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  1. PowerBurger

    Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Heya! My friend and I tried out this game for a couple hours, with him watching me play over a video share. It definitely wasn't bad, and we quite enjoyed ourselves! If you'd like for my honest, constructive criticism about LoaO, shoot me a PM and I'd be more than happy to share! Other than that, I wish you a good one, and best of luck!
  2. PowerBurger

    Ad Lucem

    The animation looks pretty good! I like the improvement, heh. It's definitely better than anything I can do. While I don't believe I'll be watching the LP soon, as I'm getting ready for AX, I'll check it out whenever I get some free time!
  3. PowerBurger

    Ad Lucem

    Hey, not too shabby there! Have any new sketches of the characters? (I'm very sorry to hear about your loss of data. )
  4. PowerBurger


    Okay, review time! Now... how long has it been since I made that first... Oh. Oh dear... >.< You know what? I have an excuse! I call it the three Ls! Life. Laziness. Loss-Of-Free-Time. College more or less got in the way of everything, and I hardly got the chance or desire to write this up, even weeks after I finished Four Eyes. I apologize, ma'am. You didn't deserve this long of a wait. So... to make up for it, I'm leaving a nice surprise at the bottom. Look forward to it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll mostly cover what's in the full version only, as I've already played the demo, which is essentially the first half of the game. I hope that's alright! Spoilers for anyone who hasn't played Four Eyes yet, just sayin'. - Audio - DAT SAXOPHONE Honestly, your selection of music all-around is something akin to a roller coaster. It starts off funky and fresh, drops into dangerous and mysterious, becomes calm and serene, and finishes off with... that track with the saxophone. I don't know how to describe it, but it's my favorite of the bunch. It's funky, upbeat, calming, scenic, and graceful all at the same time! That piano honestly makes everything just meld together perfectly, and it constantly gave me flashbacks of the rest of the game. It's absolutely perfect for the Jett and Irene dynamic. I've had this track on loop the entire time while typing this up, no joke. - World - Referencing my previous words here: "The environments are, for lack of a better term, incredible. No tile feels random or unused, and there's atmosphere as well as character to absolutely everything." That still holds up, and it feels like the map design only got better as the game went on. I loved the top of the cave with the waterfall especially. It gave me a feeling of exploration that I only really feel in games like Xenoblade Chronicles. The only nitpick I have is that the end of the game doesn't hold up environment-wise as well as the rest. The area is still fantastic, but some of the maps felt too symmetrical and empty at times, particularly in the room where the Talyrans show up. - Plot - The plot is kind of been-there-done-that, admittedly, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. If you replace the alien with a regular human and made the conflict about two opposing countries instead... you can see why I view it as unoriginal. xD The most interesting dynamic is obviously the bromance, and being as short as the game is, you obviously put the majority of your effort towards it. This is both a boon and a bane in my opinion. On one hand, your story is focused and centralized on the three main characters, and it allows for efficient character development. On the other, more could have been explained about the world/people around them, and the war in general isn't really explained at all. As far as I recall, the war just happened some time ago for some reason. To your credit though, you tried your best -- and somewhat succeeded -- to give the aliens and humans as much background information as possible throughout the game. I liked the way you handled alien technology. Seriously though, you rushed that bromance like there was no tomorrow. xD - Characters - I... honestly don't have much to say here regarding the characters specifically. My opinions of them still remain mostly the same. Jett - So adorkable, and still a guy I'd invite over to play Smash Bros. with. The way you went deeper into his integrity was nice, and gives some nice insight as to why his entire crew trusts him so much. Irene - She ships them. She ships them so hard she writes fanfictions about them when they aren't looking. She'd make the perfect, sassiest secretary. She also breaks the fourth wall a ton. Ireanlly like this character, what else can I say? xD Toa - Unfortunately... Toa sort of became forgettable as the story went on. Everything involving him and the plot was fairly obvious, so once you look past the alien bit, he's not too special. I will say, however, that I loved the interactions between Jett and Toa whenever you had flavor dialogue for them. I love how Toa outright falls asleep when out of Jett's sight, and if I was Jett, I would have assumed Toa betrayed me. Nope! That was definitely one of the more adorable parts of the game. "Jett... this sleeping pod..." "Toa." "It really is high-quality, you know..." "Toa." Got a nice chuckle out of that, tyvm. - Gameplay - While Four Eyes doesn't get harder or tricker as I thought it would, that's probably for the best in the end. It's primarily a story-driven game, and it never quite loses that purpose. It did throw me for a loop though when Irene suddenly became playable. "Wait, I'm playing as Irene now? I'm playing as a hologram version of Irene? How the heck am I interacting with doors?! WHAT IS GOI--" It was legitimately cool as well as a nice aesthetic I haven't seen before in a RM game. Nice job! Since my opinion on Gameplay remains virtually the same overall, I'll just be moving onto criticism now. - Criticism - Previous mentions aside, I only have two criticisms to give, and they're both regarding gameplay -- the puzzles in particular. The first one is one you're already aware about. Remember my PM to you about how I got stuck? In general, certain puzzles needed more clarity. I'll get more into that on the second criticism. The best and worst part of the game, at least for me, was when Irene became playable. Best because, well, Irene became playable. Worst? Well... in my opinion, the puzzle I'll dub as the "Chemist ID" puzzle was the one puzzle I didn't enjoy much at all. It reminded me of the puzzle in Jett's room, except not nearly as clever. Instead of clicking on random objects in a small room and cleverly using dialogue hints to figure out a code, it was a game of "Click every single little thing you can see in several medium-sized rooms to find the code." The dialogue certain objects gave was amusing, but overall it was the one part of the game that broke the immersion for me. I'm not gonna lie, it actually irked me when I finally found the code. It was hidden in a random forgettable shelf on the left wall within the same room where Irene appeared in the first place. Nggghh... Clarity issues and that one puzzle aside though, I loved everything else! - Errors - Hmm... Glances at notes Oh, right. The legs of the characters don't properly interact with the taller grass. That's about the only environmental glitch I saw, which in all honesty, is pretty dang impressive. That's literally all I have for errors. - Conclusion - Overall, this game is charming. It's very, very charming. I can see it being a movie, actually. Thank you for finishing development of Four Eyes! If I were to rate it professionally, I'd give it a 7.5/10. Ohh... right, the surprise! Here you go! I hope you get a kick out of it.
  5. PowerBurger

