I'll come back to this topic.