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  1. AzureBurstKing

    forum games Ask a random question

    No... I consulted from an unprofessional... you got loved, you got hurt, you ____?
  2. Finally!! I got an official RMVXA to use!

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    2. RoooodWorks


      Shin i take offence to that, i used to be a pirate and sailed the seas, then i took an arrow to the knees.

    3. Skysagi


      @Chibs: Psssh, arrows? Please, where I came from they shoot umbrellas.

    4. Nwhyce


      That was tear-able.

  3. AzureBurstKing

    forum games Ask a random question

    Nope.. It's just a slap... Why am I back? (After a long torture in school...)
  4. AzureBurstKing

    forum games This Vs. That

    Legend of Zelda... cuz I like how the story goes and LINK!!!
  5. AzureBurstKing

    Mad Libs!

    Alice Body part:
  6. AzureBurstKing

    forum games This Vs. That

    SSJ Blue goku... the JL are already ****ed up. chicken nuggets vs chicken drumsticks?
  7. AzureBurstKing

    Mad Libs!

    Sea Noun:
  8. AzureBurstKing

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    I'd say... (no offence to some people out there...) bitches... Cuz I hate their attitude, unless they had some worst experience in their life that made them what they are. Have you ever thought of something that concerns your safety?
  9. AzureBurstKing

    Song Skills

    Opps.. sorry about that... anyway.. Iron Man - Gives you an "invulnerable" buff for a short period of time. Not much but... "Happy deathday" by Another Story
  10. AzureBurstKing

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    No... I'm not into lovelife yet. But if I have one.. I'll never break her heart... Even if it means killing myself. Have you experienced depression?
  11. AzureBurstKing

    If you could live in an Anime for a day.

    I'd like to live in the world of Rurouni Kenshin! So I can fight with him!
  12. AzureBurstKing

    Song Skills

    Tank!: Raises the caster's defense by 25% but lowers damage by 10%. not much of a skill is it? PILLOWTALK - Zayn
  13. AzureBurstKing

    "Make the names" game

    Cry Rain Yaz Star Tina Ali Lina That wasn't so hard... B U L L D O Z E R ranging from 6 - 10 letters and ends with vowels.
  14. AzureBurstKing

    "Make the names" game

    Grell Rave Arin Norkia Udyr Laika Ark Rune S I L V E R more than 6 letters that ends with the letter O.
  15. AzureBurstKing

    forum games Ask a random question

    0 why do we ask questions when we get random answers?
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