    contest The Timed Challenge

    What Takeo said. I'd like some information as well. I might join this time, by the way. I'll have to see what my schedule is.
  6. PowerBurger


    Is that the full version of Four Eyes I see?! ... Someone might be downloading it this weekend. That someone may or may not be PowerBurger. It's probably him. Might be me, you never know. im so excited!!!
  7. PowerBurger

    contest The One Map Challenge

    Well, turns out that I won't be participating after all, my apologies. I got caught up in other business, and I'll still be too busy by the time the deadline rolls around. Perhaps next time!
  8. PowerBurger

    contest The One Map Challenge

    Cool, I'll join! Sounds fun!
  9. The Cancel button being in the middle of OK and Apply bothers me SO much...

  10. I need something new to get into. Does anyone know of a game like Undertale and/or OneShot?

    1. ShinNessTen
    2. Ferry66


      Play LISA my dude

    3. Tarq


      Lisa's a great game worth anyone's time. But its not at all the kind of game PowerBurger is asking for.

  11. I tried OFF today, and in my honest opinion, doesn't live up to the hype. The battle system is very generic, and while there's tons of unique flavor, there wasn't enough to keep me interested.

    1. PowerBurger


      For reference, I've defeated the first boss. I'll just watch Markiplier's playthrough. =P

    2. Chaosian


      I'm not sure it was ever commended for being "revolutionary". Just unique, and well executed. The art is simplistic and effective, the writing is great, the story is all over the map, the music is good, and the combat is serviceable. That's all it takes, I think.

