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  1. Yanfly's NG+ addon to their save engine is uh not good :/

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    2. Fjoraselda


      @PhoenixSoul The one for Ace is the one I'm talking about, but it probably is the same on the other engines.

    3. Kayzee


      Not good how?


      Also: What would a NG+ script even do? Just clear switches and variables and load a save at the starting map?

    4. Fjoraselda


      @Kayzee Pretty much, although I have other purposes for such a feature :3 Sadly, Yanfly's the only one available for Ace at the moment and it's a huge bummer... But since I'm using Yanfly's Save Engine, it's basically an option on the Save screen, where the load button is replaced with new game+ and you can carry switches, items, party members, pretty much everything but theres a downside to it which kills its purpose

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