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  1. SharkerrBlue

    How? So much questions xD

    I already let you know I wanna participate And ok! Thanks! (I should have been award the "Master of Questioning" if it exist xD)
  2. SharkerrBlue

    Indie in a Week 2!

    I wanna participate in this!
  3. SharkerrBlue

    How? So much questions xD

    Oh.. but what should I do after I said I wanna participate? Thanks for helping!
  4. SharkerrBlue

    How? So much questions xD

    Oh, thanks guys! But, how do I participate in the Indie in a Week 2? I hope someone can give me an Award now LOL, I'm just kidding
  5. SharkerrBlue

    What does those symbols means?

    Oh, so there are only 2 symbols($ and !)?
  6. So, how do I get an award(forum)? Thats it!
  7. SharkerrBlue

    Hello :D

    Oh, kekekeke. Thanks!
  8. So, especially sprite (or just sprite/character) the only thing I know is about what happen when I input the name of a picture like this: $picture. But what happen if I use: !picture? And if there is more symbol to make a change of a picture in the game.. please let me know and tell me what does it do. Thanks!
  9. SharkerrBlue

    [Request] SAO menu system!

    Version 4 is nice. Its working but I haven't tried the version 2. And also thanks! I'm trying to make SAO fangame Umm.. also what about that thing on the players head? the green pointy thingy..
  10. SharkerrBlue

    [Request] SAO menu system!

    Yeah, it lag. plus it also doesn't show the hp color(?)
  11. SharkerrBlue

    [Request] SAO menu system!

    Sure, I'm trying it... downloading..
  12. SharkerrBlue

    [Request] SAO menu system!

    Soulpour777, thanks for the password, I actually looking for it. o.o It works fine but, the HUD doesn't Anyway thanks!
  13. SharkerrBlue

    Hello :D

    Well actually I joined since 12 Apr 2015 but I didn't greet you guys that time. So this is kinda late greetings but well, Hello Everyone!
  14. SharkerrBlue

    [Request] SAO menu system!

    Oh.. EDIT: I do have character at the beginning and same thing happened..
  15. SharkerrBlue

    [Request] SAO menu system!

    Yeah, like that, and where can I find it? The SAO Hud, it didn't work for me, it says: Script 'Sword Art Online Heads Up' line 148: NoMethodError occured. undefined method 'name' for #<Array:0x67e957c> Please help me and thanks!
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