    3. PowerBurger


      True enough. I enjoyed Mark's playthrough and I can easily see why people love it. It just didn't appeal to me is all.

  12. PowerBurger

    Solitude DEMO

    Alriiight! Happy late Christmas! My apologies once again, I completely forgot this existed. However, a review is what I promised, and it is what I shall deliver! I played this game for almost two hours, although after thirty minutes of no progress after the Wine Cellar, I gave up. - Audio - This game has one consistent track over the course of the game, save for one room in particular. Surprisingly, it doesn't get old. The only real flaw is that this track is too quiet, which makes your other track and sound effects a tad too loud. Speaking of loud, the music noticeably gets louder in the Corridor. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not. - World - There's no doubt in my mind: Your atmosphere is incredible. It's what kept my interest and encouraged me to keep playing. While the lighting could be slightly brighter, it's very good for a horror game. I especially loved the thunder in the dining room. Unfortunately, as per most horror demos, the atmosphere is too consistent. It gets old after a while. Also, atmosphere aside, this game isn't scary. The only actual event that I saw happen was a figure running past me in a hall. There is some hint toward world-building with the book collection as well as the girl, but it could be vastly improved. - Plot - Perhaps I didn't get far enough, but as far as I'm aware, there wasn't much of a plot other than "save the girl." - Characters - The only real character who got any interaction was ol' Ralph here. He seems like your stereotypical horror protagonist for the most part. I don't have much to say about him other than that, admittedly. - Gameplay - This was where the game was definitely lacking. The biggest complaint I have about this game is the lack of direction and cues. It took me forever and a half to find the wick as well as the first key, and I had to tear down the mansion to find them. It felt like hide and seek, to be honest. I kept hoping for some direction, some clue as to where I needed to go. It's the main reason why I stopped playing. The lack of cues is especially apparent in a few areas. There's also a combination door, the entrance of which looking like most other locked doors in the game. If I didn't know it existed, I probably would have torn my hair out trying to find it, assuming I found the code in the first place. The worst of it, however, is at the start of the game. If I hadn't pressed Z by accident, I wouldn't have known how to pull the barrel, essentially trapping me in the first room. As RPG-Maker games have graphical limitations, it's up to the developer to think of clever ways to implement clues in order to guide the player. The game doesn't have to be easy, it just needs to avoid frustrating the player due to lack of control and/or direction. - Other Criticisms - You're allowed to save from the menu at anytime. If one is allowed to do that, what's the point of having save locations spread throughout the game? The font is slightly irritating at times to read. I got used to it, although I would change it in the future. - Errors - The combining system is a little buggy. I had to close and re-open the menu again for it to work properly. There's a few graphical errors here and there, such as the top of the stairs and the shadows at the exit. A hallway of floor tiles lack the step sound effects. - Conclusion - Overall, I enjoyed it for around an hour, then it quickly became a chore. It's alright for a demo, and it's relatively bug-free(I think), it just has a few critical flaws is all. It makes the whole thing feel more incomplete than it should be. I'll give it a 5/10. Again, I'm so sorry that it took almost half a year for me to get back to this. Happy New Year, and I hope to see more from this game!
  13. Finally caught a Regenerator Mareanie after a chain of 75-80. PM me if you want one. =P

    1. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys


    2. Thejaxinator


      Now catch a Shiny Regenerator Mareanie.

    3. PowerBurger


      Nooooo, odds are I'll get a shiny Corsola >.<

  14. The election's in 2 weeks. Scary stuff.

    1. lonequeso


      Vote for Clinton or be a smart as and write in Chuck Norris? Decisions decisions...

    2. _____
  15. PowerBurger

    Solitude DEMO

    My apologies, school and work has been super busy from one day to the next! Not to mention other business involving family and friends as well. I'll try my best to make room for this within the next two days! It's not a guarantee, but I'll make an effort, haha.
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