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  1. Nataxinus

    RPGMakerVXAce vs Unity

    In addition to my comparative analysis, I would like to say a thing that bugs me about Unity. The asset store. The asset store works in a very capitalistic way. Instead of the RMVXA system where almost all resources are distributed for free by the users of the engine. In the asset store, you have the opportunity to take money for your work, in itself this is okay, but what happens is now that everyone takes money for their contribution, no matter how small it is. For me coming from a rich country, this is no problem, for example, I needed a paint program for my game and honestly, I didn't know where to start. I went to the asset store and bought a base pack with graphics and scripts. I edited it and added to it, fixed some bugs and it was done. If I had to make it myself from the bottom it would have taken weeks, mainly because I needed graphics. I paid only 17$ for that. For some people, that's a lot, but in my country, that's a laughably small amount. What I like best about RPG Maker are the community and its unselfish behavior. The way you get "assets" with RPG Maker is socialistic while the way you get them with Unity is capitalistic.
  2. Nataxinus

    RPGMakerVXAce vs Unity

    In response to Soulpour777 I respect and understand your opinion. I actually think it's pretty fair for Unity to show their logo when they have allowed you to use a professional tool with almost all of its functionality for free. The unity languages were chosen to appeal to most people, choosing the two popular languages (JS and C#). Boo was included with the script editor so they just decided, why the hell not bundle that with it too? I don't have a problem with learning new languages, I can learn the syntax pretty fast and then I'm good to go. People talk about how some programming languages are very different from each other that I can't feel any difference in for example I don't even know if I'm coding in C++ or C# lol. What I like about C# is that it's a very organized language compared to Ruby. You have to define what types of variables you're using, which gives better insight and I find myself commenting more with that language. I feel that with Ruby thought goes easier to paper than with other languages. Fun story I thought that Unity supported C++, so I learned a lot about it and then it turned out I had mistaken it for C#. I actually had no trouble understanding C# compared to Ruby and learned it pretty quick. The rest of your points I agree with.
  3. Nataxinus

    RPGMakerVXAce vs Unity

    You are all correct. I said that 99% of games were made in a specific way. This was unfair blaming the engine for that. What I should have added was that the game is practically made for you, so it gravitates towards that kind of game. It's mostly laziness from the maker. but because all of these things are already there (scripts, graphics, sound etc.) why should you replace these things? The intent was clearly to replace them, but unfortunately, people are just being lazy. It's like when people buy things from the asset store with unity and just releases it for money on steam greenlight. The intent is good, but it causes the market to be flooded by that. The biggest problem with Unity is that people get scared by this huge interface and scripting, they don't know where to start, so they don't. Unity needs some proper "how to learn how to use Unity" videos. Unity would have millions of users if it wasn't for this problem and about 95% of people downloading it has this problem.
  4. Nataxinus

    RPGMakerVXAce vs Unity

    RPGMakerVXAce vs Unity Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, no insulting intended. I respect your opinion and I hope you respect mine too. Games made with RMVXA: RMVXA was the first engine I really got into and made a game with. You don't have to learn how to program to make something in it, it has a simple, yet powerful interface. This makes it easy for beginners to get into. It is only optimal to use for a very specific kind of game. 99% of the games made with this (including my own) will end up looking something like this: Game starts with intro then the teen, male, heterosexual protagonist is being awoken by his mom and is ready for another normal day in his life (fantasy medieval setting, RTP village style). Personality weaknesses are introduced and small conflicts. Then all of a sudden, an evil power awakens and only the protagonist can stop it and save the world. The young boy who has never had any kind of training in combat defeats powerful RTP monsters in the super exciting RTP battle system (perhaps even a battle engine that they found for free on the internet if it's really advanced) and gathers a team of hardened warriors/whiny teens. On his way, the protagonist meets a very girly, feeble and kind healer that will be the love interest. At the end the hero defeats the villain and they live happily ever after, yay! The games made with this are so generic that it doesn't matter what game you play. This is the main reason why people shun RPG Maker games. Of course, there are exceptions to this and some really awesome games can be found. It's just a pity that they're overshadowed by the generic ones. I believe that games that turn out awesome that are made with this engine is more the devs being extremely creative and talented than the engine being good, though. RMVXA: What I like about the engine is that you have almost full access to the source code and you can freely edit it, that's awesome! It is annoying that more base methods and classes cannot be edited. It is easy to just start making games with this, you just open it up and there you go, a pretty big library of graphics, sound and scripts and a GUI programming language with a wide number of options to it. A whole new playground just opened up. You are the developer now. However as you'll soon the discover the engine is very limited. Some of the built-in scripts and systems are very specific and sensitive to changes. When you want to edit the slightest in stuff like the battle system you will most likely be bombarded with errors and bugs, solving them will just cause more and you'll find out that you want to replace the system with another entirely. If you want to make something else than a top-down RPG you'll most likely have a much easier time using another engine. Price: The engine is pretty expensive considering it's capabilities and the DLC's pricing is, even more, outrageous. I haven't noticed any updates to the engine so I don't think there are any. So the only thing close to updates are the new versions released every few years that you have to pay the full price for again. All bugs and extensions are up to the community to fix/make, which brings me to my next point. The Community: The community is the best thing about the engine and the best community I have ever seen to anything. It consists of wonderful, talented and friendly people who is always ready to give a helping hand to others, expecting nothing in return. If it wasn't for the community I bet a lot fewer people would be using this engine. Some of these people are more talented than the people that made the engine it seems. Stability: This engine is pretty stable and has few bugs if you use it in the specific way it was meant to be used. Unity This is my first attempt at using unity, about 2 years ago: I downloaded the free version. I opened it and I saw a very complicated interface that I had no idea how worked. I saw some tutorials with some scripting included which I understood nothing of and just did exactly what they did, learning nothing, having no fun. I closed unity and didn't open it again until much, much later. Then after I had used RMVXA for a year with my first game made, I wanted to take it to the next level. I opened unity, downloaded the update and got started watching tutorials, this time, I just watched more general tutorials about scripting and what the different things did in the interface. I made my first game in unity for Android with the help of some friends from the RMVXA community. Overall a really good experience. I actually liked playing my product. Annoyances: This is the way the engine is updated: You see there is a new 0.0.1 update and you go to the unity website and install it. It then uninstalls your previous version of unity and installs the whole thing again which takes hours. Then when it's completed you open up your project and get bombarded with errors because it is now incompatible. You found new bugs in the engine that you have to workaround. It's a mess. When you test the game in the editor and it crashes. The whole engine crashes, no emergency exit. So I hope you saved before testing. You cannot see or edit, or overwrite the code for the built-in classes, you can only read what they do, so that sucks. Price: You can download the engine for free with almost all functionalities. However if you want to go pro, you better have a lot of money lying around because it's about 10.000$. But it's okay I guess since it is a professional tool and the free version has tons of functionality. The community: Unity has a helpful community consisting of mostly professional or intermediate game designers, that you can team up with depending on what you want to make. Generally, it's a really solid engine that you could make pretty much anything with whether you're a hobbyist or a pro game designer. Conclusion RMVXA Pros: Community Pickup and make Easy for beginners to get into Cons: Limited Generic Unity Pros: Unlimited possibilities Constantly updated Official tutorials Solid engine for intermediate/professional game designers Cons: Hard to get into Minor stuff (updating, bugs etc.) To conclude it really depends on your experience and what you're trying to make, which engine suits you. I recommend RMVXA for beginners that want to make a JRPG, and I recommend unity for intermediate/professional game designers that wants the freedom to make what they want.
  5. Nataxinus

