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  1. ECG Wolf

    VE - Animated Battle (help with sprite changes)

    This is actually something I've been wondering as well. Since the sprites in the Actor Battlers script are set by note tags, I doubt there'd be anything in the gui that would help you. I didn't really find anything that could could do that in the script as well, so it might actually be a matter of adding to the script to allow the changing of sprites during run time. Unfortunately I put that on the back burner cause I really don't have the time to dive into it. If anyone out there has any thoughts you'd be helping out 2 people.
  2. ECG Wolf

    Ardenian Legends: The Fall of Arcana

    OP updated with shiny pictures and screenshots and stuff. You know, things I should have done a while ago... Progress has been very slow but at least at a steady pace (considering this project is pretty much being done in spare time). It is really satisfying to finally be able to see visible results after having worked on this project for so long. Also I bring you some eye candy - a full-color of Feng, and it looks like she may start some trouble!
  3. ECG Wolf

    Ardenian Legends: The Fall of Arcana

    I wanted to share another screenshot of the new road tiles. So in Ardenia the old road networks were left behind by the previous civilization and, while still usable, have been largely abandoned, and so without maintenance have become quite crumbled. This idea was taken with the new road tile and it really changes the look and feel of the world map, it's pretty awesome.
  4. ECG Wolf

    Scroll map to specific coordinates

    So out of curiosity I decided to take a closer look at what it would take to make a "scroll to" function since I was surprised to find no such functionality existed in Ace. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I originally thought, but I'm came up with two new functions for the Game_Map class $game_map.scroll_to(x, y, speed) scrolls from wherever the screen currently is to the (x, y) coordinate you put in. Speed of the scroll can be adjusted in the third argument. $game_map.scroll_to_player(speed) scrolls the screen back to the player's location, as an easy way to effectively reset the view after several scrolls. Speed of the scroll can be adjusted in the argument. Script for the function calls is below:
  5. ECG Wolf

    Scroll map to specific coordinates

    from class Game_Map $game_map.start_scroll(direction, distance, speed) direction is an integer here (2 is down, 4 is left, 6 is right, 8 is up) distance is the number of tiles to scroll speed is an integer as well (1 is 8x slower, 2 is 4x slower, 3 is 2x slower, 4 is normal walking speed, 5 is 2x faster, 6 is 4x faster) Pretty sure that should do what you're looking for
  6. That moment when I'm actually trying to get stuff done but I keep getting distracted by the looming anticipation of Kancolle's 2-part event of doom...


    Image may contain: text

  7. ECG Wolf

    Second Chance [In Development]

    This game looks like a lot of fun! I like the idea of have a lot of the game play deal with dialogue and interactions, with those interactions having lasting effects throughout the game. It makes you think about how you talk to people.
  8. I'm guessing when the game provides the option to save this is done through an event or a script call? Depending on how you're implementing your option to save, the solution could actually be pretty simple.
  9. ECG Wolf

    Ardenian Legends: The Fall of Arcana

    I've emerged from the woodworks to give a status update! So we've been hard at work coming up with plans for replacing the RTP tilesets and now that the first set of tiles are coming out I wanted to share them with you all. Pictues below! For the first set of tiles the goal here is simply to replace the RTP as soon as possible, so there's likely going to be some refinement of the tiles being drawn up as development goes on. The left panel is the default RTP, while the right has new rocky hills, trees, and grass. Here is another snip looking at the new water tiles with the other new tiles:
  10. ECG Wolf

    Transformation Powered by TP

    Probably the simplest way to see what uses what is to look at the classes's inheritance in the class name. For example, you can see in the class Game_Actor < Game_Battler, which tells you that Game_Actor is derived from Game_Battler, and so inherits all of its functions. You can now look in Game_Battler and see Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase. From this you know that Game_Actor < Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase So Game_Actor can leverage functions from both Game_Battler and Game_BattlerBase.
  11. ECG Wolf

    Transformation Powered by TP

    If you want to check if an actor has a state you'll be leveraging this function, found in Game_BattlerBase: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Check State #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def state?(state_id) @states.include?(state_id) end so your conditional branch call should look something like this: $game_actors[i].state?(j) where i is the index of the actor you want to check, and j is the index of the state you want to check (does actor i have state j?)
  12. ECG Wolf

    Nescessity for Dialogue?

    While I wouldn't say it's necessary as a driver for narrative, dialogue is by far the easiest to do and can still be very effective as a tool, and so that is why the vast majority of games out there use dialogue to drive the story. Other options to using dialogue is relying on visuals to convey the story or using game mechanics as the narrative. Of the three I'd consider narrative game mechanics to be by far the most spectacular when done right, though it becomes much more difficult to pull off the more complex the story becomes.
  13. ECG Wolf

    Ardenian Legends: The Fall of Arcana

    Yeah, since I don't post quite as often as other developers on other games this thread doesn't tend to float to the top that often. I'm glad you like what you see so far!
  14. ECG Wolf

    eventing Detect Distance Between Player and Object

    Nice! I actually did something somewhat similar for edge detection on maps. It's pretty much the same concept.
  15. ECG Wolf

    Ardenian Legends: The Fall of Arcana

    Status update! Work on assets have been slow but sure, so in the meantime I thought I'd show off some more character art. The character concepts for Kotori, Ishi, and Aeolyn are pretty much decided upon, though some of the details aren't final. Character concepts for Ferra, Raven, Orion, and Blake are still a work in progress, though hopefully we'll have a solid idea for what to do with them soon.
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