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  1. Balter

    Hime Shop Manager question

    can anyone please help? I've been waiting for a week
  2. oh bummer. I have a hunch that it has something to do with region terrain, though.
  3. why is my bullet passing through the wall? how to make the enemy unaware of me when there's wall between us?
  4. Balter

    Terra Evil: Wanna Help a bit?

    Hi, Ragnos. I just want to say that your project's plot is quite similar at a glimpse with mine. And I think it's generally similar. but I like it. how about a secret well full with loot? to reach there they must be friend with a crazy old man. and once they got there, there's a monster guarding the well, he poop gold. will the MC take all the gold? (if it sounds lame, don't take it)
  5. Balter

    Having trouble with my main character.

    I think rainbow looks good in an ordinary-flat-not-very-special-and-mainstream blue sky
  6. Balter

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3(More Animated Sprites.)

    I have a nightmare about that, that to create animation battler like that, we must draw pixel per pixel.
  7. The demo is ready to download. http://www.mediafire.com/download/8psp2hl98rbl8y3/IoOG.exe so, can any admin or moderators please move this topic to the gaming lounge? I'm sure I already change the tags.
  8. Balter

    Shop lists are gone

    oh gezz, I'm sorry for so much trouble for this. thank you very much for that. I'm really appreciate it. next time if there's something I can help, I'd help you. about that ... I don't know for sure. I don't remember doing anything on the base script ... yet. but thanks anyway
  9. Balter

    can you read this?

    too bad MV is not for Windows XP users.
  10. Balter

    Shop lists are gone

    thanks. so, if my game is finished and I want to publish it to people who do not own RPG Maker, I'll check the encrypted only? or check both encrypted and RTP include? here's the game data. thx for your help. I really appreciate it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1qgfx075xkk5mzv/EOU%282%29.exe
  11. Balter

    I've been around before

    Hi, Ignus
  12. Balter

    Shop lists are gone

    sorry, I haven't get used to export the game. So I should check list on encrypt and include RTP? or just "include RTP" ? thanks, I can be proud of the map because it's my own work (with various sources of Celianna's), but the characters was rip off from suikoden series. (credit to Dazz) are you sure it's about the opacity?