    Sound Effect on Message End

    No problem (:
  6. What are your favorite game genre? Do you have any ideas for a game you really want to play? Is there a game that has a style you would like to see more of? What game genres are you sick of? I think 2D mario style platformers has been done enough. I'm also sick of lol random simulator games, and generally most of the shite that enters steam greenlight. Zombie survival games, I am sick of games that has zombies as the main enemy, get creative instead. I really want to play an action game with an incredible story, but not too generous with the dialogue and cut scenes. It should have medieval weaponry, and all equipment and weapons should have stat boosts, every formula fx. skill formulas in the game should be visible to the player, so you could play around with the math. You should level up the things you use like in skyrim. When you level up you can choose what stats you want to boost. I would like to see more games in the style of Dark Souls, but without references or directly ripping off. What do you think?
  7. I'm in a phase where I really like electronic music, well quality electronic music that is. It started when Rikifive showed me this:

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    2. lonequeso


      I like electronic music if you subtract the word tron, and add the word guitar.

    3. Chaosian


      D'aw, that's all sissy electronic. Let's get some EBM or Hellectro going.

    4. Nataxinus


      Not my type of music. I like heavy, but I think growling or just being angry isn't really good music.

  8. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    Just an example that it's easy enough to put it in between where you load different things, you could do it just the same when unloading save data, I just made a stupid mistake and did it in the new game instead. Just exchange making a new game with this: def self.load_normal_database $data_actors = load_data("Data/Actors.rvdata2") $data_classes = load_data("Data/Classes.rvdata2") $data_skills = load_data("Data/Skills.rvdata2") $data_items = load_data("Data/Items.rvdata2") $data_weapons = load_data("Data/Weapons.rvdata2") $data_armors = load_data("Data/Armors.rvdata2") $data_enemies = load_data("Data/Enemies.rvdata2") $data_troops = load_data("Data/Troops.rvdata2") $data_states = load_data("Data/States.rvdata2") $data_animations = load_data("Data/Animations.rvdata2") $data_tilesets = load_data("Data/Tilesets.rvdata2") $data_common_events = load_data("Data/CommonEvents.rvdata2") $data_system = load_data("Data/System.rvdata2") $data_mapinfos = load_data("Data/MapInfos.rvdata2") end Then in between update the loading bar. But yeah it's pretty meaningless to have a loading bar in an RPG Maker game, just a fun thing to experiment with.
  9. For better overview of active common events check out my new script: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/35228-common-event-manager/

  10. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    A script making a loading bar for creating game objects? Easy.
  11. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    Yeah doesn't really make any sense to have a loading screen for a game that doesn't have huge amounts of contents. But having a loading bar for loading save contents or while loading a new game might make sense
  12. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    Hmm yes, but I was thinking if you have a lot of different classes it might be pretty nifty if you only had to write the line where you do the incremention of the variable and update of the progress bar once instead of writing it after every creation of a different class, but I don't think that's possible.
  13. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    Yes I know, but how would you make the for loop if you have different classes? I guess you could just make a method with all the load stuff and do this, but is there a smarter way?: MyObjects[i] = new MyObject; LoadStuff(); MyObjects[i] = new MyObject2; LoadStuff(); ...
  14. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    Oh that's my first theory, that you could just increment a variable each time you created a class. What if you have different classes?
  15. Nataxinus

    Non-pseudo Loading Bar

    Cool, could I get a code example?
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